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  1. Anybody else have suggestions? I was looking at the Samsung 910T.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. Here's an update -- I flashed the BIOS with Jess's modified version (10/15). The CPU temperatures were lower with the new BIOS. From reading the forums, it is to my understanding that the shipping BIOS was inaccurate with the temps? If this is the case, should the 10/15 BIOS be more in line with what is actually happening? Now, I get around 36 degrees idle, and around 45-47 under load with no overclock. I bumped it up to 2.4GHz today, and am running 37 degrees idle, and 47-48 under load. I'm a little happier with these temperatures, if they turn out to be accurate. I think I'm going to upgrade the CPU cooling if I decide to go any higher than 2.4GHz (which I most likely will, haven't run into any stability issues after playing HL2 for over an hour. Yes, I know it's not a true stability test )
  3. My A64 3000+ runs at around 40 deg idle and 50 deg full load @ 2GHz. At 2.3GHz I get the same temperatures. This seems a little high to me. Note that I am using the 'stock' heatsink and fan. Is this any reason for concern?
  4. Why is it recommended to use SATA 3 & 4 for FSB >= 240? Just asking because I have a SATA drive attached to SATA 1, and I'm at a 230MHz FSB. Should I go ahead and switch that?
  5. Well I got it up to 2300MHz without any trouble at all. FSB: 230MHz CPU Multi: 10x HTT Ratio: 3x DRAM Timing: 3-4-4-8
  6. Just got my DFI motherboard yesterday, and built myself a new system. Took the vid card, sound card, storage drive, and dvd burner from my old system. Specs are in sig. All 'stock' for now, including cooling. Probably going to try a mild OC to 2.2GHz once I run some quick stability tests on it as-is. Not new to overclocking, but I've been out of the loop for a while. Last system I OC'd was a PIII-500 @ 650 rock solid. Looking foward to researching how things have changed.
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