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  1. I found out what chips those are, they are right on top of the mem slot 3 little chips.
  2. supershanks those old Antec case you cant mount a 120mm fan, no space, but the new comes with 1 120mm fan in the rear.and so does the Asus case
  3. If you have the money get the VapoChill, or get the new Antec case I got this: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=61050 good case, but I also have this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811173001 But that is for my kid and he loves and it also gets awesome case cooling. Good Luck,
  4. Hi guys IO just spoke to DFI and they are sendign me my DFI NF2-ver b back to me ,they told me that they had to change some part on the board called Q23, would anyone know what that is? Just interested. Thanks, joe
  5. Steve61 listen to me, I have the same case as you, and this is what I got from newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835180085 I have 5 of them, 2 front, 2-back and 1 side blowinf air in to case(NOT OUT). Try it and you wont need a new case.My cpu temps Idle 21, but I am also running a Big Typhoon with a Sunon 120mm, but try new fans for the cases, you have to much intake not enough out, 2-front,2-back
  6. What do you think of this RAM? http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-cronus...dfea9edb30678fc
  7. SO the temps are of in the BIOS, why is DFI showing incorret temps, if they are incorret?
  8. Guys no problem anytime, soundx98 would you like me to host this file? for you?
  9. SteveD61 I have the same Antec case and I put new fans in the front and in the back, I have 2 nre front fans and 2 new rear fans and 1 side all my fans are 80mm it is a little bit more noise but get much better temps with new fans then with the old ones, the one that come with the case are not strong enough, i recomend getting new fans
  10. With a stock cooling it is fine, I think. MAybe you should try a better cooling
  11. No prblem guys anytime.Would anyone know why 7800GT has no ambient temp in it? My 6800GT Ultra has it, this is a mistake by EVGA and Nvidia?
  12. Right now I have PC-3200 running stable @ 250 DDR 1/1, i am trying to boot @ 275 or 265, can boot 260 but prime crashes, could not get the correct timings.
  13. Ok guys is it the HV or HZ in G-Skill which to get
  14. So the G-Skill are better then the OCZ, ok i will be getting it then.Thanks for your help.
  15. VIEWSONIC all the way man dont even think about it I have 2 of them and love both of and now looking for a 22" widescreen.
  16. VIEWSONIC #1 in the Lcd market, I have 2 of them and looking to get a 22" widescreen.
  17. soundx98 I checked my BIOS and it is reporting just like my MBM5, so the BIOS is of not the progies?
  18. So if we cant trust any of the progies then why do we use them? DFI should come out with a program that it use with its mobo's, I know Abit has such progy.
  19. which one? I think it is the CPU-z cuase I check amd and I have the Denmark codename, do you agree?
  20. What about the temps that show in the BIOS those are correct? cuase my mmb5 show exact;y the same temps as in the BIOS.
  21. Hi guys Look at the pic and tell me why these 2 progies giving me 2 different names under Codename? What I mean is this with CrystalCPUID I get the cpu name Denamrk and with CPU-Z I get codename Toledo. Are these two of the same chips? You can what i am talking about when you open my file. Thanks, joe
  22. I know that my EVGA 7800 does not support Ambient temps but my 6800GT Ultra has ambient temps, make sure your card has that supports in it. Can you see the temps in your card settings? Like the pic.
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