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  1. Also with bios 04/10, my cpu temps show way cooler than outside case temp in bios..why?
  2. Thanks to you Mack27, you lighted my day! But i feel so dumb now, effectively, many boards got this little jumper to setup for key boot. I just forgot about this... Automation will make us all dumb one day ;-)
  3. NF4 Infinity sli Anyone can power on via keyboard any key function? I tried all boot option (anykey, ctrl+f1, mouse mouve&click etc.) And nothing work... i can only power on this board with the case button, no matter what i set in bios... Didn't work with 8/31 bios, neither with last 4/10 (flashed this morning) Did i miss something? It is a very anoying little problem, the room settup here makes me kneel under the desk every time i have to power on the pc. It was working with same keyboard on a the asus a8n-e board... Any help much apreciated!
  4. Whats the top temp to avoid with northbrige? In bios it show around 42c, wich is ok, but my front-bay-diode shows 60c!! I assume that bios is miss considering the temperature, cause the diode is sticked under the heatsink, near the nb core...
  5. Well, thanks for the info uncle, but i'm not the kind of guy who ask without search. If no one answer, then no answer to find... if u find something, just tell me. Other ideas?
  6. Any idea wich would perform best between black or blue slots for tccd?
  7. Hi, first, thank for reading! I really like my new dfi board, i'm getting higher and higher :angel: Now at 260x10 1:1 (spec in sig) using the blue slots, black slots give me the same thing, but wondering if anyone of you noticed some issues with on set or another? Also here is my mem timmings, any suggestions? TCL 3 TRAS 8 TRCD 4 TRP 4 TRC 16 TRFC 22 TRWT 4 TWR 3 all the rest to "AUTO"
  8. thanks about advices! Any link to a lanparty nforce 2 timmings tread?
  9. Hello all! I finally managed to push this cool DFI LP-B near what i was expecting :nod: Thanks to some great peeps here for sharing your experiences... It is now 240X10 stable with moderate voltages: chipset = 1.7v agp = auto ram = 3.2v cpu = 1.75v 37c full load.. !! I tried crank all volts up ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] / 250x10) but get games crash and prime errors after few mins... Now wondering if alpha timings could help this get stable 250fsb or even more...? any recomended settings?
  10. Latest Tictac bios doing well for me, i will stick with tease for some days to see. I prefer cpc on as it give more performance... maybe i'm wrong? On my nf7-s, with [email protected] it was slightly faster than [email protected] 2-3-2-11. And i think, as i see in my firsts testing, that is the same thing with cpc... So I search the best fsb at thingtest timings. Why use more volt and produce more heat for the same result? Plz teach me if i'm wrong.
  11. Yes! link for Hellfire Bios for LanParty Rev. #2 (Fire Romsip) plz!
  12. 225x10 vcore = 1.65 agp = 1.6 northbridge = 1.8 vdimm = 3.0 cpc on / 2-2-2-11-13-15 / 1:1 now as i write.. hehe Still going!
  13. Thanks for sharing infos JerMe! Actually I'm using stock northbridge heatsink with some arctic silver 5 + 80mm fan blowing on it and rams. Was thinking to place the zalman ZM-NB47J with a 80mm fan, as it will be a cheap solution, and maybe adequate cooling... and waiting for a shipment of ramsinks to cool the board... I'm now using N24ld619-3dfire-rev2 from Tictac : 217x10 vcore = 1.6 agp = auto northbridge = 1.7 vdimm = 2.9 cpc on / 2-2-2-11-13-15 / 1:1 Was looking for the Hellvire rev 2 (as i use 2x512) but never find link... What voltages are u using to hit 250x10?
  14. Hi everybody! Two days that i mess with my DFI lanparty rev.B, to at least be able to run at same speed i was running with my NF7-S. Tried all moded or not bios that i came by... Got this: Mp 2600 barton 2x512 corsair pc3500c2 (BH-5) Now on air as i wait for some ramsink to cool down the mosfets on the LP.... guess it is a heat issue, and wish its just that... It was able to run at 220fsbx11.5 /1.7vcore and 2.9vdimm on the nf7-s Higher was unstable... Now on the DFI i can only reach 216fsb. Higher, I get memtest error at any vdimm setting!! Any suggestions? Thanks!
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