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  1. sorry i meant to put a question mark at the end of my post question. I was wondering what could have killed it ? Im assuming it died either randomly, or my vga silencer somehow wasnt seated properly. But when i took the silencer off yesterday the contact seemed to be good.
  2. About a week ago i left my pc on priming away at 250x10 CPC off overnight, but when i woke up in the morning the monitor was on standby. I assumed that it had just crashed, or i had corrupted my BIOS. So i used the bios saviour and switched back to the original dfi 11/27 bios and tried to load again. For a few days i tried to get my pc to boot, but it stayed as dead as a dodo. I then assumed i had killed my cpu, but when i put in my old radeon 7000 the pc booted up fine, so a very dead 9800pro was the result. The thing is that i had been running a Vagp of 1.7-1.8V for a while now, without the card being overclocked (hadn't bothered to run ATItool). But the strange thing is that my rig had been shutting down over the past few weeks whenever it reached about 52 - 54 degrees it shutdown randomly and would not work until a few minutes had passed (i thought it was overheating), but the shutdown temp in hellfires turbo bios was at 62 degrees. Only plus side is that the 9600xt replacement i have is going to my brother during easter, then i can upgrade to the X800XL AGP whenever it emerges :nod: Can anyone shed any light on why my card died, or did it just die a natural death ?? Cheers Adam
  3. Heya, 1st post, yipeeee Could i plz get the 3EG rev2, and REV 3 off you persivore as i really want to start pushing my bh-5 and mobile. Cheers
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