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  1. Thanks everyone..! That worked a treat I was almost looking to buy a new board!
  2. Tried that but I'm not even getting keyboard lights
  3. Hi All, I just tried to OC my PC and all was going well until I got to 270FSB I dropped the mem to 1:2 and HTT multix4. I was testing in increments of 5Mhz with a 9.0x multi. All was going well until I tried 270 The machine didnt find the SATA HDD so I immediately restarted the machine. But now I cant even get to the BIOS I've tried clearing the CMOS but no joy. With the CD-ROM connected they just continously flash...no beeps, no screen I've removed everything but still nothing is happening Please help Thanks, Nick
  4. Download one of the BETA's from this forum.........I'm using 10/15 Detect array........try SATA ports 3and4 or relax your memory timings.
  5. Check out Angrygames' screen shots http://www.angrygames.com/NF3.htm
  6. Ok..........I had another go last night and basically I cant get it stable with 230 x 10. Using relaxed memory timimgs help but its still not Prime95 stable. I've even tried the lowest memory divider but doesnt help so I cant really find the CPU ceiling. I also notice that when I'm using the 9:10 divider, CPUZ does not recognise the speed?? I left it last night at 250 x 9 with a memory divider of 9:10 with 3 3 8 3...........this is Prime stable. BUT the moment I try to get past 250 (eg 252) its not at all stable With the current setup what SuperPi 1M is respectable? I currently get 40s. And I get about 15,000 in 3DMark01 with the old Ti4600 Thanks all
  7. Nice OC vega27............................I'm trying to get close to that but something is holding me back
  8. I'm at work at the moment but will get a screen shot tonight. It does appear to be working as I cant boot if the memory is set to 1:1
  9. I can run 225x10 but that is about the limit.................I'm wanting to find max GHz over memory bandwidth as my memory really isnt up to the job
  10. Memory is just budget stuff...............Nanya Tech PC3200 nothing fancy Currently running 250 x 9 with HTT 3 Memory divider set to 9:10 and timings 3 3 8 3 Currently have VID = 1.5V as increasing made no difference. I've run Prime95 for 3hrs with no errors and temps are fine. But the moment I go higher I get errors
  11. Memory timings is something I have yet to learn..........anyone suggest where I should start to look at?
  12. Can anyone explain why I get a message saying Detecting array..... and then my machine reboots when I increase the FSB past 250? Currently I'm running 250x9 with a memory divider of 9:10 and HTT multi of 3 and 104% special Vcc I want to get upto atleast 2.3Ghz but something is holding me back I've tried using the lowest memory divider but it doesnt make any difference Could this be related to my PSU? Its just a standard 550W and nothing fancy Any help is greatly appreciated. Nick
  13. I've tried both 1/2 and 3/4..................no difference
  14. I have tried a memory divider but it doesnt make any difference I've tried lowering my HTT multi to 3x and even tried increasing the Vcc to 110% with no luck Temp isnt an issue either
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