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  1. I should get them tomorrow, Tankguys are a good web site, I think that any retailer on the net that offers a forum for it products is good, cuase people can always ask before they. hopefully the ram will get to 275-300+
  2. Hi guys Try out this little progy A64Info it is not bat, I dont know if I am posting in the right place but anyaway try it, I am using. If anyone want to try it, i can email to you it is to big to be uploaded. here is a pic
  3. Yep I am getting 2Gb Kit Team Xtreem Cronus 3-3-3-8 PC4000 (Micron), just thought I can upgrade something besides mem, i never thought that upgrading mem would give me a big boost from 1GB to 2GB but we shall find out this week.
  4. get the kit that has samsung mem chips
  5. Go to Pc power & cooling and there is a config thing that tells you what psu you will need depending on you build, my 510 can handle dual vid cards and alot more. there is also a knobs that you can buy seperatly and mod the volts. Go here and it will build depending on what you have. Great thing. http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/pow...plies/selector/
  6. It is easier to oc single cpu, but when you get the dual cpu stable you cant beat it.
  7. If it meets your specs and it works great for then more power to you, eveyone has there choice, thats why there are so many companies around, I also the Antec got 2 of those and they are also good PSU.
  8. The Expert is a great mobo, it is a sikid mobo, I have one I love it.
  9. Well it depends on what you like(ATI or Nvidia) if you go with ATI then get the x1900 if Nvidia the the 7800 or more $ 7900 any of these 3 cards you cant loose.
  10. TankGuys ship to Canada without a problem, go to there forums and ask the guys. If you found cheaper and they will ship to Canada then get what you can and save some $$$$ always counts if you can save$$$
  11. Supershanks i totally agree, if you are going to be oc then get best for your money, also the PC Power & Cooling comes with adjustable volt mods, i found out today, I already emailed the sales department asking if I can buy these knobs for my PSU.
  12. I know guys the extra $100 is not worth it, but we all like to have the latest and the greatest wouldn't we?
  13. I guess you are right so then get the Expert I have one it is a pretty solid board
  14. I guess you are right, do you think upgrading from 7800 to 7900.
  15. What would you consider significant inprovement?
  16. I am realy considering to upgrade to the DFI Venus for my Expert if my wife allows it. What do you think, is the swap worth it? Thanks, jo
  17. I have the big typhoon and it is great, but you have to have a lot of spave vuase it comes with 120mm, I just replaced the original fan with Sunon 120mm better airflow.
  18. I would get the 7900 great choice over the 7800, I just mine 7800 and seriously considering to upgrade to 7900, and I would also get the DFI Venus, if i was to build now. and get these babies: http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-cronus...ron-p-1542.html
  19. I did some research and you realy dont win much, it is more for the look then anything else, do some reviews and you will see, also if you heatspreaders on your mem and good circulation in the case you realy dont need. Thats my opinion.
  20. I would reco these babies: http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-cronus...ron-p-1542.html but thats my opinion, I still waiting for mine should get them this week, they say they have great potential.
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