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  1. Well i don't know if my mobo is different from your's but what i did was this: 1: made all the blocks in the diagram turn blue by selecting it in the check box. 2. Checked clear cmos 3. Loaded up the new bios 4. Let it install That did the trick for me.
  2. haha amen to that gordesky1. Quick question when you did it, did you just check all the boxes on the side and check clear cmos? Is that all i need to do besides dl the bios itself?
  3. sorry i can't help you so i figured ill give you a friendly bump
  4. ok so i installed winflash, so i just select all the block or areas of my bios and check the clear cmos option also?
  5. Oh lol, well why do people not like it so much?
  6. Damn Well i guess ill just learn how to do the old fashion way. I would use winflash but i plan on ocing and hear it is bad if i plan on doing that.
  7. i just went on the dfi site and noticed they only have the 8/27 bios, what happened to the 9/14?
  8. Ok cool, so it's really just putting in the floppy and it does everything for you? Sounds easy enough, i can't wait untill my temps are finally right haha.
  9. Ok cool, thanks AG. I'm still a little nervous about flashing my bios it seems really confusing!
  10. If i was to upgrade my bios what is the downside of winflash? It seems much easier, but i heard that it may not help much if you overclock.
  11. Yea Rgone, i had it working in sp1(on and off) but the whole mac bridge should have never been there, and that got me confused. The reason i never posted back after my last post was because at that point i was totally clueless, and i had a friend trying to help me out. The reformat with sp2 first didn't change anything. I think it's a driver problem, and if an pci ethernet card would fix the problem then i guess i don't see the point in RMAing it. Thanks for the advice, im going to go try that out. But i think buying a nic card would just do the trick in the end.
  12. Thank god someone else has my problem. I am at the point where im thinking about just buying a pci ethernet card, but would that fix it?
  13. Ok well my ethernet port on my motherboard has not worked for 2 months since i have had it. I have tried everything at various forums to get this fixed and still the problem persist. My problem is that all it shows is the packets (in network status) sending but not recieving. Here is the 5 page thread i had before that tried to fix this problem http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4487 I am totally clueless with this situation, and would like to know if you think the port may be defective. If so, what should i do?
  14. I'm going to take out the bridge because i don't know why windows put it there :confused: . I might try another reformat and install service pack 2 first and then install my chipset drivers etc.
  15. Ok guys i am posting from my computer after a reformat. Getting the internet to work was very very confusing. This is what i did, and hopefully you can help me out. Once i reformatted i installed the chipset drivers and then did a restart after that i plugged in the ethernet cable and it was recongnized. At this time it began sending packets but not recieving them, so i decided to run the connection wizard. There are three things in my network connections 1394 Connection 2 1394 Connection And Local Area Network (my ethernet port on my motherboard). I ran the wizard selecting the options and it created a Network Bridge (im not sure what this is?). Still the internet did not work so i went into the properties of that network bridge and deselectd the two 1394 connections. Immediantly, it made a new icon uptop called the Internet connection, and now it is working. I know i may sound stupid but i have never had it set up like that before on other comps.. Oh well, so now it is working but im afraid to update to service pack 2 and have all that mess up again, what do you think? This is what it looks like:
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