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  1. AG, Thanks for clearing that up, I will roll back the RAIDCLASS controller and the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers (4 of them in device manager- I think). Since they all have same version # removing one may remove all... or may have to do each separately. Roll back or uninstall?? If I roll back I will have to tell it not to search as that would be nVidia 5-18 - not windoze IDE.
  2. THanks AG :nod: I guess the last one -the nForce systems PCI manager is the same as IDE driver and includes the Raid as well as PATA IDE drivers?? If so I will just check that box in control panel and remove and see what happens... It is confusing though that the system drivers aren't clearly mentioned
  3. AG, are saying that even though I needed to install the Nvidia IDE/ Raid drivers to load windows on Raid 0, I can safely uninstall them and not affect the operation of the array? In the control panel, remove programs for Nvidia drivers I am given the option (ver 6.70) to remove all or any of the following drivers (media shield, Ethernet, and nforce PCI systems manager). I am supposed to remove all of them and then reinstall and leave out the SW IDE driver correct? I am definately sounding like a noob here and appreciate the advice!
  4. My BenQ DVD DW1620 is causing windows to fail to boot due to early firmware release and conflict with nVidia IDE driver. I would just uninstall the nvidia IDE driver but I am using it to control my RAID 0 array so I am afraid to uninstall it. Will the windows generic IDE driver still be able to control the boot drive Raid array (I dont think so)? If so, I could reattach the drive and boot windows and update firmware-right? Rolling back driver selectively might work but all IDE drivers have same # (5.18 -nVidia ver. 6.53) so I am not sure I can just roll back ATAPI IDE drivers and not the Raidclass IDE driver at same time- confused? I know I am! I don't really know how to update firmware for the DVD- which application to use just to update firmware to compatible? I believe it is OEM burner and could get firmware version with Nero CD speed but cant boot windows with drive connected to examine it! This is getting pretty damn complicated. Perhaps the best thing would be to just put the drive in another non-raid machine and update fw from there?? Thanks for reading.
  5. When booting into windows I only can get to windows splash screen and then get flashing blue screen with something about machine check exception. I get into windows about every 15-25 tries and then it is fine. I have tried new drivers, booting in safe mod and one stick of ram in outside orange slot. No difference no matter what I do. Even flashed bios to 623-3 and not any more stable -optimized defaults or tweaks make no difference. Ram memtested stable last night in 10 loops for 6 hours with no errors. I am pulling out my hair over this! Anyone had similar problems and how they solved it would be appreciated.
  6. boat, I cant find anything wrong in the event viewer. I really need to try and read the flashing blue screen if someone knows how to pause it before reboot. I have tried unchecking automatic restart but it makes no difference reboots without stopping.
  7. Thanks Lowboy, I tried a 2 and 4 second delay on HD, but did not help. I flashed one of the bios to 623-3 and have it set to optimized defaults and that has not been any better than the 704-bta. When windows loads it runs fine but only loads successfully in 1 out of 25 tries. Each time it reboots I get a blue screen that flashes by too quickly to read. Does anyone know how to get that screen to stop long enough to read before reboot? I have tried unchecking the automatic restart box in the system advanced start up and recovery options and have tried using F8 to boot as well but the BSOD just continues to flash by and windows reboots. I really am running out of options --I think. Maybe should try the yellow memory slots or different memory?
  8. ExRoadie, and Lowboy, When boot fails, immediately all 4 red LED's light back up and then 3,2,1 and reboot- I think, --I hate to shut this down again to check, might take hours to boot to windows again :sad: Thanks for the advice on Bios settings. Do you guys think a bios flash would help to 6-23? I have 704-bta running now, and 1-25 or shipping bios on backup bios savior. Hate to copy over shipping bios but might be for the best. I have Tmods bios flash CD.
  9. ExRoadie, I referred to this guide as I was building my system. I dont see any problems there, the bios settings originally suggested by R-Gone back in Feb 05 seem a little out of date. Are there any more up to date recommended Bios settings that folks are using and relying on these days?
  10. Just finished building this system and it will occasionally decide to load windows and when it does it seems to run fine, but most of the time, it just fails to boot windows with either a blue screen or goes to windows splash loading screen and starts to boot then does a memory dump and reboots. I have tried tweaking the bios playing with most of the settings and voltages to no avail. Nothing has worked reliably so far. I believe it is probably memory instability although it passes memtest including looping tests on 5,6 and 8 with flying colors. I get the same results with shipping bios which is a very early version and with latest 704-bta bios. I also have tried booting with one memory stick in outside orange slot and same result. The sound card is out and all peripherals disabled. I have booted in safe mode but is no more stable that way and usually fails boot there as well- so I doubt it is a driver issue. I am running the latest NVIDIA driver package ver 6.70 and ATI video catalyst driver ver. 5-13. Currently running at stock settings and DRAM timings 200, 1T, 2.5,3,7,3 (G-skill 4400 LE). Thanks for reading!
  11. here is a couple pics of a similar system with same mobo in this case- of course this person got around this problem by watercooling so they were able to leave the tunnel in. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...entid=438&stc=1 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...entid=437&stc=1 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...entid=436&stc=1 Also, note the fact that the exhaust fan had to be mounted outside the case to accomodate the Karajan audio card riser!
  12. I am in a bit of a dilemma here. I have this case to build my new nf4 system but I bought it before I realized I would have a problem fitting a heatsink inside the cooling tunnel. This case uses an upside down mobo mounting BTX style with a long cooling tunnel at the bottom running from the front to back and out of the case. The problem is the CPU socket is too high on the Ultra D to fit a HSF inside the lower cooling tunnel. There is no clearance using the cooling tunnel with any HSF combination. The upper edge of the tunnel stops right in the middle of the CPU socket on the PCB. This tunnel was designed for a board with CPU near the edge of the board not the middle of the board like on the Ultra D. Ok, no problem just dispense with the tunnel. But, now I have a strange airflow situation in that I can still use the front intake fans (there is both a 120mm and 80mm on front), but what to do about the rear exhaust 120mm fan? The exhaust fan is too low to provide an exhaust for the CPU HSF as it is designed only to provide an exit for the airflow inside the tunnel. Hmmm........what now? I guess I could just remove the rear fan as it will provide little if any benefit other than possibly sucking cool air right out the back of the case without allowing it to circulate up to the hotter components. Another option would be to turn the lower rear exhaust fan into a second intake but now you have airflow coming in the case from the bottom front and back with possible air turbulance where the two currents meet. This would also mean I have far more intake flow than exhaust as the case has only the upper PSU area for exhaust. If not using the tunnel, I will definately have to punch another exhaust on the upper back of the case as there will not be enough exhaust for all the heat rising off of the CPU and other hot components (there is room for a 92mm hole behind the HDD cage just below the PSU). My own thoughts here are to use an XP-120 and not worry about the airflow through the bottom of the case other than to just run the bottom front 120mm for intake -dispensing with the other fans. It would sure be great though to be able to use the tunnel and a tower type HSF to be able to leverage that extra cooling power- darn! what to do? I am open to modifying the tunnel and notching it out, but at best the upper half of the heatsink will still be outside the tunnel allowing most of the heat to escape and much of the cool air flow to bypass the sink. Please give me your thoughts if you have any good ideas. I am counting on you guys to come up with a real hot (I mean cool!) solution...lol Thanks!
  13. Unreal, You definately need some active cooling near that mosfet if you are running off the 4Vdimm. I would second the suggestion to rig a fan to help cool the mosfets and memory
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