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  1. You got man, Thats what i read in the link that is what is changed in Vista, and that kinda sucks. I also wonder one more thing, Vista 64 does not see my Promise Technology card is not supported, but what if i get an external hard drive with usb would it pick it up.
  2. Yes I and my wife have 2 different account, you also said that you have 3 different email, when open MS OutLook does it ask you what email account you want to open? In XP Pro it would ask me if i want to make my profile defualt or should it ask for what profile to use. When I open my email I only get my emails, when my wife opens her emails she only would get her email. Cuase in XP Pro it would let you choose what email address you want to open. I will try to post pics about this. Tommorrow or over the weekend. Maybe then you would understand. Thanks
  3. I got it man, this sucks!!!! Check out the link: http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/e...0d68701033.mspx
  4. no it does not. let me explain, it uses 2 account together, it does not ask you what account you want to open like in xp pro, it just uses 1 as the defualt, i need to change so it will ask for what account to use.
  5. Yes that MAil, I cant find it in OUtLook 2007, What is Office Groove 2007. I dont think Vista allows this. Cant find any info anywhere about this.
  6. I never used Outlook Express, I am talking about Outlook 2007. For some reason unkown to me I cant find Mail in the Control panel in the Vista x64 system, like i had in XP Pro. I guess Vista x64 does not have Mail in the Control Panel
  7. I have a question about Vista and MS Office 2007, when I had XP Pro and Office, I could add my wife's email and mine, I did this by going to Control Panel->Mail and added both accounts, now in Vista I dont have that option Mail in the control panel, how would I add my wife's email to office? Thanks
  8. Got the Vista x64 Ultimate version, runs great, still waiting for a few drivers for my palm and other things. I looked at the vid card in hardware manager and it said it is using a older version of drivers. but it works great and i am enjoying this new toy, the only bad thing is that not a lot of companies are supporting it with new drivers for x64.
  9. I Am Very Happy You Guys Are Back, Yeh Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have opty 175 and I love it, I am saving to buy a VapoChill and put that puppy into and run it. The dual proc is great, highly reco to anyone.
  11. Loggan I have these sticks : 1 x 2Gb Kit Team Xtreem Cronus 3-3-3-8 PC4000 (Micron) But I am running these: OCZ 1 x 2 Gb Kit Dual Channel EL Gold XTC 3-4-3-8 What do you think will run better with the new bios? I had to RMA the Team sticks they were no good. Now I have not tested the Team memory. What is your personal opinion? Thanks
  12. I am currently running Tmod's Bios Boot disc bios, can you please tell what are the major improvements in this bios over the Tmods? Thanks
  13. Logan thanks for the file but I downloaded it but it is now a valid archive. something is wrong with the file or the link. when i download it is only 390kb in size. thanks
  14. I cant donwload the new BIOS, says forbidden, can some please give the new bios.
  15. CAn you please tell who they are and how can i reach them? thanks
  16. I have the BIg Typhoon and it does a pretty good job.
  17. Hi Guys Looking for a Vapochill unit for my Opty 175, if anyone is interested please email me or send me a mes. Looking for this: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/1180/cas...115.html?tl=g41 OR THIS: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/1195/cas...050.html?tl=g41 Thanks
  18. laserred I have the Team Xtreme mem(1 x 2Gb Kit Team Xtreem Cronus 3-3-3-8 PC4000 (Micron)) I could not clock higher then stock and even at stock it would crash, so I sent it back to Xtreme and they did some work on it, but I got OCZ(1 x 2 Gb Kit Dual Channel EL Gold XTC 3-4-3-8) and have no problem overclocking them, works great, the Xtreme I still have and did not test them. But I love my OCZ, maybe it is the memory kits. I would suggest you get a different company mem, like OCZ or G-Skill or even Mushkin red line. Try different memory sticks. GOOD LUCK
  19. I have the opty 175, and i pushed to 2805, with 1/1 divider, i have OCZ PC4000(1024ELGEGXT), i know i can push it even more but i am running on air, saving for vapochill. I also have teamExtreme memory did not use that yet. I love my opty 175. I think you are 100% correct for getting the opty 175. Let me know how much you pushed your opty. Good Lcuk.
  20. So what you guys are saying is that my Xp Pro wont see 4gigs, what if I use 2sticks+1=3gigs will that work? Or I have to wait to get x64 and what if I am OC my system how will that affect it? Thanks,
  21. Hi guys, I would like to know if I can use 4 gig of ram but they are both 2gig of dual but different company makers? I have 2 gig of OCZ and 2 gig of G-sKill can I use all 4 slots? Thanks,
  22. i have the pc power&cooling 510w and i would highly recommend it better then most models out there. it is worth every penny.
  23. joek71

    Tweak XP

    yeh thats tunexp, thanks
  24. joek71

    Tweak XP

    guys thats not it, when i get home i will tell you what it is, this proggy speeds up boot time. i will let you know in 2 weeks.
  25. joek71

    Tweak XP

    Hi guys I am searching for a file called if i am not mistaken TweakXP or XPtweak it is a small little progy that improves boot time, i think I downloaded it here but now I cant find it. I did a google search and I could not find it, I know it replaced BootVis. Please assist. Thanks,
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