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  1. wow what a killer board!! happy/angry_games i sent you a pm with a few quick questions. but it wouldnt go with happy games so i sent it to angry_games if you get a few minutes see if you canreply. 1) who do i gotta talk to to get a replacement I/O shield. i sure would like to have one. i tried calling donna but just left a message *edit* Donna just called me. god she is such a great lady to work with, she always takes care of my needs and makes sure everything runs smoothly. i wish more people were like here. someone get me an address so i can send her some flowers. i owe her some anyways from all the other times she's helped me out. 2) wow. i am so out of it with all the DFI memory settings im using a 1gig module of OCZ PC4000 Platinum. i do not know what IC's they are using but maybe they are UCCC ?? its rated at 250mhz 3-3-3-8 but the SPD is 3-3-2-8 i am truly lost on all these settings, i used to know all of them by heart but i have forgotten everything! ugh!!! 3) is there any tweaks or tricks that i should or NEED to set in the bios in order to really make this girl scream thanks for all your help guys. and once again Happy_games tell donna i said she's the BEST rma rep i have ever had the pleasure of working with. But had to handle a number of RMA's because of my business. she's always been there to help.(i've told her this before but she really is)
  2. hhmm those hyper X dont happen to be old enough to be the beloved BH5 do they? or are they too new and probablt tccd or tcc5
  3. ok selling these for a guy at work who i adviced the gskill HZ would be WAY better. they are in my possession, and i am incharge of selling them. you will be dealing directly with me for this purchase. OCZ ocz26672048ELGEGXT-K 4-4-4- 2x 1gb Paypal or Cash for local pickup in cedar rapids Iowa area. $140 shipped to your door. these are unused NIB. CONUS ONLY PP Non-CC only http://lestat.home.mchsi.com/pics/picture2.jpg heatware - v_lestat ebay - v_lestat
  4. yeah you go ahead and buy the P5W dH and see how retarded your front side bus is. you might wanna head over to XS and see what crappy results people are getting. and one of the senior guys has done some testing and has come to a preliminary result that only the certain builds of the DH are any good. which is kind of a no brainer. any board is going to be hit and miss. some good some not so good. but its kind of b.s. at the same time. they should all react similar, not identicle but similar, and they are not, the DH isnt all that great so dont be in such a rush to get one..People are still having issues getting up to 450 fsb. mine arrived DOA along with several other peoples. so i had to get a new bios chip. which arrives today so i will know for sure if the bios was simply bad from the factory or if the baord is screwed. i have faith in DFI, they have never let me down, but to be honest. that gigabyte DS3 right now is cranking up 480+ fsb and its a $140 board! so far its the cheapest highest clocking baord. but we are waiting for more people to get the board. i have faith though dfi wont let us down.
  5. how about the overclocking side of things. i mean that bios has more stuff than i think even the ultra-d does. i like that. but it doesnt do any good if the HTT craps out. i saw one guy onnew egg claim to get 320 HTT what about you guys ? i dont really feel like paying 90+ bucks for a mini atx board when i get get an open box ultra-d from newegg for 66 but i am getting another qpack case so i need a good board.
  6. hhmm no one tried this board ? odd ... but it is a bit pricier than the other mATX boards i must say.. but it would be worth it if it does as good as i am hoping.
  7. the jetway is supposed to be a good board if its a good price dont let it slip away. hell buy it and ill buy the jetway from you
  8. yeah its a tie for me between the foxconn,, dfi,,, biostar,, and jetway. the jetway with the modded bios i guess is actually agood baord. i have had the biostar tforce 6100 but have not tried the 6100-M9 version. overall aside from not knowing anything about the DFI the biostar is the best. it is only lacking the chipset voltages which really cripples the htt sometimes. my last biostar i got to 275htt but many have reported over 300HTT which is wicked for an mATX board.
  9. anyone ever had one of the DFI RS482 mATX boards ? im looking around at various mATX baords and found the DFI variant. good reviews of it so far and the bios features are just crazy for an mATX board. i like that.
  10. oh i wouldnt call it totally irrelevant boss. i mean its not a conroe and its not a presler. but if the bios increases stability or increases your FSB for that chip then thats a plus wouldnt you say. i was just curious if you noticed any improvements or if it was mostly stuff in the background we wouldnt really see.
  11. HG have you seen any FSB increase or anything improved visually with this bios or has it mostly just been internal fixes you and i wont really see ?
  12. so far from the badaxe standpoint, using the 1333 strap does infact yield a higher clock with SLIGHTLY less performance.. there isnt much of a performance loss clock for clock. so use the 1333 strap it isnt going to HURT performance.. it simply slows it down A LITTLE. its not a huge hit but for those who want to squeeze every last drop out of it.. yes.. it dose hinder performance slightly.
  13. i am glad nvidia did the chipset. but ATI hasnt done anything with their chipsets but dissapoint. espeically on the price point of most of the ati boards. which isnt much more than the nvidia but the nvidia chipsets are just better. i havent seen anything specacular from ati on the mobo scene. i hope that changes dont get me wrong. but they have done nothing but disappoint so far.... so i say stick with video cards. the X1900 series is killer.. let them keep that snowball rolling..
  14. yes its on newegg right now but those a-holes want 250 bucks for it. and it can hardly break 350mhz FSB for conroes. its definately not the conroe baord until dfi is able to release a bios to up the fsb kinda like gigabyte did. i just picked up a P5W DH until my boys at DFI (you guys will always be my favorite thanks to the awesome NF3 and NF4 boards.) release their killer LP board. and dont look for the R600 boards to do too much.. they were that spectacular for amd,, i doubt they will be anything special for intel. but only time will tell. i wont give up on them yet. but i fear ATI should stick with video cards. and let other to chipsets. the upside the the ATI chipset is that it has Independant FSB and Dram freq. settings. so you can up the ram without upping the FSB and vise versa. this brings to the table something totally new! max the cpu and then max the ram to a level never seen before
  15. well if you havent kept up with some of the guys over in norway and some of th eother scandanavian oc groups who have this board and a few in japan, the results are quite promising for the sub $200 catagory. (but not as nice as the sub $200 NF4 lanparty boards were) it makes people like me look forward to the lanparty series if DFI decides to put one out. can you confirn or deny a lanparty series to be released ? only thing i or anyone else saw that i am aware of was pictures from CES. i think DFI is poised to take the intel market with their boards since as of now, only 2 boards are worth buying. preliminary results on the gigabyte board shows a lackluster FSB even after the latest bios letting it go to 360. a 400+ fsb is a minimum. (because of conroe's low multi) abit, i dont thnk anyone is looking for abit,, msi,, no one knows about them.. their ver. 2.0 975x board is no where to be found as of yet. so that leaves DFI to kick tail and chew bubble gum, and dang it,, their out of bubble gum!! i cant say it enough man,, im really anxious for the LP series to just put everyone else to shame.
  16. im sure your quite aware of who is selling these Es chips. and yeah i have called people out on several forum on the legal issues of selling ES chips and review hardware. and Happy, i think if DFI truly cares, then you and i should have a talk i can give you a list of people who review then turn around and sell the hardware you guys give them for free, as review kits. and they turn a 100% profit on it. anyways.. hows the baord coming along ? im eager to see how the sub $200 board runs
  17. oops i said 6800 sorry bout that i meant 6700. the 6800 is way too much for my wallet lol. i didnt have enough for a 6700, it was an extra 200, so i just got the 6600 ES. now its just sitting here collecting dust until the boards are released and the dominant motherboard is shown. cough*DFI Lanparty Series*cough
  18. ah yes the lower ones. yeah the fsb is gunna crap out before the cpu on anything below a 6600. and the baords are already craping out on the 6600's. (im not refering to the Inifinty, just all of the conroe boards so far) the 6800 is the way to go for the 10x multi. its just a shame is so insanely expensive when compared to the 6600
  19. no they dont an E6600 is 9 an E6700 is 10 and ES uses unlocked multies downward not upward the 6800 Extreme is like my 955 XE chip it has multiies unlocked upwards and downwards. like an FX chip.
  20. and did you unplug all your usb items yet ? i dont care if its a mouse or keybaord or whatever
  21. i'll send you one but man you break it you buy it. and yes it is a stepping 5 better call your R&D guys and make sure you have a bios that supports it.
  22. Ancient taiwanese secret..... cough cough im just diein here DFI. i truly in my heart do not want to order another asus pile-o-poo. are we really gunna be waiting until august
  23. my E6600 ES Conroe arrived today!! neener neener neener! when do i get to go buy a DFI baord gosh dang it !!!
  24. well gentlemen this is the last bump no one wants it. i cant even get a lowball from you people. im not an intel fan but even i can admit this is one impressive cpu and mobo. last chance to buy them 185 for the mobo 525 for the cpu. 700 even for both. that is guarenteed to be less than ebay.
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