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  1. juswt to comment. your OCZ ram kit is unopened which means it is NOT proven to overclock to anything. not even stock. do not make claims such as that and point ot someone elses results using a totally different kit of ram. thats just retarded. you should know better than to say something like that. it is an unopened, untested no guarentee kit of ram. you cant even guarentee they run 300mhz 2.5-4-4-8 @2.85v which is the stock setting. trust me i know how to work this ram better than anyone i know. i have had 3 kits of this ram and two of the incredibly horrible non Elite TCC5, and if his got to 333 then he is LUCKY!! look for yourself in several TCCD databases, this ram is not known for going that high. make claims with your proven tests done by you not someone else with your hardware or someone else with other hardware.
  2. wow i have some Samsung 667 OEM stuff has worked on every board i know. are you using the DFI board in your sig ? any chance you have asked angry games why it may not work ?
  3. wait... you want to trade that ram for a lesser ram when all you gotta do is run the ram on a divider and make it run 533 and the timings will be tighter than if you purchased regular 533 ddrII ? that dont really make any sense
  4. well my 955 Extreme is just an oven and almost impossible to keep cool with anything over 1.425v on air (tried XP-120 and XP-90) so... i am in need of a 775 waterblock, 1/2 barbs please, DD, Swiftek, whatever.. everything else i got its all just amd64 waterblocks. i wish i had asked for this earlier this week cuz i really needed it by this weekend, now the best i can hope for is usps priority so i can get it by tuesday maybe or wed. CONUS only guys,, otherwise it will take way too long to get here
  5. good stuff good prices. i like that bump for you guy. is there anything you have in mind for any trades ?
  6. (2) 2x512 OCZ Platinum Elite PC4800 kits NEW - $165 shipped ea (proven to overclock to 670mhz+) care to those claims up with some pictures ? i have had several kits of the PC4800 Elites and none of them went over 320 HTT 1:1 loosening them up never helped. (that was on a board with a proven HTT limit of 375
  7. sean best advice i can give you from one water cooling guy to another. keep that XP-120... there WILL be a time, and believe me there will be a time when you need a good heatsink because of something broke or rma or what ever.. and you will hate yourself for selling that heatsink
  8. who cares its 260 bucks if you can buy a brand new one for less than that brother go for it.
  9. so you bump him again 3 minutes after the other guy did it one minute from the other guys last post. anyone wanna do the math here ?
  10. my old elites did 320mhz 2.5-4-4-8 w/ 2.85v really a kicking set of TCCD
  11. oh yeah and one comment you made is 100% correct. a good x2 or opti will still kick the living . of out this mobo and cpu any day. even my 955 XE would be put to shame by a killer X2 or dual opti.
  12. Angry, Im using the -E Premium board too so i'll throw out a few words for you to chew on and maybe we can help each other a little. My cpu is the Pent D 955 eXtreme the Dual core Hyper threading. yeah $1000+ cpu that aint worth 1/2 the cost. My cooling right now is with an XP-120 1) what type of droop are you seeing with this board. at stock everything idle or load i am seeing 0.05v droop. With a nice heavy overclock of 4.5ghz @ 1.45v im seeing up to 0.07v droop. nearly a full 10th of a volt.!! You have to mod this mobo right out of the box and i think that is the biggest pile of crap ever !!!!! a $230 baord that has to be droop modded right out of the box! I may call asus on this one and demand a hand tested non drooping board. 2) i too have the issue where the mobo will just flat out power off when your in the bios and tell it Save and Exit. 3) let the PCI-E freq stay auto but lock the PCI at 33. 4) Dram Termination - 1.5v MCH - 1.5v ICH - 1.2v 5) all that hyper crap turn it off. its only going to hurt your clocks. 6) all that PEG stuff leave it on auto 7) the Marvell Raid/SATA controller isnt Raid and there is no sign that Asus plans on fixing this. i think its bull crap and everyone else does to. you gotta use the Intel I'll double check but it maybe that you have to turn the intel sata OFF in order to use the marvell sata raid 8) this board DOES SUPPORT SLI!!!! you have to use the hacked drivers to do it though! nvidia has said they wont do it but its all politics.. it does work 9) i ran my FSB up to 350mhz 100% stable. do you have the open multi's to test yours ? i dropped the multi to 12 and mem to 200mhz and cranked the fsb up and up 10) I'm using the 0601 bios which are you on ? 11) i'll more as i find more
  13. any interest in a Asus P5WD2 -E Premium brand new retail an Intel Pent D 955XE and 2 gigs of Samsung DDR in trade for all that stuff you got ?
  14. anyone know if it fits processorts without the IHS ? like my CG mobile clawhammer ?
  15. haha back then you talk like it was agggeessssss ago lol but give her 3.4~3.6v and crank that stuff up to 265 2-2-2-5
  16. im probably wrong here but isnt the Redline UTT chips ? the same as the Redline XP4000
  17. you can take pictures now guy , we dont care if its in the system or out of it.
  18. im the winner your not neener neener neener lol thanks mike for the mobo!!!
  19. fsbxtreme dont be a hardware hog your running two rigs now.. guys like me who dont even have a working desktop need that board.
  20. yeah dont run XFire with anything under the OCZ 600w... way too much power being drawn with the ram cpu both video cards th mobo and all the other stuff in your system. you gotta have a minimum of at least 25amps on the 12v rail also and 35+ or so on the 5v rail... the 520 is a kick butt psu,, i have the 600w they all rock the 520 is perfect for a single card system but is pushing it for a dual card system.
  21. maybe im totally wrong here but when did the FS section become an auction house ? and no that aint a thread crap.. thats just a statement or rather a question.
  22. 75 bucks for a PSP oh come on now you got any heatware ?
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