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  1. the motherboard died and i fear it took the video card with it. i have a thread in this section called my mobo died. take a look ive tried every flash procedure thats there and it wont bring back my video.... even though 2 video cards didnt work i still have a feeling that my poor 6800 GT got hurt... just a gut feeling... but i hope not. anywho the board is gunna get rma'd if i have to drive there personally and do it myself. i didnt buy a brand new motherboard for it to do 6 hours later. that just angers me beyond belief ya know what i mean... i waited for 2 weeks for certain parts to show up and when i get it together,,, it dies... so now im gunna be down for another week or more.. but its getting sold when it comes back.. i think im done messing with this stupid Intel crap.. im going back to amd 64
  2. yeah i already tried that but since i cant see the onscreen display i cant tell what tis doing or if it errors out. i tried it and nothing happened after the floppy started reading. it was reading and doing something for a while but in the end nothing... so... its rma time.... and then its getting sold and im going back to AMD
  3. someone tell me key for key what the flash procedure is cuz for some stupid reason i can actually boot to a dos disk wth,.. why dont it have video ?? 2 different cards and nothing ? a:awdflash biosname.bin /F /QI is that right or if i hit ALT-F2 what does the bios file have to be named in order for it to work ?
  4. ok ill make this short and sweet.. dfi needs to step up and send me a bios chip. ill gladly contact whomever i need to but when i buy a motherboard i expect it to last more than 6 hours. im messing around changing settings trying to get the thing to run stable. yes a little overclocking was done but in general i was only running 220mhz when this happened. i did windows update... rebooted.. went into the bios to set everything to default speeds as i didnt want any updates going bad when i rebooted cuz of some faulty memory timing causing an error. well after i make the changes and reboot.. guess what... NOTHING!!! NO VIDEO!! you have no idea the pure unadultered anger i have in my body right now. i have done it all.. but whats making me more mad is the fact that the damn system is actually posting.. the system gives its post beep the floppy does its seek. the keyboard lights flash and thats it.. nothing else. i have successfully used the ALT-F2 and let it flash itself with the original bios and i walked away and heard it beep... then waited about 10 minutes came back hit F1 and nothing... nothing at all.. i hit it again.. nothing. i hit Y i hit N i hit Enter.. nothing.. so i had to hard reboot. i pulled the battery i reset the jumper i removed the power from the motherboard nothing nothing nothing no video at all but the system is still acting like it's posting. i cant believe that a brand new board less than 6 hours into use and its got a corrupted bios.. and its not the first 875P-T that i have seen someone say their bios was corrupted. i have tried hitting the #1 which is my hotkey for defualt bios settings nothing... swapped video cards... nothing..... who do i call how do we take care of this... i sure hope DFI is the type of comapny that will jsut send out a bios chip since i know how to remove a chip and replace it.
  5. i have a 540 ES and i have to go to 1.525 just to hit 4ghz but something odd happens,, memtest reports the L1/L2 mb/s as 1/2 of what they were when i was at like 3.6 or 3.8 for some reason they just instantly cut in half. is this the memtest error or mobo error that i hear about with the DFI board not reading the bandwidth properly ? do i need to go back to the official dfi bios instead of the beta ? also the memory adjsutments in the bios really leave something to be desired... they are lacking if you ask me,, there are tons of other settings they could have used but didnt. *edit* let me rephrase that statement. i can not go over 3.75ghz without getting massive memtest errors. for some reason i booted into windows at 4ghz and it ran fine even ran a couple of runs of pi 1m and it ran fine... but now,,, its all fubar'd or something... hell i dont know... i doubt my brand new G.Skill DDR600 LA is bad... although its possible. oops forgot to add my chip is a D0
  6. i have the updating dmi pool even with the last official bios. i have a 540E ES and no matter what ram or multiplier setting i use i cant get over 3.8ghz that seems pretty odd..... i have not went above 1.45v though cuz i dont know what is the proper limit to go to when your water cooling these chips. anyone care to help em on that. the updating dmi pool,.,.,, its odd but really should only happen when you change the bios... but it happens all the time. i just want my chip to live up to its potential and i just dont feel that 3.8ghz is its limit,, there is something else here. im also using dual channel 1 gig kit of G.Skill DDR600 LA
  7. i can agree with you guy. Not in just the shoddy bios and cpu support but that they have it set up for agp voltages instead of straight NB voltages. or does the board actually have seperate NB voltages ? since the board is still being shipped and the cpu also i have not been able to see for myself. when dfi does something they do it strong, but getting to that point unfortunately takes time. same with MSI ive never had a lick of trouble from their products ,,,, of course i dont buy stuff right when it comes out. i wait for new revisions. of course this will be my first time buying something right when it comes out, i hope it dont come back to bite me in the arse. i will definately report back when i get the parts and up-n-running
  8. since im at work right now im limited on how much time i can spend researching and doing not work related stuff. good 8x AGP specifications and im sure you'll see the information you need. This is why when you overclock new video cards, the AGP voltages make no difference. you can raise them to whatever you want, the bus or slot itsself is only using .80v since the card is externally powered. lots of good info about this in google. now change that to a non external powered 4x ago card and raising the agp voltages allowed for higher voltages. a slight of standard example is some of the ATI 9700 Pro video cards. Some of the revisions actually forced you to go to 1.6, 1.7v in order to allow the card to actually be stable and also to overclock more. even though its an 8x card,,,, again this simply reinforces your statement of the agp bus being tied to the NB. some of the nvidia Ti series cards would be a good example,, 4x cards and raising the agp voltages. I'm glad i learned about this technique, when my 875P-T comes ill have to be sure to change that voltage also.....
  9. no i fully understand that,, but you need to understand that this is not normal and in fact the first time i've ever heard of such a thing. intel or amd based. whether its fact or not needs to be determined by something like MBM 5 or other handheld device. or whether or not its simply stabalizing the bus itself. but like i said this is not normal,, agp voltage increasing the northbridge voltage.
  10. you have no idea what your talking about, and maybe i do need to come to the intel forums more often. 2x AGP is 3.3v 4x AGP is 1.5v 8x AGP is 0.80v When running your video card that is an 8x card in 8x mode the AGP slot is only running on 0.80v. this is old news, this is 100% fact and was fact when 8x AGP was first introduced. I can not verify how much juice the actual card is using from the bus but i know and most everyone else here knows for a fact that 8x agp is only 0.80v. This is the first time, that i can recall, that an intel based system has "forced" you to raise your vAGP to increase overclocking. The only thing that i can think of right now, aside from what i mentioned about the vAGP being raised to stablise the bus, and without looking at each of your signatures to see what video card you have is possibly the ago old "systems with nvidia cards overclock better than ones with ATI cards". And sir if you think thats a crock, then you most assuredly need to brush up on your overclocking knowledge base. Raising the AGP voltages to increase overclocking the CPU/Ram is NOT normal it has nothing to do with intel or amd,, although your statement makes it appear that this is old school intel knowledge, which its not, not that i am aware of. the AGP voltage does not directly relate to overclocking the ram or cpu or northbridge, (although this raises questions in my mind about the southbridge) but somehow it IS related with these 775 motherboards. And as i stated i suspect its all surrounding a failing northbridge or bus at high clockrates. The reason i find it interesting is simply from a curiosity standpoint. Not so much academic, just curious. It does no good to know how to overclock if you dont understand why your raising and lowering things. Thats how you end up frying hardware, when you dont know what your doing. Plus id like to know these things so when i get my DFI and 540 ES, i am fully ready to do what i need to do to take it to the highest possible speeds. And i was always was intel up until this last Oct. when i switched to AMd and now i have my LGA775 mobo and chip on its way to me right now. soo.. DFI 875P-T and a 540 3.2E ES. i wasnt gunna go with the 540 but its an ES and a good price so i couldnt resist. I'm still looking at a 570J ES so hopefully i can get that. and dump the 540 and btw, i appreciate you gentlemen allowing me to say my peace and listen to your thoughts, ideas and knowledge, people outside this thread do listen and take your advice to heart.
  11. I can agree with you 100% i have had 3 sets of OCZ ram and all of them did what they were advertised to do but beyond that... well lets just say OCZ, if they are going to charge what they do, and pump up their product like they do and call it "Gold" and "Platinum" had better startusing products that out perform the others. SImply put, i have had 2 kits of OCZ EL Gold PC4000 and 1 kit (which is 1 week old) of OCZ EL Platinum PC3200 rev 2. TCCD w/ brainpower 808 pcb's. none of which, even the OCZ pc4000 were stable past 250mhz. 1:1 This is with any voltage. This was also with 3 Pentium 4 northwood systems and 2 amd64 systems. the pc4000 when running a 9/10 divider - 180mhz is stable to 320mhz. both sticks. which is amazing i guess but its still running a divider, which means that even at a 200mhz dram freq, the ram doesnt hold its own. the pc3200 tccd instantly bails at most anything past 250mhz 1:1. and even with a 9/10 still wont work well. at a 5/6 divider - 166mhz. it will run around 310mhz but that serves no purpose since its 166mhz dram freq. But i have a sneaky feeling this was caused by the AMD64 processor and not the ram, but i can not confirm this. this is all with 2 sticks now one stick the tccd is stable up to 275mhz, but the pc4000 still has issues past 260mhz. I know the PC3200 is PC3200 but with the fact that those chips are actually DDR500 chips set in a DDR400 stick, i was hoping for some nice overclocks. But i was wrong. I for one will not be purchasing anymore OCZ ram... ill try G.skill or something from now on as i am seeing some insanely impressive things with that ram.
  12. no no the vAGP has nothing to do with the northbridge. locially speaking.... when adjusting your FSB and other overclocking items, the northbridge, your memory controller, is hit hardest. Since the northbridge also is part of the controlling device and bus for the AGP, rasing the agp to help stabalise the offset created by the northbridge overclocking seems right. AGP voltages in the bios, when speaking in terms of video card overclocking or performance only affect 4x AGP cards, or 8x AGP cards in 4x AGP mode. $x being 1.5v and 8x being 0.80v. Not to mention that pre 8x cards were all bus powered. Now they are not. Even when running in 4x mode they are still powered by the Molex connected to the video card. I am not aware, and again i'll research this, that vAGP has any effect on overclocking other than the occasional rumor or post you see where the individual had to raise the vAGP to 1.6 in order to stabalise the overclock of the memory and cpu. This discussion is interesting as it raises questions as to other LGA775 chips and motherboards that may not be overclocking as well as the person may like. It would be worth 5 minutes of time to raise the vAGP and see if it allows for more stability in higher clock rates. Or is all of this simply surrounding yet another motherboard that hasnt been fully tested my the manufacturer, and was simply put out on the streets for us the consumer, to test for them.
  13. just had to say this since most of you guys are afraid to run vAGP higher than 1.7.. etc... if you have an AGP card that is 8x AGP then it dont matter what you set it at in the bios. 8x AGP cards only use 0.80v, you guys have to be aware of this dont you ? unless the bus only uses .80v and the cards still use 1.5v... which i have never heard of. plus since you power your card with a psu cable directly from your PSU,,, your not chaing the voltages at all for the card. only the bus, its not a bus power card anymore. thus turning up the AGP voltage in the bios has absolutely no bearing on agp card or agp overclocking or anything else video card related. it may have an effect on NB or other things. but i'll have to do more research into this. so raise your aGP voltage in the bios all you want, it dont effect 8x AGP cards. (unless something has been stated to the contrary in some technical forum that i missed about 8x agp voltages raising with vAGP bios voltages, which id like to see proof of)
  14. no your right the 2,8 should be rockin but call ocz talk to whom ever you like but dont tell people pc4000 is tccd cuz it never was and never will be not the Gold Rev 2. if it is it was a mislabelled stick or something OCZ did accidentally. ive been thru this with several ocz reps and they have said what it is and i cant recall but snot TCCD and i never understood where people got the crazy idea pc4000 gold rev 2 was tccd,, that stuff was made and designed before tccd even hit the market. ok anwho.... irq stuff go for vcore,, thats been my thing whenever i got it... either too high or too low.. so check the specs of your chip and go for it. 2.5-3-3-8 on 230 is cool but ill guarentee you that ram wont go any lower than that.. if it does then chief yank them spreaders off cuz you got one rare stick of pc4000 gold rev 2.
  15. NO once and for all people OCZ EL Gold rev 2 pc4000 IS NOT tccd its IC something.. and it is NOT overclocking friendly at 1:1 this ram is NOT known for going over 255~265 even at high voltages. but it has been known to hit 290 1:1 at 2.8v but those people are rare. its not a voltage friendly ram ive had some and have some.. it dont hate voltages it just dont help. his issue is an overclocking the cpu too far and not enough volts or visa versa too much voltage and even too much Vdimm. take that vdimm back down to 2.8 or 2.9 also this ram HATES 250+mhz at 2.5-3-3-8 you MUST increase it to around 2.5-4-4-8 . but its possible, again there are those rare users, to run 2.5-3-3-8 up to 274 then you MUST and i mean MUST run 3-3-3-8 or 3-4-4-... this is ddr500 its not overclocking friendly it requires loose timings this ram is, even in the stuff you buy today,, old chips, old technology by OCZ standards. medium voltages and loose timings. 250mhz 2.5-3-3-8 265+ 3-3-3-8 or even 3-4-4-8 my ram HATES and i mean HATES anything over 250mhz,,, i have to switch to a 9/10 divider then i can go as high as 320mhz 3-3-3-10 at 3.1v or 2.9v it dont matter to the ram. Ive had 2 kits of this stuff and it acted the same both times.
  16. i just started reading this and i can't believe my god forsaken eyes. this guy came here in good faith and flat out showed you that this dfi motherboard has a 100% faulty cpu voltage reading or actual realtime setting. and the best thing your lame self can come up with is "overclocking is not guarenteed." Did you for one second stop to think that if someone was actually testing this board and discuising themselves as an overclocker, and they were infact a review site,, that you just turned your technical support score into a 2 out of 10. ? do you even care ? for some reason, since you havent had the guts to reply to this thread again after you joke of a reply, dont think you do care. YOU SIR are the reason why technical support is hated among hardware end users. its lines like that , that will NEVER allow dfi to get put on the map as a company who cares about its product. Infact you platently told the guy tuff . it runs at stock dont it ? well then deal with it. and then you had the audacity to tell him sorry good luck with abit ? who the heck are you man ? I work and am an assistant manager of a technical support group for a software company but i have also managed entire service dept's on the Corp level, and sir let me tell you if i saw you , or heard you telling a client this blatantly in an open public forum or on the phone you would be instantly escorted to the door. regardless of your position. Not only did you not even attempt to assist him you told him too bad we dont care if the voltages are showing backwards, you are out of luck. deny what you said or try and twist it into whatever "industry standard" response all you want but the guy showed you a HUGE HUGE HUGE issue with that product and you told him that if he dont like it, then go buy someone elses product. Here i just today purchased the 875P-T motherboard and because of you i think i will seek a product elsewhere, and tell others to do the same. I hope you have been reprimanded in some way for your ignorance, rudeness, and lack of any type of caring that this guy will be frying his hardware and DFI will be held liable as he produced an issue and you told him too bad deal with it.
  17. virus not hardly sounds like a possible corrupt bios but since you cant hardly find a stupid mobo anymore with dual bios or auto bios recovery then .... supposedly the LP UT has it but i can tell you 100% its bull crape... you mess up an overclock or something and you gotta reset the cmos... you cant simply revert to defaults by shutting in on and off 3 times or anything or it wont do it automatically as the dfi website would have you believe. just a marketing ploy. and an outright lie. if you aint got it running yet sure sounds to me like you fried it. still dont understand why you were chilling that cpu with such a whimpy overclock these cpu's only raise about 5-8 deg when you overclock them up to 2.4~2.5ghz
  18. i dont know anyone elses thoughts but if your vapochilling and all you got is 2400 then something is wrong.. but not really i guess almost all the mobile claw's with CG stepping top out at 2.5 or 2.55 ive not seen on yet go higher. i have 2 of them and they both hit 2.55 and max out. since you vapo chipping it you may have very well fried the chip or worse yet fried the mobo if you have an condensation on it. yank it all out go over it with a fine toothed comb and make sure its all koscher. try a different mobo if you have a spare. try another psu,, try every hardware config you can conceivably think of. and if it still wont go... well i hope they RMA it have they see seal tape marks on the mobo... as for the chip,,, welll.... AMD shouldnt have an issue rma'ing it as long as its not OEM and if you dont tell them you chilled it.. lol... or overclocked it..
  19. so is the hacked bios im using well bunk ? meaning the rom in it for sata is totally bogus ? hhmm i have the latest bios from DFI which is pretty old considering its january and the bios is dated aug or sept. figured they would have updated it by now. i personally dont care about what bios i use as long as its a proven winner hacked or not. personally whats your recommendation and if its different from the one on dfi's website can you throw me a link. again thanks for all the help chief you been great. and i really appreciate the help.
  20. hehe its too late my helpful friend,, ive blown all the gaskets i can... im running full bore now . and i saw your post. im back in windows... here's how sata 1/2 3/4 enabled raid 1/2 disabled 3/4 enabled lets see if she stays this way. im not real happy performance wise, the silicon image controller on my asus was definately faster than this nvidia controller.
  21. ok fellas im sorry for multi posting but this is screwed up ok i got it to see the raid again BUT when rebooting the system still see's the drives as individual drive. BUT here is the kicker,,, IT SEE's THEM ON EXTERNAL SATA 1 and 2 thats IMPOSSIBLE i dont even have them hooked to 1 and 2 i have them on the internal sata 3 and 4 how the devil is this thing seeing those drives on the 1 and 2 plugs when there isnt even anything there ?????? PLUS i even have SATA 1 and 2 disabled AND raid on 1 and 2 disabled,,, what the heck is this baord doing ???????
  22. STOP THE PRESSES still aint booting xp sees the raid but it wont boot to it man i think im done,,. this is beyond anything ive ever seen and now the xp cd is back top thinking there is no drive wtf... ok someone needs to explain something to me how can you create a raid set then the raid bios see and verify that set then reboot go into the DFI bios nad the bios sees the raid set AND the 2 drives as single drives. thats impossible. ok someone needs to tell me how in the world DFI has this motherbaord working i am using SATA 3/4 the one closest to the cpu SATA 1/2 enable disable ? SATA 3/4 enable disable ? RAID setup SATA 1/2 enabled disabled ? SATA 3/4 enabled disabled ? ive tried every combination i can think of and nothing works not even when i use ports 1 and 2 it still does this.. please someone help a man in need lol
  23. well looks like the good cleaning did the trick lets hop[e thats all it was. the drives are now seen as raid when booting to the xp cd i used Hiren's boot cd 6 and went thru 4 different hard drive tools and creating and detroying partitions and also rewriting the MBR and it works i wish i new what i had done with that hard zero'ing tool. cuz i would have rather used that and i swear western digital has one but i cant find it...
  24. RGone - yes i totally agree with you that a good cleaning of the drives takes care of this but whats messed up is that the bios saw the raid... the nvidia SATA bios saw it too.. partition magic saw the raid but windows loading did not... the only way it worked was when i actually partitioned the drives with partition magic. im gunna try it one more time tonight wiping out the MBR and see if it takes it this time. (all i have is windows loaded so nothing to loose.) ive never had an issue with this before thru 3 intel sata boards and 2 amd 64 sata boards, this is the first time. so... if it keeps doing it im gunna be even more upset.... and then im selling everything. blah too much frustration. (i still cant believe my 9800 Xt died just from swapping motherboards on my other system that made me so bloody mad!!)
  25. well here it is the ONE AND ONLY WAY to make windows see the damn raid was if i used partition magic and partitioned the ENTIRE drive. dont matter how many partitions just as long as the whole friggin thing is partitioned this is absolutely absurd, ive never EVER heard of such a thing. period. im not happy with this at all and now my ATI 9800 xT in my other system is fried getting rainbow colored checkerboards on the screen. (this is in my other system,, it happened when i pulled it out or was handling it when i threw in my asus board that i swapped with this DFI) i tell you what fellas this has been the worst day i have had for many many many moons. and im fed up with pc parts and computers so... as of now my desktop is for sale,, anyone interested pm me i have heatware and ebay... or ill trade the thing for a good laptop if give everything thats for sale or trade in a pm im also gunna post this over at hardforum and anandtech. im done with this,, i dont need this much stress.
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