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  1. joelatino you can use the .5 multi with any problems or no problems so far? What are you running speed?
  2. SO what you are saying is that I CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT get a Vapochill ? If that is the case that S*&*ks.
  3. Hi guys As you know I own a Expert with opty 175, I read that this model has a cold bug -10c, I read it here: http://wiki.extremeoverclocking.com/wiki/Opteron Does anyone know what exactly they mean by a coldbug? Thanks,
  4. If you have a such a wuest just get a VapoChill and yo uwill reach 3 and over.
  5. Look here should answer all your questions: http://wiki.extremeoverclocking.com/wiki/Opteron_Steppings
  6. I look in the BIOS and thats what it says,but I think you are correct.That is why I dont want to push it, actually it is +10 to that so it is 44c idle,also what is a cold bug that people say about the Opty 175. Link : http://wiki.extremeoverclocking.com/wiki/Opteron
  7. I can load to windows 3Mhz with high volts, 1.78 but I am affraid that my air cooling is not enough, temps get 34c idle, I will be getting VapoChill soon then I will crank up the volts. I have to find the max temps without frying the cpu.
  8. I am not realy worried about testing now, I just was wondering what is the max you can give it while running on air. I dont want to burn the chip.
  9. Hi guys I have the Expert running with opty 175 on air with Big Typhoon and 120mm Sunon fan, I would like to know what is the max vots I can give this little opty? I cant find that kind of info anywhere.And also do these opty's like a lot of juice or little juice.:nod: Thanks, Joe
  10. These Expert board are like cpu's, you never what kind you will be getting. Different stepping gives you different overclocking and it is the same with these boards, i see some guys have a lot of problems with there boards and others have none. Very strange, this is my 3rd board, my other 2 are NF2 and NF3 250GB and no one complains about those, it is the Expert that everyone complains about. I personally have no issues with t his board, my bios temps match my mbm5 and smartguardine
  11. There are people using mbm5 and dual core
  12. SO all you guys installed the new BIOS for the Expert, how is it? Any major improvements? Do you get a better OC? Can you use the half multi?
  13. Thanks but I am running them 1:1 255*11 and volts are 2.70v, will try to push to 265*11 but I feel I need extreme cooling not air. Guys thanks for all you input and help. Thanks, JK
  14. what are running 280*10? are you running 1:1 divider?what are your mem timmings?
  15. thanks that is the high so what is the lowest point?
  16. Hi guys I got this new mem OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K, what is the max volts for this mem? Also does this mem like low volts or high? Thanks, JK
  17. Wish this new BIOS we can run the half multi and it will work? Also can someone please explain that calibration, why do we need it?How should we know what the correct temp should be? Thanks
  18. yes, with that baby you -44c, imagine the potentail? I am going be getting one of those
  19. As I understand you can OC any chip it all depends on your cooling, if you are using air you get so so OC, if you use water you get better and if you use phase or vapochill you can oc beyond any point to the extreme. I know for a fact if I had VapoChill I can over 3Ghz with no problem, cant wait to get my VapoChill. If you look at people who get an impresive OC they are using water of phase cooling and some are using dry ice. I so guys get 6Ghz + on dry ice. So the bottom line is your cooling.
  20. I have that core and I do 2750 with no problem 250*11 w/1:1 divider, I can do more but running on air.
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