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  1. i just finally got the money together to get myself a card and got a good deal on this x1800xt, in all im pretty happy, voltage adjustments through the software is one feature i wouldnt have imagine'd before these cards, i havent pushed anything yet. im running my 3700+ @ 2.6ghz with my ram @ ddr236, and my card is running @ 700/800. to be honest i havent really had any time to really "play" with anything lately as i've been pretty into Battlefield 2 lately. anyways.. heres my 05 bench as of right now.
  2. what did your CPU usage look like RIGHT after your OS install.. before you installed those 6 other programs. my self diagnosis of your problem would start with.. checking CPU usage right after OS install, if its 100% maybe your OS disk isnt working right. if its @ 0% then do drivers, restart and check your usage again.. if its @ 100, you can bet its driver related, its its @ 0%, then start loading whatever you want 1 think at a time and keep checking your usages inbetween.. or see what process is using all that cpu usage.. and KILL it.. but i think the previous post about those nvidia drivers might be whats up. and yes CS is a OpenGL game.
  3. solution: use n-lite to slip stream the 6.70 drivers into your windows disk.
  4. ok i fixed my problems.. i slipstreamed the newest 6.70 raid drivers into a windows disk w/ nlite and im good to go.. windows installed in like 2 minutes with my 3 raptors running in raid :-) angry you should update your nvraid files with the ones from the 6.70 driver set.
  5. this driver set isnt working for everyone, windows installs fine but upon first boot up.. it never boots and goes into an infinite "restarting" loop.
  6. yes, today i just got my 3rd 36gig raptor (striped).. i just installed windows using your newest "F6" disk.. after the windows install setup was finished and it rebooted, just before it loaded windows for the first time it just restarted and i get a never ending rebooting loop with the "Boot Safe Mode / Load last known good config" screen. i tried 2 installs of windows with the same results, i wrote 00's to all three drives the second time thinking it was something with my drives. you should pull those new "f6" raid drivers for a bit angry, i dont think there working for everyone. ill see what i can come up with on my end here.
  7. my 3700+ is brand new.. and im itching to take the lid off.. just for something to do.. i agree.. i like to mod stuff.
  8. i could get 3xbh-5 to boot @ ddr500 with my 3400+newcastle but with 2T and it wasnt stable enough for anything.. i needed to back it down to ddr440 or so iirc.
  9. i read this once and its all ive ever needed thank Angry Games for the great guide.. NF4 Raid Guide i have ran raid on my NF3 250GB and its the same exact setup proceedures at the NF4.. seeing as your running raid 0 on your NF3.. you should be able to just do the exact same thing on your NF4.
  10. thats a weird screen shot.. CPU recognizes both sticks.. and says 1gig for the total.. but your windows system properties only says 512, i would beleive CPU over windows.. those timings from OCZ i sent you seemed to help a little bit as i see your in windows running with both sticks finially... im just a little busy today blocks but maybe tonight ill come pop by and see if we cant get this all straightened out and have everything run at spec in dual channel.
  11. you should start with updating your bios to the newest one. check the stickies for flashing instructions, and then start over.. and test your ram and cpu individually and see what both can do max stable.. then from there work out where your 2 results meet and give you the best performance. i would try running without the dividers also, everyone seems to have no luck with running the ram on a ratio.
  12. ya at 220FSB i would imagine your cpu could use a little more juice for sure. i just bought a 3700+ and it should be arriving this week.. time for the fun to begin again. im pretty excited.. g/l getting it running good.
  13. i run 2 32 man ranked servers. theres always tonnes of action. good fun. my team is 15 strong. come game anytime. i go by Cannabis ingame. Server Names The Strategists Ranked 1 The Strategists Ranked 2
  14. the theory goes like this. the colder you get the silicon the better its ability to go faster is.
  15. even tho your chip isnt getting hot.. upping the voltage .3 volts over stock is obviously going to give some added stress to the silicon.
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