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  1. I've never had good luck with OCZ's TCCD (haven't tried any other brands). I've tried it on both DFI and MSI boards and it's always been unstable anywhere close to its "rated" settings (PC-4800). I RMA'd my kit twice before just giving up on the stuff and going with a 2GB kit using UCCC which works even better than promised (G.Skill's HZ series). I basically had very similar problems with it as you're having. It would seemingly run fine for long periods of time, passing Memtest, and then suddenly just stop working well at all and crashing my computer frequently. I had these same problems on multiple boards, using multiple power supplies (including my PC Power & Cooling) and tons of differen timings and none of them completely fixed the problems I had. I just don't trust the stuff at all anymore.
  2. I think all of the claims over how hard it is to set up the Ultra-D and other DFI boards are vastly overstated. Yes, it has more settings. However, 99% of the time there wouldn't be anything wrong if you just ignored the vast majority of them and went with the automatic defaults. Those settings are really only there for tweaking and overclocking. It's actually quite easy to build a computer with an Ultra-D if you can use other motherboards.
  3. Heh, I don't know about 7.1 sound and Linux. It generally has issues with the more obscure multimedia and audio stuff. That's one of the big reasons that Windows is still my OS of choice.
  4. bodoke is right. I also have a Toledo X2 3800+. I think they were more common when the 3800+ first came out, but I've seen many people with them.
  5. I have the same stepping and week as Ryn does and my chip also doesn't overclock well. It'll do 2.6Ghz on 1.45 vcore, but I can't even get 2.7Ghz stable with 1.56 vcore. It's just a bad batch I think Of course, 2.6Ghz on 1.45 isn't so bad...I'm not too worried about it. EDIT: And yes, it is the 89-watt ADV version.
  6. Always uninstall your current drivers before installing the new ones. Beyond that, I'm not aware of any special procedure for upgrading the motherboard drivers.
  7. I just upgraded to one of the new SATA II Seagate 320GB drives with perpendicular recording and had no problems whatsoever with it, my Ultra-D, and Windows XP. It correctly identified its size and didn't need any fooling around or extra drivers in the Windows setup. You probably got a bad drive.
  8. I have that RAM in my Ultra-D and it runs GREAT at 270Mhz (20Mhz over "stock"). I'd highly reccomend it.
  9. I'll have to try this out when I get back to my dual-core rig. It does sound very interesting...particularly if it can help in HL2
  10. Mine did 270Mhz pretty easily. I haven't really tried for anything further because I'm maxing out my processor right now and I don't care to test the RAM just for the sake of testing the RAM. I tried 280Mhz a few times but never got it stable. It might be possible with more work, but I can't say for sure.
  11. I run mine in the orange slots at 270Mhz stable with the 704-2BTA BIOS
  12. I'd go with that Corsair 2GB kit. You'll get the benefits of 2GB and I believe it's the fastest-rated 2GB in existence.
  13. That seems strange to me. I only have one set, but it does 270Mhz stable with the right timings. It won't do much over that though.
  14. I'm running my HZ (recently purchased less than two weeks ago) without any problems. Have you tried the RAM in another system? Try booting up to Memtest86+ and see what happens
  15. I didn't receive one with my Ultra-D, but it's really not a big deal IMO.
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