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  1. Hi guys This is Angry's new BIOS and the link is not working, can someone please provide me with the new link. http://www.angrygames.com/3-31-2006_expert_bios.htm
  2. Will N-Tune kill any DFI Board, I have DFI Expert,DFI 250GB and NF2 Ver b. I dont use N-Tune but just wanted to know and if the progy kills the mobo then does comapny put it out? thanks
  3. Hi guys, I have a question mbm5 when I select to enable cpu usage in my mbm5 crashes.Any ideas why? Thanks, jk
  4. If you have another PSU try, if you are going to exchange your psu get Pc Power & Cooling, excellent psu.
  5. maybe you have bad contact between the heatsink and the cpu, try to reseat the cpu, i also read that someguys have direct contact between the cpu and the heatsink. try that.
  6. Thanks man, that helps greatly.
  7. Ok guys, if i just want to know one more question, what chips do both sticks use? And i am leaning towards the 2 Gb Kit Dual Channel EL Platinum XTC 3-3-3-8
  8. Angry you are getting 250 out of yours, there is only $10 difference between the 2 sticks.
  9. I wish I could but where I am getting them from they dont carry G-Skill, I am getting them fron tankguys.biz, these guys are excellent customer service. SO I have to make a decision on the Ocz's
  10. I can spend up to $300 for mem, the problem is that I dont want something like what i have now(Microns), I also read mixed reviews about both sticks. I am having a hrad time finding out what chips each ones uses. Angry if you say that EB's are good with the Expert then you made my decision sway more in the direction of the EB's. I just want to get 255-265 out of them.
  11. expresso are running it @ stock? Try oc'ing. I have microns now and they [email protected], dont want to make the same mistake, going to trade in my microns for either one of those sticks, just not sure which ones.
  12. Hello Guys I dont know what mem to get, it comes down to these 2 sticks: 2 Gb Kit Dual Channel EL Platinum XTC 3-3-3-8 Model - OCZP5002GXTC-K OR 2 Gb Kit Dual Channel Platinum 3-3-2-8 Model -OCZ5002048EBPE-K Please advise. Thanks, Joe
  13. Hi guys I tried looking and searching this forum to find where can I down load the amd patch for windows xp, I saw it here somewhere but dont remember where.Can someone please provide the link. Thanks, Joe
  14. no turn it off, if yo uare going to OC then it is suggested to turn it off.
  15. Try to leave it for like 20min in BIOS reset and take out the battery
  16. Here is the link: http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-cronus...85cebf969a27583
  17. I pressed the link on the first page and yes it has a letter "a" that is why it says error where do I get the E704-2BT without the "a" in it?
  18. Hi guys I have these sticks 2Gb Kit Team Xtreem Cronus 3-3-3-8 PC4000 (Micron) anyone what chips they are using and what timmings can I use, I am stuck @ 250, any help would be great
  19. When I try to flash this BIOS using Winflash it says BIOS ID ERROR is this normal?
  20. I am looking at Tmods CD and I dont see that version there
  21. These mem chips are 5b-f chips what ever that means, I cant seem to get a better OC with this, thought maybe if I change the BIOS it can improve,
  22. Hi guys I wonder if anyone can assist me in this question, I currently have : DFI Expert Opteron 175 2Gb Kit Team Xtreem Cronus 3-3-3-8 PC4000 (Micron) 2 Raptors Evga 7800 PCI Now my question is what bios would you guys recommend for my setup, since I have different ram, the BIOS I am using now is the one it came from DFI 12/7/05. Thanks, JOe
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