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  1. Just wondering if the 939 was gonna be here for a while or if its changing soon. I bought the 754 250gb board and like a month or so later the NF4 boards came out... Thanks
  2. Theres a 560 w thermaltake pure power PSU, just wondering if this is any good. It's from a local store here in town...there not sure of the specs.
  3. I asked this once before, and now im ready buy one. I searched for the thread and cant find it. But anyways, i need a nice PSU. Somthing that can run everything in my sig. I would like to spend less then 200 if i can, but want the best so i need some recomendations... thanks
  4. Oh, and im considering another DFI, but just wanting to get the best...so what ever you think lemme know
  5. My mobo took a crap tonight....for no apparent reason... It blue screened, and then when i went to reboot...nothing worked... Tried reloading, still didnt work.. Then i tried a new processor, new memory, new video card, the whole nine... Still same problem. Basicly i can load windows, but the raid ch. 3 and 4 dont work, and will lock up windows install if im using them. The onboard nic doesnt exist anymore. And the coolest part. my optical mouse and keyboard lights stay on when the computer is off now. So, i have narrowed it down the the board, now i need to RMA it. How do i do that. And in the mean time any one recomend a board to try? Has to have agp as i just got a new card and would like to use it. Thanks again.
  6. I get a nvidia raid service error, almost everytime i reboot or turn on my pc... Any ideas... Its just one of the errors, that says nvidia raid service has ecountered a problem and will be shut down by windows send or dont send... Thanks
  7. Hey thanks for the tips AG, Are you talking about selling on ebay. or know of a better place to sell... Bought this bad boy locally and got robbed on it. LOL i paid(dont laugh) 178.00 for the processor, and i got it like 2 months ago. LOL... What should i ask for it. I mean i was in one of those situations where i really wanted to play a game, and needed a computer that night, it was like 6 PM, so i said the hell with it and went locally and paid out the butt... Thanks again
  8. Ok, here is a question, that may not be able to be answered yet. But here goes. I ordered the 6800 Ultra and it will be here monday. But after reading up on it, it looks like people are not getting the most out of the card becuase of CPU bottle necks. Since i have the low end 64 bit processor, am i looking at a potental problem? If so what can i do to fix it? My processor will not overclock hardly at all. I have tried everything. I ran it at 230, with a 3 multiplier and it still crashed all the time. So anyways thanks again....
  9. sounds like that should fix it. Thanks. Oddly enough i did think that it could be a shortcut key on one of my ir keyboards. But the thing is there are no shortcut keys. still though, im betting i am getting interferance somewhere causeing it. thanks
  10. Its not in start up, and nothing was installed on windows. Clean install. It just randomly pops up. You could be doing nothing at all. Like heres an example. I left it on all night to burn in....and i got up and there it was the calculator open. Or when im burning something, not tuching the computer, it will just open... for no reason. Ive already tried a new mouse, and keyboard. Still does the same thing.
  11. Ok, heres the question... Ramdomly the windows calculator will pop up for no reason at all. At 1st i thought it was a virus, and dismissed it. After a slight problem with my not reading the instruction of proper raid 0 implimatation on a installed computer, i blew up windows, and had to reload. Did the same thing with the calulator. So then I was thinking, well still could be a virus. Now i was curious enought to format both drives and reload once again. Now thinking to eliminate all varibles I had just the video card, ram and cpu running. No internet nothing. It still does it. Could this be because of the board? Or any ideas? Thanks
  12. Thanks to ExRoadie, i really wanna order that 6800 ultra for dirt cheap. But was also planning to upgrade to the NF4 board, but appearantly there not making one with an AGP slot. Is there a major speed differnce from the NF3 stuff? But the problem is that this place only has the AGP card for cheap.
  13. Just wondering if the NF4 boards will be coming with AGP in the future.. Thanks.
  14. I wish i could offer more help. But just wanted through in my 2 cents about liquid cooling. For the money people are spending to air cool with big fans, watercooling can be had. I run the koolance bu-650 case, and my temps are stable at 24c idel, 28 under load. Now I cant be sure these are precise but there close. I have been told that there prolly around 5c low. But still much cooler then alot of air cooled system ive seen.
  15. One other thing you will need to do to rid yourself of the AA nightmares. LOL... The A64 has bad code protection built into the processor, and until service pack 2 winxp did not use it. So if you are using service pack 2 heres what you have to do: Click Start -> Run * Enter Attrib C:Boot.ini -r -h -s * Edit C:Boot.ini with Notepad * Under [operating systems] replace the parameter /NoExecute with /Execute * Save the Boot.ini file * Click Start -> Run * Enter Attrib C:Boot.ini +r +h +s * Restart your computer You will have to have your folders set to show all files, and show the win nt hidden system files. Otherwise it will tell you, you dont have a boot.ini These two things should fix you right up.
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