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  1. I hate to admit it . But I am out good by . You have all been a great help to me . Thank you so much for your words of inspiration and encouragement . Later .
  2. I posted thinking you would be interested . Not to be your whipping post . NO YOU ALL ARE WRONG ! If you do not like my tests do some your self . NOT one of you here has one of these , DO YOU ? If so then cool but when you talk out of your butt with out really having the equipment your nothing but a phony some one looking to think they are smart , when your nothing but a smart butt . this is why I do not post here much as well as over at extreme forums as well . You know I do not remember asking any one how this will perform or any thing like that . I posted up some preliminary tests ( NOT unlike your so called experts do ) and I get stomped on . I did not fail ! It is not going to fail ! SUCK IT UP ! Just nothing but fun till you sucked the life out of it ! Thank You !
  3. Yep and you just keep bashing me . well I am done good by ! Even when the proof is right there you continue to bash great place I will be sure to tell every one about your forums !
  4. Kinda hard to stay in a place that just .ing bashes you and the . you do . MAN . this place !
  5. So far since I installed this I have been able to take the CPU off 1.40 Volts in the bios set it to auto for 1.34vcore and also have been able to raise the RAM to 1066MHz , Before this I had to run it at 891MHz . Now all I need to see is if I can also take the NB voltage down to auto as I need 1.40 volts for stability . All in all this is a great cooler I am loving it . You can bash it all you want but till you have ONE on your computer and until you experience it you will never really know or understand . Prime95 for one hour and I can not even get the cores 2-4 to come up at all ! I got a whopping 40c reading off of core one after one hour ! The temp censor's are stuck at 37 and 38 c nothing I do will fix it . But I can say this is really cool !
  6. No I meant I am not folding 100% of the time all day every day . I understand what you are saying . I am getting 1*c right now how about you ?? For me this was a great choice and from what I see you have a heavy heater there the Q9650 is a cooler CPU . The facts still remain I will not be taking this CPU past its limits and nothing other than folding now and again will not be maxing my CPU out to 100% all the time . but pound for pound mine adds life to it when you take into account I am not exceeding 59* at 105.25 watts no less . Maybe I am wrong but one thing is for sure this was fun and I may take it to a next step who knows !
  7. Yep crazy ! I love it just make me feel all cold inside . And 59*c is the hottest it gets that is at 105.25 watts as far as watts going up ? nope that is the highest they go no more . And yes this is great . why not ? Why all the negativity twords it ? It is far better than a stock setup , right ? what your system have lower temps and is just water cooled ? I do not know what you 2 are talking about . A high end air cooler is better ? ARE YOU NUTS ? Look at your computer right now ! Take a good look at it ! ARE you running the thing at 100% load ? do you really ever get it to 100% load ? If so are you doing this 24/7 ? If so I would love to see that ! No 99% of all computers out on the market today only used 50% of the total power of a CPU so tell me Watson is yours FULL ON 100 % load all the time ? NO I get temps as low as 2*c and that is were the money is ! I have had it on all day long heating this room up and it still has no trouble cooling . I have idled this computer for hours now and see no increase in temps any were . So just what are you saying that this setup was to expensive for the cooling I am getting ? well that my friend is a matter of opinion and like every els in the world every one has one . I never can max my computer out NEVER . I have ripped DVD's CD's played games for hours . I can do any thing I want I can even FOLD with out having the CPU run at 100% so for me this was the best investment ever it cost me $150 bucks so what ? SO what if it take POWER TO RUN so do my lights and fridge I pay for so why is that an issue with you ? I think that this was a great move forward for me . To think that you can say an air cooler will give temps better than 59*c on an over clocked and over volted on a Q9650 is stupid to say the least , DO you have a Q9650 Over clocked to 4.0GHz with 1.34 Vcore ?
  8. WOW no one ? NO ONE has any thing at all to say ? Nothing ? Really ?
  9. Yeah be careful when lapping your CPU . Take your sand paper and put it on a piece of glass put glass on level surface and good luck . I did mine and it works really good
  10. Well it my not be new to you but I just installed this thing today and I am impressed with the performance of this tec WB . This is the Swiftech McW6500-T and most said ( some still do ) that this is no good . Well I am hear to say BS to that ! This is a great WB . My Q9650 is running at 4.0GHz with 1.34 vCore with that said I ran line pack OCCT for 15 or so min just to heat things up to temp . well nothing changed as far as temps go after one hour so here is the screen shot after 15 min. As you see temps are nice and cool nothing over 59*c ! And wait just look at this run at normal OCCT testing ! The censors are stuck yes they are stuck the core temps have never gone below 37 37 38 38 at idle . but here they did not even move at all either ! The water coming off the WB at full load gets to 48*c the temp on top of the WB gets to 34*c so . there you have it a sweet cooler and fun too .
  11. MY mobo is not up there I am now on a MSI SLI Platinum 570 . so I can't do it like you want it .
  12. Come ON did I make the 3GHz CLUB or NOT ? Please don't keep me waiting I am all a twitter !
  13. OK as per requirements I hope this will do . http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=1760138 http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/3892/cpumark21mx5.jpg http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/8513/or...puz56515ic5.jpg http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/8585/cpuzorthosxu0.jpg http://img484.imageshack.us/img484/9216/newpi15iy8.jpg I hope now I pass the grade . Thank You all .
  14. BUMP for some one how needs ..
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