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  1. I've put my old RAM (2x256) in slots 1 and 2 and it works fine now. I'm going to test the RAM in another PC and if it is error free, I suppose the motherboard is broken.
  2. Don't want to hi-jack your thread, but I have the same problem. I shut down my system, and when I restart it, it gives me the same error like you have. So I didn't change any hardware at all. I did notice that the machine restarted itself when I was away, so maybe a BSOD or something alike. I removed the top RAM stick and left the bottom one out as I have to remove the heatsink to get that one out. But still no luck. I will take everything off tomorow and see what happens. I hope my memory isn't broken :'( If it is, does the SLI-DR support 4x1GB, because my 1GB isn't enough anymore and I really need some more actually. I'm not into OC'ing anymore, so letting them run at standard speeds is ok for me
  3. Ok, That's exactly what I had to do. I changed some settings in the BIOS and it gave 3 leds again. Going to flash now, hopefully I didn't burn the floppy drive last time I used it.. Edit: Where can I find the BIOS? Do I have to chose NF4 SLI Infinity? Because that is 621 and 727 Edit again: Ok, found them in your sig! Thanks
  4. Crap /me feels stupid... Just had to clear the cmos. Still it took a long time to get all the red leds out. THANKS!!!
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, that's the guide I meant, wich I have read. Edited my sig too.
  6. Hi, I bought a SLI-DR in June this year. It still didn't run because I didn't have a CPU yet so I kept waiting for it to arrive. A week ago I cancelled the order and bought an X2 3800+ wich arrived this week. Now when I plug everything in like I always do, I even checked the guide on this forum, it powers up, and gives 3 red leds. Browsing the manual on the CD (it's not in the book ) I found out thats a problem with the CPU. I think this has to do with the BIOS (wich is still the first one I think). So, How can I flash the new BIOS on it? I'm not scared of hotflashing, but can you do that on every other motherboard? I only did it on identical ones and I don't know anybody who has an SLI-DR I could use to flash. Thanks in advance Tom
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