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  1. well gentlemen this will be the last night of the sale. tommorow at some point i will be removing these items. i have no interest in pursuing the sale of these items if not one person is serious about doing any trades or buying the hardware. for trades i will take amd Opteron dual core and a dfi mobo and 2 gigs of ram or an X2 and mobo and 2gigs if you have a wicked cpu and ram ill take that and buy my own mobo. we can work out the details. and yes AM2 is ok also
  2. ok i will sell the cpu and mobo seperately $530 for the cpu $190 for the mobo
  3. nah no thanks then i am left with cpu thats nothing more than a paperweight. ill give you my mobo and cpu for your mobo/cpu/ram still not an even trade but..
  4. ok guys i have just lowered to to my last and final offer. i refuse to go any lower and lose any more money than i already am. buy it now,, or miss out on one helluva deal
  5. just cuz its an RMA does NOT mean its brand new. DFI doesnt always replace with new items. unless angry/happy_games can confirm that those particular models are all replaced with new hardware.
  6. tick tock tick tock those amd price cuts are another day closer guys. i cant say this enough this chip and the 965 are not being cut. intel wont cut the price on thier big boys at least these two. maximize your trade or sale otherwise when the pricecuts happen your gunna lose a big chunk. incase you havent seen the X2 3800 is being cut to around 160 bucks. and the 3000 to like 89 the 3200 is 99 the 3500 is like 125
  7. so you list the DFI SLI-DR, Opteron 175, G.SKILL DDR500 for sale but the only thing you have a price on is the cpu. whats the prices of the other things ?
  8. ok guys up again. wow gentlemen,, dont look a gift horse in the mouth. i will keep this is no one buys it for 750.. it will make one hell of a server given the dual core and hyper threading its a multitasking gawd!! yes you can prime and play games and not see a huge performance loss.
  9. alright you turkeys you've forced me to do this. 750 for the combo that is the current going eGay rate for this combo. i ahve watched two identicle auctions end this last weekend both ended right near 750.
  10. bump MAJOR price drop. $800 shipped for the combo!!!!
  11. they will be changed to link in just a minute thanks for opening it back up. (and blame the XP Image resizer power toy for the 1 pixel off.)
  12. yes uh hello without the stickers with the s/n on it you have no warranty. god tell me you never threw them away and only OEM cards dont have stickers. can you provide the box and everything to show its actually an EVGA retail card and not some cheaper card you simply flashed with the EVGA firmware ? sorry to be such a downer but that and you asking for a check is all too fishy. know what i mean ? whats your heaware
  13. well i had my fun with this for a month and now im ready to move on to other things i'll say upfront there is a crap load left in this cpu as i am running currently 4.5ghz @ 1.42v on air or water, its the same. There really isnt alot to say about this combo. its a brutal system. Pent D 3.4ghz 955 XE UNLOCKED MULTIPLIERS!! from 12x to 28x!!! Dual core WITH Hyperthreading. This makes windows and everything else see 4 cores 2x 2meg L2 cache Skt 775 1066 FSB (capable of much much more) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819116246 Asus P5WD2-e Prem comes with everything. (the northbridge fan is not included as i put that on there) Crossfire (SLI with hacked Drivers) .. not sure what else to say that you guys dont already know. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131589 THESE ARE GETTING HARDER TO FIND it also, as most of every asus board ever made, as a small droop on the vcore, around 0.05v under load. i have done the vcore Pencil mod, (sort of a light version of the vcore droop hardware mod, but done with a #2 pencil. and it works exactly the same. but you cant adjust the resistance, its a set resistance of around 0.02 ohm which is great . this actually causes the voltages to increase instead of droop. around 0.02~0.03v. I am asking $700 for the combo shipped. i will sell them seperately but your gunna save money buying the combo. $530 for the cpu $190 for the mobo My asking price for both together is LESS than the price of the cpu if you were to go buy it. so think of it as getting the mobo for free! http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/955XE.jpg RAM IS NOT INCLUDED http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/groupshot.jpg http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/all4cores.jpg http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/10hrsprime.jpg sorry for the following crappy pictures http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/66160015.JPG http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/66160011.jpg http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/66160012.JPG http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/66160014.JPG the only trades i am interested in right now are a Conroe and mobo or PROVEN OC'ing Dual Opteron, DFI baord, and 2 gigs of ram i will entertain offers of an AM2 CPU and Mobo i am also interested in a Canon Digital Rebel XT or Fuji or other Digital SLR im game for other hardware, an X2 and mobo and ram,, or X2 3800 and mobo and 7800 GTX heatware is v_lestat Ebay is v_lestat msn [email protected] AIM shinzaburosan Ace if you want something get your butt on yahoo and talk to me.
  14. any reason why you dont talk to angry games about an rma on the ultra-d there is obviously something wrong with the baord
  15. man loosen them up 2.5-3-3-8 and crank that HTT to 300+ 2.8v max on those sticks they should do 300 HTT @ 2.7 or 2.75v those are the best tccd to own and are very well known to go plenty far beyond 300 htt even up to 330htt. good price man
  16. it IS illegal to try to bypass the taxes and duties by illegally marking a package as a gift, and will get you a . load more problems then if you just pay the taxes. those customs guys can open that package and make you pay taxes if they feel like it so... I believe it is also against forum rules to be dumb enough to blatantly and openly ask and demand that anyone who deals with you help you illegally bypass the taxes and duties that you are required to pay. we pay that . here in the states but in a different way.. so shall you pay your fee's.
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