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  1. seeing those pics.. cuz thats how i run my wires.. makes me wonder how the hell people make such clean looking pc's and how much bloody time they spend doing it lol. thanks for the pictures chief!
  2. SLI-DR includes the SLI adapter right ? and i am VERY tempted to grab both! can ya take a few other shots of the case ? maybe ith the lid off ? your setup looks about as crammed full as mine i would like to see what it looks liek right now no matter how ugly lol
  3. when it comes to asus... getting what you pay for is not in their vocabulary.. the fact still remains that with the WS and the -E series you still have to droop mod them. the ws isnt as bad as the premium but the premium is almost an absolute 100% gimmie that if your going to do any heavy overclocking you best get it modded. UNLESS.... they have fixed it and the latest rev's of the baords dont have the droop. but seriously for $225 there is no reason in the world why any mods should have to be done to it., it should be stable beyond belief....
  4. the -E and the WS are the same board the WS is supposedly just a bit stronger , atleast thats what i understood.. but by gawd its also $100 more. and paying $300 for a motherboard is just retarded. and the MSI boar di am referring to is their new 975X board. looks pretty good and i have always been a long time MSI fan.. not of everything but ingeneral they make a quality product. and the boards i have had i have not had to rma over and over unlike certain other companies.. cough ASUS cough ABIT cough DFI cough yes i have had to rma 3 dfi board 1 250GB and 2 Ultra-D's the ultra-D killed a kit of my butt kicking ram too and i mean fried the stuff and i wasnt even running 2.8v on the vdimm. anywho.. i just cant wait around until this fall for DFI so its all good i will try to enjoy the asus board until DFI can produce a great 975x board.
  5. well all i can say is Fugger @ XS whom im sure all of you guys are aware of assured me of this boards abilities and it was hand picked from a batch and tested and sold to me because of its high fsb and stable rails. now he never sold it to me becuase of that , but that was a selling point of his and a BIG point to me for buying it. it is flat out truth or gospel as angry_games would say,, lol,,, that the ASUS has crappy rails at higher FSB and cpu freq. i have been told and shown by several people that when the cpu gets between 4.25 and 4.5 the baord just goes to hell... so that is why i chose to go with fuggers. he showed that the board, unmodded was a real killer. and that is the downfall of the asus.. yet ANOTHER asus board that has to be modded right out of the box to produce a stable high clocking board. and im not talking insane clocks like fugger does. no.. not 7ghz.. im only talking 4.5ghz anyways i was shocked, as i been with amd too long to find out that my dear 955 XE has a fully unlocked set of multipliers.. like the FX series so this for me is a HUGE plus as my ram is only OEM Samsung DDR2667 and oem ram is not a clockers ram its meant to run at stock and not alot further so once i hit peak on the fsb i know i can just hit the multiplier up a notch or 10 and see how she runs. now.... let me bring to light a new subjest and i only ask this as i am seriously thinking about ditching the 955 XE before i even try it ... what is DFI planning for the AM2 line ? do you guys have any info that can be shared with me publicly or privately for that matter. i would love to move back to 939 with a nice X2 but why when the new breed is right around the corner.. and speaking of the new breed holy crap have you guys seen the stuff the merom cpu is doing holy crap talk about the holy grail of AMD Killers!! the conroe is the same a real true amd killer. finally after all this time intel finally realizes that amd's foothold is getting to be too strong and they need to break it down a bit. anyways i appreciate all you guys' input.. now is the conroe 775 ? the new MSI 975x board sure looks 775 to me but the specs all show 479 so whats the deal ?
  6. i was looking for a definitive answer but not such a harsh one guy. i know 3 people who had retial boards that this happened to and it was far from rumor .... but anyways... i dont see people complaining about it but i see less people with that board and more with the SLI-DR is there a reason to not use the Expert or a .."if you dont need this.... dont get the Expert" it was my understandning that it was more of a,, across the board fix to issues with the other versions.. is that more true ? hey you dont have to preach the highs of DFI to me i know first hand how they just kick the crap out of everyone else lol
  7. ram sinks with AS5 ? thats not possible the ram sinks wouldnt fit go into a game for a little bit and let the card warm up good... gently pull off the ram sinks... pull that heatsink off clean off the goo and rma it if you really think its necessary. NEVER forget that as long as it runs at defualt without errors.. then your rma is not justified. if you tell BFG this they wont do the rma for the reason i just stated. if that card only clocks that high how high does the other one clock performance games are minimal unless you make some pretty decent jumps in clocks. i HIGHLY doubt the difference in clocks your getting are gunna hurt your scores if you drop the other card to match this card.... be real.. your asking for a trade is a respectable thing to do, but the way 7800's are your more than likely gunna end up with another crap clocker.. they dont all overclock real good. take that card and give it to Viper John hell give both of them to John and you'll get back two cards that overclock higher than you ever thought possible.
  8. Angrygames i totally agree and the only reason i have this stuff is because it was free yup a 955 XE a 7800 GTX and 2gigs of PC5300 DDR2 free good to have friends in high places! i am pretty much ready to put this stuff up for trade or sale. atleast the cpu and ram.. frankly i would rather have an X2 4800 or FX60 i would GLADLY trade the 955XE and ram for an FX60 or good clocking 4800 or 4400 and 2 gigs of nice ram.. btw i have a hand picked ASUS P5WD2 -E Premium coming.. got it from Fugger at XS so... ya never know... maybe ill throw the ram cpu and mobo up for trade for a wicked AMD dually setup. is the DFI Expert board still .... well.. troublesome.. when i first came out there were several people.. that you know or may now who had their chips fried from that baord and i frankly wouldnt want that to happen to me.. i'd go after dfi to replace it.
  9. angry games that just isnt the best option in the world.. asus ... god dont even get me started on asus anyways it seems its a good board but 1) 225 bucks! come on asus.!! 2) their reputation has been tarnished to the point were only the hardcore asus loyalists will buy their hardware now. 3) i have a personal vendetta to never buy anything from them again! i been shafted way too many times by their stuff. even the little clawhammer system i made the girlfriend with a K8N-E Deluxe is getting swapped out to a 250GB that K8N-e is just garbage.. cant even run stock without issues! my personal choices are MSI or DFI.. the last intel board i had was an MSI 865PE Neo2 Platinum and it was a freak of a baord, total killer! dfi.. well thats all i have ever had for my 754 and 939 systems. i see no reason to change vendors. and conroe... yeah yeah yeah..... conroe this conroe that,,,, they said that with the Dothan too.... and look where it got them... they said that with the Yonah... they said that with the regular dual cores when they came out which still get trompted by AMD. its allll a bunch of hype that lasts a few months then fades away. he only reason i said yes to this chip is was it was free and its te dual core HT Extreme and everyone knows just kick tail hardcore,, thats why they are over a thousand dollars.. im about to trade this up for an FX-60 or something... intel has never been my bag baby lol.. i wouldnt have this chip if i didnt have friends in the business... unforutnately.. he doesnt have any mobo's but oem intels otherwise i would see if he had one of the intel "bad axe" systems. atleast to get me started. but i just come back to dfi anyways.
  10. Oscar and the gang where are you when i need you!!! i just got my Intel D 955 Extreme Presler and you guys dont have a board!!! what the hell am i supposed to do with this chip!!!! who am i supposed to trust now with 2x 2m L2 Dual HT cores, (4 effective cores) 2gig of PC25300 and my 7800 GTX ? there has been scuttle butt of a new 775 board,,, you guys have really been missing the boat lately with intel. you dont have any problems with sales, you pretty much hold the market for AMD so why not do the same for intel..(whats funny about that is that if you called amd the Ultra-D series as of a few months ago was STILL NOT on their compatability list for the Venice and higher cpu's!!) yet DFI holds the market share for them lol. anyways.. i REFUSE to entrust this cpu to ASUS and their P5WD2-E Premium.. for 225 bucks you STILL are required to mod the baord in order to get any real good clocks out of it because of some seriously crappy voltage regulation. Not to mention the fact that the Marvell SATA controller doesnt even do RAID.. and ASUS at this point has pretty much not done a thing about it! yeah that makes me want to go buy that board or anything made by those bunch of retards over there. Come on DFI the intel community is begging you, I AM BEGGING YOU!!!! Send me a board im happy to do an NDA, i am under about 5 right now with work anyways, whats one more AceGoober - sorry i missed your IM the other day , since i was at work i didnt even notice you messaged until after you signed off. been many months since we talked stop being such a snob now that you have mysteriously made your way into the Moderation ranks!!! come online sometime and let me know if your still enjoying that modded Audigy!
  11. i knew you all were going to take what i said wrong. when i said i was serious i meant i was serious without trying to be a prick. i meant did you buy this without researching it ? did you buy it was popular ? nothing wrong with buying a sweet board like this but know what your getting when you buy something so you dont have to ask questions with extremely simple answers. the 2T command rate has been an issue since the implementation of the NF4 boards and i have yet to see a true fix. i know they say the latest venice's and SD's and X2's fix it but i still see people with those issues. but 4 sticks is not the best way to go. i know they have 4 slots, but when you use them you get singed for it. why ? i dont know, i guess they still believe people use single sided ram , can you even buy single sided 512 meg sticks ? i am not aware of it. anyways relax guy, i didnt mean to offend you or get anyone else all riled up enjoy your board but be aware of the issues involved in such hardware prior to your purchase. that way you can be ready to draw your guns at this bad boy when it spouts off as you try various ram and cpu's. hope you get it fixed man!
  12. i dont know why they call it a NB on the amd64 there is no such thing. its a SOUTHBRIDGE FOR PETE'S SAKE DFI!!!!! your tard's i wish mobo makers would start addressing hardware by their proper names as its confusing people and its just plain friggin DUMB
  13. do you know anything about this board or did you just buy it cuz its popular. im serious 1) your using 4x 512meg thats foolish as the system dont like that. your gunna have issues if you try to overclock. personally im surprised it even boots. i can't run 4 in mine and thas 4 tccd at low volts so you would think it would work. but it dont. 2) that auto defualts your ram to 2T and 333mhz sorry there is no way around this. you should have known this prior to shoving all that ram into the system. 3) sell that ram and get 2x 1gig stick and it will work properly and you will be able to overclock nicely
  14. that is definately good to know but the cpu is toast or is in the process of dieing. keep it around for a backup and get yourself a new one. id be real mindful of thats happing inside the mobo that caused the cpu to fry like that. those resistors or caps only fry like that from overvolting or faulty right out of the box. if you never went beyond 1.65v then either the chip was flakey or the board took a surge from the psu or the board itself caused a surge and fried the cpu. i wouldnt be using it anymore, you may create more problems.
  15. 3.55v on tccd ram holy crap what are you thinking ? unless its the Corsair TwinX pc3200 or PC3500 old school BH5 then thats ok. just take your board your cpu and your ram and throw it away,, not only have you overvolted your ram to an extreme that i have never seen for twinx tccd ram(if it is tccd or hynix) but you did some massive overvolting on your cpu also. now listen 1.65v is NOT overvolting, nope sorry that is well within the tolerable levels for a venice. 1.7v is about the max you ever want to do with one on air or water. some people say 1.8v but i will guarentee you that those peoples cpu's dont last long. but that burn cap is caused from either fualty chip or MASSIVE overvolting on the cpu,, like maybe 2v anywho whether its a faulty chip or you just not knowing wtf your doing that chip is screwed. you should have sent it back to amd for inspection and possible rma. even though your overclocking is what killed it. probably. it may have just been a poor chip from the factory but you removed the heat spreader and now your screwed. anyways throw the chip away dont use it anymore as you may just end up frying your motherboard by using it. and speaking of which what mobo are you using ??? you may want to call or email dfi and talk to them,, they will take it and test it on a possible RMA . i would advice it though i sent in a Ultra-D that was just absolute junk,. i mean just horrible my neo2 plat. was more stable than this board, plus it killed 2 sets of ram one tccd and one utt bh5 redline. yes it just fried the ram... anyways look for some new hardware man.. there is no way to fix that chip of yours its toast.
  16. Uhm first of all where did my previous thread made about 6 hours ago, go ? i made a thread stating the Expert baords were killing cpu's and it magically disappeared. i even searched for threads started by me and ther ewas nothing. thats not cool, and don't do any good to try and delete a thread like that to hide a known issue. and By the way boys and girls Oscar is well aware of the issue. so.. be prepared for fire and brimstone from the community for dfi releasing a cpu killer. and yes DFI can be help legally and financially responsible to replace each and every cpu that was proven to be killed by this board. sorry but yes they can. If a person so desired to ask or demand dfi to replace the cpu (which i would do) they should bow down and show a little faith in their clients and replace the cpu. anywho im ranting.. the experts are cpu killers so beware kiddies..
  17. pull 1 stick out so you boot with only 1 stick wait 3 seconds after you hit the power button and start railing the del key if that wont work unplug the power cord,,,,, reset the jumper for no less than 10 minutes with the jumper. come back put the jumper back plug in the power and once again only use 1 stick of ram. i had this issue with my ultra-d and it also refused to show any video. no bios fixed this issue, it was always the same b.s. i rma'd the board and am waiting for it to come back right now. frankly ive seen tons of people with this issue. and its gotta go. its obviously an issue thats surrounding the 4v rail, the ram, and the video card cuz it will either get stuck on the ram or the video. also ANY usb devices you have plugged in besides the mouse and keybaord remove them until you get the system reboot. i was using the 4 port hub on my Dell 2005FPW and it refused to let me system boot when i first got the baord until i removed that main usb lead coming from the monitor, then reset the bios the way i mentioned use 1 stick of ram and it was up and running went into the power set deafults. MAKE SURE TO SET FULL SCREEN LOGO TO OFF. save and exit, let it reboot and go into windows if it can you may need to go back in and change your hard drive order or set sata raid or whatever but it should go into windows at that point. once it does power off stick in the 2nd stick and then start setting the bios to the way you used to have it. if this dont work then RMA the mobo directly from DFI is Monarch wont replace it. which i almost bet they wont.
  18. set it to auto ? wtf ? no set it to disabled. now aside from a dead card the las tand only thing that it can be is that you have an OEM card 1) Creative drivers will NOT install on an OEM card nope sorry if it is anything other than retail you need to go to creative's website and download the driver thats appropriate for your card. i went thru this with my first audigy cuz it was a Gateway OEM card. the only drivers that worked were gateways crappy driver OR you could download the hacked drivers that worked. other than that later on creative started making the downloadable drivers that would install on OEM card. otherwise if your trying the CD forget it... there is another way but i dont feel like explai9ning it, jsut go to the website and downlaod the drivers.
  19. haha oh i know i was reading bout that earlier.. mmm so long xfire ... lol my pockets be dry right now but that is changing soon (keep my fingers crossed and wish me luck.. i am almost guarenteed a management position but am waiting to hear back from the company, and its a fair amount of green for small town Iowa lol) im just trying to see whats out there. and which is the best and yeah the UT does look like the all around winner... and the longer i wait the cheaper they get...
  20. its familiar cuz i value peoples opinions ... i have asked in 3 different forums so i can get the thoughts and experiences of the people who use these boards. getting this board isnt something thats gunna happen anytime soon.. its called planning for future possible upgrades. and i want to do the research before hand... you tell me to get the sli and yet you have the Ultra D ? was it a financial decision to go with the D and not the SLI or one of you not needing the SLI version ?
  21. omg DFI you need to stop making so many bloody boards with almost the same name... ok im ready to go back to DFI .. AMD64 939 NF4 chipset.... SLI or PCI-E regular it doesnt matter at this point..... give me the BEST choice for my board.. i think i want SLI so i can get a 2nd card once they actually start making SLI work properly for all games... i really am looking around and dont know which one to take and personally dont think there is any difference. but im running OCZ PC4800 2.5-4-4-8 300mhz + so i NEEEEED the board to be able to run this ram @ 1T at higher HTT clocks. so help me out fellas,, help me come back to DFI!!!.... ACeGoober come away from that Intel section and come help me decide!! lol.. you know you want to come back to AMD lol...
  22. just to throw in one last comment. had you by chance removed the keyboard and mouse to see if that isnt interfering with it. we all know a goofy mouse and keybaord can do wierd things to a system.
  23. I live in the USA, Iowa to be exact. although i knwo a currupt bios can do all kinds of wierd stuff i have never had one that actually caused no video but everything else worked fine. somewhat.. sometimes it would boot to dos and sometimes not. and that cmos reloaded thing... yeah works about 1/2 the time i had to use it a few times prior to this when the settings werent right and it would post but not boot but it would still be the original bad settings but when i went into the bios it said they were the Reloaded settings. but funny it still wouldnt boot until i went into the bios by hitting delete and then told it to save settings and exit.. then it worked but just hitting the hotkey wouldn't load it properly. i just have a wierd gut feeling that its more than a bios issue... but hey i might be wrong. if i rma it i dont expect a bios flash and then resent i expect it to be fully tested. i also contacted dfi and got the vioce mail.. of course... and then it hung up on me and i didnt even get a chance to leave a message i turned right around and called again and it said they were closed... !!!??? so what technical support is only good from 8-5 ? that sucks big time. oh and i did say what it was.. its the 875P-t rev A
  24. andrea where did you get your bios chip from will dfi ship me out a new chip ? i doubt a new chip will do anygood though since it actually will boot to dos it just dont have any video
  25. yeah but even with the pci option which is default all it does it attempt to boot to pci the minute it dont detect pci it moves to agp. gotta remember that default bios is PCI video. even after flashing which i did successfully one time (i think it took its time reading the floppy and did its thing and then beeped and i hit F1 and the system did reboot but still nothing) It still isnt showing any video. i checked and nothing seems burnt on the board no capacitors seem broke or cracked nothing out of the ordinary. (i spent a number of years inspecting and building pc's so i think i remember what to look for lol) i was VERY VERY upset but after some stomping and storming ive calmed down and well.... . happens i guess,, i just cant stand having brand new hardware either not work or go bad. all i know is it booted to dos and it booted to the flash floppy so... ugh.. frustating.
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