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  1. ok, so im playing around with a 5000 X2 and a 590 SLI M2R/G and i notice something odd, and angering. when raising the pci-e beyond 100mhz the pci bus also increases!! how can this be and why has DFI done this to us! and why is the FSB so limited in overclock! i truly expected to see some crazy high fsb speeds but i am not. 300 is the max and thats with some crazy high chipset voltages. now unless clockgen is whats causing the pci bus to break its lock, then the pci freq lock isnt working. it doesnt break when your overclocking the FSB that i have seen, as 300 is barely bootable. and i mean barely. i'm also a little put off at the very high voltages that are needed on the chipsets to overclock very far. 3ghz on the 5000 pulls about 28sec 1m pi. which is absolutely disturbing to me since my old venice 3200 @ 2.9ghz did low 28 sec. anywho, going from a conroe to a 5000 X2 isnt a huge loss in windows and such but for gaming, video conversion, etc etc,, yeah you can feel the difference. i'm not spending alot of time on the AMD unless i can get the system booting and running without increasing the chipset voltages so much. also having troubles getting my gsill 6400 HZ's stable at 1000mhz. or higher. anyone had this issue ?
  2. any idea what IC's are on that ram ? ie: what chips they use ?
  3. this is exactly the same thing that happened with the ASUS P5WDH-Deluxe. nothing worked the only that that worked was replacing the bios chip from asus or having someone hotflash a chip to the latest bios. i wonder if a crap load of bad bios chips went out from the actual bios chip maker?
  4. i think you need to post some pics and show some heatware or some other legit form of feedback if you have any but pictures are a must.
  5. uhm why would you go from an expert to a NON expert that doesnt make any sense since your losing money and losing potential performance and stability.
  6. i sent you a pm DJ dont recall if i asked for a pic but ill take one.
  7. you didnt go and stick another seasonic poo psu on there did you shame on you! i might be interested but would prefer USPS Priority it will get to me faster.
  8. peter i would suggest to help you sell it you provide actual pictures of your hardware. linking to another site or mfg site doesnt prove that you even own anything. know what i mean ? if i can sell my nice 7800 GTX i would be all over that XTX
  9. i have one of those sticks in my little RS482 with a 3800 X2 and can run 275 3-3-2-6 not sure what 2 sticks would clock to but they are nice. good price btw..
  10. holy crap your running 3.4v into that ram and its only running 197mhz ?? ouch bro you trying to kill it ? good price on the cpu though.
  11. did you flash it twice. sometimes the old ultra-d boards needed to be flashed twice in order to make things work properly. its wasnt all the time and only certain people had to do it.. but its a thought. i need to find an ultra-d from someone one that is stable. i think this motherboard is causing the cpu to need more volts than it should. btw i can do 315mhz HTT easy.. no problem. but i have to drop the cpu multi and run the ram on a divider. i did nto try any higher.
  12. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=116031 ya know if it wasnt for the fact that my conroe makes this look like a celeron i would be all over this little system to make it my main rig...
  13. yeah but your one of those golden touch kinda guys, you always got nice toys. i have had ALOT of crap come from newegg. ALOT.. and alot more than i ever would accept from any other place. i have pretty much cut ties with newegg. there are far too many other Etailers out there.
  14. flash it you can always flash back. im at 300 HTT now. 2.7 cpu and 270mhz ram.
  15. yeah i installed the ati drivers. the smbus was installed along with the ide. and after flashing to the 711 bios the smbus and ide channels got reinstalled. a first for me. i dont think i have ever seen a bios force a reinstall of a bus or ide controller. and to comment on the newegg stuff. i was told directly by someone (who will remain nameless) that newegg is selling more refurbished stuff then they tell people. that comment was said to me when i told that person i had rma'd several items where i had never had that problem with other Etailers. i find it hard to believe since they do have a refurb section but i do believe it to be somewhat true.
  16. damn still takes 1.5v to do a solid stable 2.8ghz and the ram .. yeah.. this ram is flakey i gotta run it on the 183 divider so its not 280mhz 1:1 its like 260mhz which i suppose is ok. i dont intend on going too nutz with this system.
  17. well i dont want to jinx myself here but i do believe that the prime failures are gone. i thought it very odd that i was getting one core bad no matter what i did. the 711 bios, SO FAR seems to have fixed it. lets just see how far we can go with it. yesterday i also did a 12hour burnin with cpuburn 1.0.1 at 2.7ghz @ 1.45v running 2 instances of cpuburn with is 100% usage on each core. smartguardian had the max temp at 55c thruout the 12 hours. so maybe that helped some also. i will be reporting back as things progress. (maybe this bios has fixed my issues with my 1gig stick of PC4000 EB Plat. not clocking all that great. we will have to see though...
  18. oh i asked before but y'all probably missed it. do any of you have the unknown device in device manager ? and if so what is it ? im thinking its something with either the onboard video or audio but cant be sure. maybe something that NEEDS to be there ? also after updating to the 711 bios windows reinstalled the entire IDE/SATA bus along with the SMBus controller. odd for just a bios to do that.
  19. good responses everyone. keep them coming. im soaking up all your generous thoughts and advice. Annihilatorg ygpm crap hey guys what are the bios switches for updating the bios. TMod doesnt have the 711 bios on the cd. bummer i wasted a cd lol.
  20. Wangerin many thanks for the link. i figures since the bios had all the goodies in it then modding it owuldnt need to happen so i figured tmod wouldnt be needed. but im grabbing it now. think my bios is the 0503 or something like that ill try the 711
  21. thanks for the feedback 'noneed4me2' same thing for me temps are always way high. infact what i find more odd than the temps being off is that. if you turn on the system and immediately go into the bios it reads mid 40's. thats impossible as long as you have good contact on the hsf. im using the XP-90c with a 2500rpm 90mm fan. thats all the xp-90 needs. any faster it doesnt drop temps any. (i have a 90mm tornado... your in for a real thrill ride with that thing. they are the loudest fan on the market) also. if you use Everest it shows Core 1 Core 2 and Cpu.. 3 temps for the same cpu. Core 1 and 2 are in the mid 30's right where they should be but CPU is in the mid 40's. SmartGuardian is reading that CPU probe which is about 10 or more deg. too high. i can run SP2004 with Gromacs Core which will heat up your cpu more than anything else, and i can touch the very base of the heatpipes onthe XP-90 and they are only slightly warm. While smart guardian shows the temps in the very low 50's. the cpu isnt that low. also and this is the most annoying for me. no matter what i do, i have 1 core of the cpu that fails SP2004 standard Cpu test. Gromacs Core wont fail, 3dmark woint lock up,, nothing else happens. But Prime standard cpu testing fails everytime.. i find that extremely odd. Gromacs uses GFlops where at prime uses FFT's. the gflops is a much much larger chunk beating the cpu, thats one reasn it gets so warm when you use Gromacs. basically i cant get that 1 core stable at anything but stock volts up to 2.5ghz. anything over that no matter what voltage i use it fails. but nothing else does....????? why ?/ seems to be a flaw or failure with prime more than anything. 32m Pi will fail also.. this is actually a known issue with some of the Conroe motherboards right now. fortunately my DS3 does not suffer from it. its something about the latest round of bios's the board makers have put out. Prime and Pi get failures when they never would before. i find this board to be a real kick arse little board. unfortunately i dont have a very good mATX psu. i researched it alot and read review after review and got what i thought was the best mATX but its not im getting MASSIVE droop on the 12v line. clear down to 11.55v and the idle reading is only 11.8 or so.. so i think i am going to have to find someone who can mod this little psu so that the rails dont droop/ right now i am running a 12hour Cpu Burn using cpuburn 1.0.1 which i used to use on my venice chips. since its a dual core you have to run 2 of them at once and it nails 100% cpu usage on both cores. anyways im still testing and trying to figure things out. one thing i did notice is that if i use clockgen and run 2.7ghz @ stock everything seems fine. but if i set that same overclock via the bios. things start getting goofy. if i have to use clockgen to overclock im not happy .. the bios is so rich with overclocking features and something just isnt right... i also am using what i believe to be a beta bios. according to everest it shows it as a bios thats not listed on dfi's list. but i cant find the beta bios site for this board to see if its listed. what bios are you guys using ?
  22. lol this is neogenesis's old board. lol talking over aim when someone doesnt have aboard anymore is always tuff. hard to remember exact settings. i am finding out that i have one bad core thats really limiting my overclock. even 2.8ghz @ 1.55v fails. i dont like that. its an 0619 Toledo. this thing should be smoking easily at 2.8ghz with less than 1.55v but.. each cpu is different. Gromacs cores runs forever at less volts but standard dual prime fails right away all the time on 1 core. ram wise. ugh.. i aint sure so many settings.. so many... O_o
  23. oh dang i forgot the most important part. voltage check points. i found the vdimm that was easy. positive side of the missing CAP right next to the dimms. voltage runs about 0.03v under what it is set to in the bios. but vcore nb and sb voltage checks i really need those.
  24. also my cpu temps seem WAY high. 10degc or more. upon turning on the machine, after being off all day, i instantly went into the bios and the cpu temps read 47c seems like they always read 47c in the bios. windows shows similar but temps are alays higher in the bios since the cpu is running wide open. temps get warmer., but less then 20seconds after turning on the machine ? temps are already 47c ? no i think not. speedfan... ok the temp showing as 'Core' is directly linked to what it calls the K8 probe, so i can only assume thats the cpu core temp. its showing 33deg idle which is much more where the temps should be. anyone have any thoughts on this ? Smartguardian is also showing temps way high..
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