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  1. Im running Vista Ultimate 64 on my CFX3200 without issues, games run smooth, raid and USB run no problems. It never crashes, oh and if your Hard drives are continuously churning away on Vista disable the windows search service and that will stop indexing on your drives, I hated that too. Older games take a small hit on performance but as others have found though your max frames may be a little less your minimum frames are actually higher giver a smoother feel to gaming. I primarily use my PC for online gaming so far its be a smooth ride on Vista64.
  2. I would like to give the Rev 2 and 3 a try. Thanks, the help is much appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have a download location or would be kind enough to email me the latest Hellfire bios for my Nf2 Ultra Infinity? I have done forum searches, googles searches and only come up with dead links. Thanks [email protected]
  4. Hi Does anyone know where the temp system temp sensor is located on the Ultra Infinity Nforce 2 mobo? Not the CPU sensor but the one that gives you your case temp. Thanks
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