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  1. What is the fastes Mobile XP out there? And how does it overclock? I can not get a better CPU then I will start working on a 64 bit system.
  2. I will overclock, about the budget it depends. Can you tell me the best and the good. I fthink my budget would be between 1500-200. maybe more. Use will be for mostyl games and running fastest possible apps.
  3. Hi guys I thinkings about building new Rig(64 bit), so please recomened me a new mobo and a unlocked cpu and memory. Thanks, Joe
  4. Is that the best I can get for my mobo? Or can I get Athlon XP 3200+ Barton (2.20ghz)
  5. I currently have Athlon XP 2400+ Mobile Barton (1.80ghz) running 11*200
  6. I am currently running 11*200 and the timings are: 6,2,2,2,2.0,11,14 and the rest in auto. should these settings be good for better fsb then 200? CPU-1.60 AGP-1.70 Chip-1.70 RAM-2.70 What do you think? Thanks,
  7. If you are correct then I will start to save up for the 64 cpu.
  8. I lowered my cpu volt to 1.60 and everything else. No my CPU Temp is 38 when IDLE and I am running S2KNGO, i think that also is helping. But now I want to give this cpu to my son he has a ABIT NF7-S, what CPU would you recommend for my, this CPU has to be the most I can put into this mobo, so please recommend. Thanks, Joe
  9. What game are you playing that it restarts? Or does it happen on any game? Run the event Viewer that will show you what apps are terminating.
  10. Hi guys, I am thinking about upgrading my cpu from my current one, I will install the current one on my kids machine, he has Abit NF7-S, I would like it to be unlocked. And I would like it to be the fastest possible for my LANPARTY NFII ULTRA B with patriot mem (PDC1G3200XBLK). What would yo uguys recommend? Thanks
  11. C2NGO vs S2KNGO are they the same or which one is better? The C2 uses C1/C2/3 and the S uses other cooling which is better?
  12. Hi guys I dont know if is the correct post for this but here goes. I downloaded the S2KNGO progy and it works great. My question is can it work with other cooling progy's like CPUIdleExtreme or should it be alone with no other progy's? Thanks Guys, Joe
  13. If i go with water I would get a VapoChill case, I have 2 fron 80mm fans and 2 rear 80mm fans, I think they are kind of weak, maybe I will get 4 new fans for front and back. Where can I get a Thermal probe? IS that hardware or a progy? I used CPUIdleExtreme, but I got now a new progy the guys here says it works wonders, the name is S2KNGO it is onyl for the LANPARTY NFII ULTRA B mobo's. I unstalled the cpuideextreme, should I reinstall it or can other cooling progy's work with the S2KNGO? Thanks,
  14. Guys what do you think about this? Thermaltake Big Typhoon 4-in-1 CPU Heatsink w/ Heatpipe Tech
  15. My Vcore is 1.60 AGP-1.70 Chipset-1.70 DDRam-2.70 Is this cool? Temps are CPu-42, case 29, this is at idle.
  16. My POwer Sullpy is ANTEC TRUE POWER 480watts. Would anyone here recommend a awesome HS for my mobo?
  17. Yes my machine is running ok with the uniprocessor. And ACPI enabled in the BIOS
  18. I also have the alpha pal 8045 but it put it in my kids system and the dfi mobo has no holes for it.
  19. I did like you said, and think it is the HS. The temps dont drop when I open the case stay the same. What HS would you recommend for me. Tell me what is a great or awesome HS for my mobo with 120mm fan. Now that you mentioned this I got to thinking and you are 100% correct, my case temp is 30 and cpu is load at 50.
  20. Hi guys I would like to know your opinion about the ACPI option should it be turned on or off? I am atteching a pic of my IRQ's if that will help here. ANd the ACPI under my compter is set as Uniproccessor, is this correct? I am attaching also a pic of it. Thanks in advance. Joe
  21. Look at my IRQ's they are almost the same, I have SP2 installed, I have attached a pic of my IRQ's. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
  22. I took off my 120mm fan and cleaned everything out and put an adjuster ragulator on the fan, so no my case temps are 26 and cpu is 46 idle.
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