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  1. Yes, it has also an analog d-sub connector. But now I'm quite sure that the problem is the monitor, it has some kind of trouble. I tried to connect it to my pc by analog d-sub and the color on the screen are not right, all is blue... The same happens connecting it by analog to my notebook's vga output. So the problem is the monitor :-( I'm going to search a LG tech center around here, unfortunatly no warranty
  2. Hi, I've a LG DVI CLD monitor (L1810B) with a Sparkle Geforce FX 5900 connected by DVI. My hardware is that one listed on my sign. The problem: when I boot up with my NF3 the monitor hangs up in standby mode or it starts to blink for about 1-2 minutes. I think it's a mainboard settings problem, or maybe a geforce problem (atx power supply failure?). To solve this problem, I've to turn off the monitor for 2 minutes after the boot up procedure and Win Xp loading, so I turn on and it works. If it hangs, I've to disconnect to power to the monitor. After 2 minutes, it works perfectly. Any help? thanks
  3. 38 °C idle after upgrading to bios 9/14 (10°C less than 8/27)
  4. That's your opinion and I respect it. But there are problems with C&Q at stock frequency too, not only in OC. And when I bought my NF3, I didn't read on the box anything like "no C&Q compatible"... If there's some bios problem, they might release a new version. If it is a hardware problem, maybe it needs a new pcb revision. C&Q is a STANDARD AMD Athlon64 feature.
  5. I bought my nf3 only one week ago, but I'm very suprised that there aren't OFFICIAL bios update since 27.08.2004....
  6. Thanks for your answer. On my Nf3 the problem is also present at default frequency. The only difference is that the system doesn't crash by BSOD, but by Windows information. Maybe is nforce3-related, because with some Via boards I've tested there are no problem using C&Q in overclocked mode. I don't agree with your choice, Angry_Games: C&Q could be usefull in overclocked system too, reducing fan noise by decreasing voltage/frequency when max power is not necessary. NF3 is a great board, but this is a very bad problem.
  7. Hi to everyone, this is my first post. I've a DFI NF3 LANPARTY UT mainboard and a bad problem with C&Q. I've installed the AMD drivers (found at www.amd.com) on my winXp Pro and power saving is set on "min saving" as it might be. C&Q option in the mainboard bios is set to enabled. So the cpu frequency slow down at 1000, but after 1-2 minutes of C&Q regular work the system crashes, usually with BSOD. What's the problem? (My AMD 3000+ Newcastle is overclocked at 2230 Mhz by bus) Thanks in advice :confused:
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