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  1. I want to know how you could get such a high external clock speed (291...). I can't clear 245/250 (DDR500) even with PC4000 (DDR500) memory. At that point my voltage drops too much on the Vcore and the system becomes unstable. Even more Vcore i add it still drops too low. This is with a processor that ive gotten much highier on another board (P4C800-E dlx). The way i fixed it was with a Vdroop mod on the asus board. But DFI fans havent made one for this board yet. Any advice for both of us?
  2. Hmmm, not sure. Some of the power supplies they listed that you shouldnt use (the ones with 3 or 4 independant 12v rails) are like 18 amps each and they say Intel overclockers should avoid those... You might want to get something with a bit highier 12V amperage but since its thermaltake, it might supprise you...
  3. If removing the IHS would lower temps, why doesnt chip manfs. make it without an IHS? I know AMD now is using IHSs, or is this something we will never know?
  4. Im curious - why would anyone want to remove the IHS? Isnt its purpose somewhat obvious?
  5. You think so? I mean Im glad that this is an Intel processor - brings some repubility back to the overclocking community for Intel... But I am not sure Intel wants to publicize something like this - that would be promoting overclocking, something they have always fought against. On the other hand, it may trigger more people to switch to intel overclocking... but would the population be big enough for intel to pursuit?
  6. Some people get ammused really easily :tooth: It would be cool if they could get a sisandra score - a system clock of that high should yeild some very happy numbers. As mr.giggles said above, they dont have any 3d shots yet. maybe theyll get some soon. If they got it that high, I wounder if they start downclocking when it would become the ever hilarious (guess i missed the humour) prime 95 stability check... Im sure it might be pretty high. EDIT: Other than the additional multis, do ES tend to overclock any better than non-ES?
  7. Wow, thats really amazing. Looks like the LN helps alot by cooling other components on the motherboard. Its amazing that the processor can hold out to those speeds, let alone the hardware on the board itself! Although I would love to a see a 24 hour prime 95 stability check... Ive had many overclocks pass superpi but fail prime 95 pretty quickly. either way, :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. I know if I am overclocking I should be on LPSx but which is the difference between the three LPS? And is it better to manually configuring RAM timings (lets say i want to run 3-4-3-8) or just set LPS1? Thanks
  9. Ive never been able to push the 875B past 250 really - the Vdroop for the processor is ungodly - even on the northwoods. Since its not a popular board, there are no voltage mods to fix it. Prescots I couldnt get much over 235 before the vdroop killed me. Just a few things that may be able to get you a bit further: Obviously increase the ram voltage. Also try increasing the AGP voltage - this increases the voltage to the northbridge chipset and is often required as you get highier. Again, the Vdroop on this board really kills you at highier voltages. My Vcore idles at 1.56 (set to 1.58) at idle, and load drops to about 1.50 which desimates any chance for overclocking.
  10. Have you made sure to lock your AGP/PCI/SATA clocks to their respectable 66/33/100 mhz settings?
  11. I never knew anything about the 945G-TMGF board... How long has it been out for? Most people here claim that such a board never existed (IE...see goobs above post!). Even so, it doesnt look like much. Only 945 chipset, onboard graphics, single PCIE 16 slot, only 2 PCI32 slots and one PCIE 1 slot... I hope this isnt DFIs attempt to get back into the Intel board industry.
  12. Google and download "Motherboard Monitor 5" it will tell you temps and voltages and you can make some educated guesses there. Are you overclocked at these settings at all?
  13. RTFM... at least I think its there. Either way its not a problem with the board, its a problem with windows not being able to address 4 gigs of memory in a 32 bit environment. Edit: you are about to get owned by the moderating staff for not having your hardware specs in your profile. Assume the position.
  14. My "Case" temperature is 28 degrees C which is what i beleive to be near or around the NB Chipset. That is water cooled with a DD water block.
  15. Well northwoods operate at a highier voltage so they really shouldnt be compared to prescots. If i recall correctly, there is some sort of overvolt protect around 1.55 for the prescots. So you are correct in your thinking. I do not remember the (if there is one too) fix because I never needed much voltage on mine. Hopefully someone else around here knows.
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