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  1. It makes sense to do it from a customer support, customer loyalty and marketing perspective. They won't get any hard cash from it (perhaps some boosted sales in the mobo if it isn't discontinued). It is up to them to decide if it makes sense. If the effort spent to develop dual-core BIOS is worth keeping a few extra customers or gaining a few more (not from 875P-T sales, but from perception). Over and above all that, they have to first decide if it is worth it to spend the time and money to discover if it is worth it to add dual-core support, i.e. if it is worth it to even do an initial appraisal. Will it make a difference? To me at least it will. As it is I doubt my next motherboard will be a DFI, unless what I see next really impresses me and reports show that it is well supported.
  2. I think that would be the EIST. (enhanced speed stepping) What it does is that when your PC is idle, it sets the multi to 14x and drops the vcore, and when you apply some load it jumps back up to 16x. Perhpas someone else can explain better though.
  3. I can vouch for badflash.com If they could get one to me in South Africa, then they can get one anywhere.
  4. Wow, that's excellent. My 650 isn't going anywhere, but I must try new RAM. Can't get 14x multi to work, so I don't actualy know if it is my RAM holding me back. Anyway, once I get a cpu block which fits properly (current one needs a shim) I'll do another test.
  5. Also tried the 14x multi and it won't work on my 650. Any word on if/when it might work? (EDIT: Or am I doing something wrong???)
  6. Lol, of course not, ford250 mentioned he got 280fsb 5:4, so if I get that I'd be exstatic. More realistically I'm aiming for 255 or so stable. 260 or 265 SuperPi. We don't have the greatest choices of RAM here unfortunately, but I was offered a pair of BH-5 at a nice price, with the option to test them beforehand. So even though this board isn't all that BH-5 friendly, won't hurt to test them.
  7. If I get 280 5/4 I'll be very happy, I'm aiming for 260Mhz fsb, which it seems my Corsairs won't do 1:1 or 5:4, so if I can get the BH-5 at 260Mhz 5:4, it will be worth it as they are very well priced comparatively. I may be able to get a loan pair and test them out a bit. Another option may be Geil Ultra Platinums PC4400.
  8. Ok, will do so as soon as I have a disk drive to boot memtest from. Thanks for all the help so far
  9. So ford250, you think BH-5 would be decent RAM for the 875P-T mobo? I can get some Twinmos Speed Premium DDR433 stuff for quite a nice price locally, but wouldn't want to waste my cash, I'd like to hear your recomendation.
  10. Update: With Mem at DDR320 (5:4 divider), I could SuperPi 1M at 250Mhz, I did notice a strange thing though, I set fsb to 250 in Clockgen, and then CPU-Z reports it correctly as 250Mhz, but while doing the SuperPi, it jumps up and down (in CPU-Z) from 250 to 256. Anyway, so I think it is my memory holding me back, but I'm not sure as now I couldn't get past 250Mhz even with 5:4 (which I know is buggy), but temps did hit 50, so I'll leave it for now and try higher vcore with my watercooling. Hopefully it's not the RAM, since by local prices it's cheaper to replace my mobo for an AS8 with a working 5:4 than to get RAM which works past 240Mhz 1:1 on this one. Anyway, were I looking for RAM to get 260 to 270 1:1 on this mobo, any suggestions?
  11. Thanks guys, Tried your suggestions BigStan, didn't help unfortunately. I've already disabled cpc addr/control, and I've pushed VCore all the way up to 1.5 and VAGP all the way up to 1.8. At the moment I don't know if it is my RAM, Mobo or CPU holding me back. I know dividers don't work so well on this mobo, but from what I've seen the problems are only after 270Mhz or so, so perhaps I'll try 5:4 divider to rule out my RAM. I'll also try swapping dimm slots. What do you guys think? I won't try everything now. I'll give it a bit of a rest, and do a leak test on my Koolance watercooling. Then I'll give it another try.
  12. Thanks, I'll give the VAGP a try, and the timings. Will memtest too as soon as I have a FDD to make a bootable disk. Didn't think the mem might be holding me back since it was rock solid for 250Mhz 2.5-3-3-8 and default VAGP in my ABit IC7-Max3. I'm a bit weary of increasing vcore more since my temps were already in the 40 region. I'll spend the weekend fixing up my watercooling and once that is done I'll play around some more with the vcore. I wanted to find my max with the stock cooler and was a bit dissapointed at hitting a wall at only 4Ghz, and I wasn't sure if it was the mobo or the CPU. Anyone able to tell me where to disable C1E? I've searched the forum and have found out that it can be disabled, I just can't find out from where. EDIT: I'm open to more suggestions as well. Would like to see some more BIOS tweaks and settings.
  13. Hi everyone, Need some help please overclocking my Pentium 4 650 (3.4Ghz) past 4Ghz. Using Clockgen I can set the fsb up to 240 (giving 240*17 = 4080Mhz) and can SuperPi, stock VCore. When I try 245mhz, I get errors, and sometimes lockups/reboots. I've tried with increasing VCore, up to 1.475, but a bit pensive to go higher as I'm still on air-cooling, but even so I thought this CPU should do a bit more, at least 4.2Ghz from seeing others results. I mean, I see 640's doing 4.4Ghz on the box cooler. I know I can't always expect the same results as others, but I'm sure my 650 should have 4.2Ghz in it. In the BIOS I've set my mem (TCCD) to 1:1 (DDR400) and timings 3-4-4-8 I've disabled cpc adressing, and speed spectrum. Oh, and it is the Beta 3/25 version. I can't find where to disable C1E or EIST. Are there any other BIOS settings I should enable/disable? Also, is there a version of Motherboard Monitor which works for the 875P-T?
  14. Well, hopefully Intel's attitude is changing. Unlocked 840's, commisioning a multi-threaded benchie from Futuremark, the 955 being far more OC friendly wrt PCI-E locks and memory OC's. So yeah, perhaps we can get lucky. I'd LOVE to have a Dual Core CPU on my 875P-T
  15. Hey guys, just found this little tid-bit Here at VR-Zone. Seems as though it may be possible for our little DFI 875P-T's to support Dual Core Intels! I hope this is true for our board and that DFI does release a BIOS for us :cool:
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