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  1. Try changing Max Async Latency to 9, read preamble to 6 and Tref to 3072 (200mhz, 3.9us). You might also want to try running your SATA drives off the SIL3114 controller instead of the SIL3112 on the southbridge. I had a few problems with BSODs/crashing when running HDD's on the southbridge, but playing with different SATA drivers for a few hours eventually fixed the problem.
  2. Try changing the Htt multiplier to 3*, max async latency (MAL) to 9 and read preamble to 6. I've found that they have the most effect on weather the board will hang before loading the OS or not.
  3. I've not had any problem with the 4 LED problem since I've updated to the 11/02/2005 BIOS, and I've probably saved data to the CMOS upwards of 40 times after flashing to the new BIOS. Hardware config: 3700 san diego @270*10 OCZ 3200 el rev.2 PCI Gforce2 :nod: 2*200gb maxtor diamondmax 10's OCZ powerstream 520w
  4. Yea, thats right @RedDwarf - Are you running the same settings on the lanparty as you were on the Asus? If you are not, that might explain why you need more voltage.
  5. Try checking the voltage at either side of the chokes/inductors (where the choke leg meets the board) which are placed near the CPU socket. Take the higher value as the true Vcore.
  6. I've tested most of them, but some of them give me less overclock and worse performance, but some people might find that their boards like differnet BIOS'. I can't remember which of them I've tried tho, and what their different effects were
  7. There should be some exposed metal/solder on the end of the point circled where the choke meets the board. Use that point as the Vcore read point. Edit: Ignore the thing saying remove these resistors - they are for the droop/OCP mod
  8. You should be able to get a Vcore read point from the inductors/chokes near the Vcore MOSFETS. One side of the choke will read a higher voltage than the other. The higher voltage should be the true Vcore reading. I can probably post a picture later if you need me to When running 1.9v Vcore, iirc I get about 0.006v fluctuation between idle and load so IMO the Vcore supply on the lanparty/infinity's isn't as bad as people think.
  9. How old is the RAM? It could have some of the new 'Winbond Utt' chips on it.
  10. I'm running 2*512 OCZ el rev.2 (TCCD) at 2.5,3,3,10 CPC on at 255. I would recomend trying some of Hellfire's BIOS'. Some boards will just refuse to run double sided sticks at any speed with CPC on. IMO, you should try turning CPC off and see how far it gets you.
  11. I think there is a thread around here somewhere (and also on xtremesystems.org and other forums) which talks about twinmos memory which uses the same chips as OCZ VX. Basically, Winbond and Infineon are producing RAM chips together, known as 'Utt' or untested chips. From what I have heard these chips are based on the old CH-5 die but have been modified, so they perform better than standatd CH-5.
  12. That CPU voltage is quite low for the clock speed you are running. Try increasing it to 1.7-1.75v. You should be fine running that voltage with the temps that you are running. You could also try turning CPC off becasue you are running double sided RAM, which should help you to get a higher FSB.
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