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  1. hhm free 3400 nice combo. if your setting these up with newegg thanks guy! if your not tell whom ever is thanks! (still too pricey for me though even though i know, believe me i know its a freakin wicked board) you make a combo deal on the RS482 Infinity and i'll buy one right now! maybe a cpu OR aspire QPack case ?
  2. nah she can use my dothan lappy, its more than enough for what she does. i just slap her hard drive on a USB adapter so she can save her stuff right into that. i got an rma number from donna. thanks for the helps guys i'll be sending it off tommorrow but am going to try disabling the audio and marvel NIC tonight first to see if that does the trick.
  3. oh yeah the out of case testing is where i noticed it first. i thought it was just me though ive reloaded windows twice now using different nforce drivers each time and same thing. if HG wants to test it thats cool. he'll have to grab it from the receiving dock though lol donna is setting up an RMA for me now. (i'd sure like to meet you DFI guys/gals in person, you have all been great. but unfortunately i never get to go to trade shows. i guess my tattos are not something they want at the trade shows hahahah, its not like i have them all done up Yakuza Style) lol.
  4. i also added the last issue that i completely forgot about. the NVidia Netowrk port does not work. not at all nothing happens when you plug in the cable. and yes i have enbled it in the bios the marvell works but for all i know the marvel NIC could be the reason behind it, i mean if the Nvidia NIC died.. that would explain why it crashes surfing the net, and also why it reboots when the desktop loads as thats when the nic is pulling DHCP. the NIC takes a hit and crashes the system. hmm never thought of that before, i'll try disabling the nic and see what happens. but if the nvidia nic is dead even disabling it in the bios, to my knowledge doesnt totally turn it off, so that could be causing issues. what do you think Sharp.
  5. oh yeah temps are rocking, im very surprised that the opteron 4-heatpipe cooler works as well as it does. even checked with a probe and also an infra-red temp gun. cpu temps never get above 35c under orthos prime. and normal temps, just tooling around in windows, never get above 30c chipset temps never get above 40c either. specs Ultra-D Rev AD0 1gb OCZ PC-3500 EB Plat. (i thought it was the ram but i am running stock 200mhz 2.5-3-3-8 and memtest is clean) X850 XT PE using onboard sound. (this is the ONLY thing that i have not shut off. and i forget to do it) AMD 3500+ cpu the PSU thats in it is the Sunbeam Tech PSU in my sig. right now everything is running stock,, volts, SPD, everything. still rebooting.
  6. ok guys i have never openly asked for help with an RMA as i always handle my own rma's and handle many many others via work. now work is so freaking busy we dont even have time to take lunch as we are short staffed. and i have an enormous and growing client base that is in need of constant attention. (and when your dealing with multi million dollar accounts, you'd skip lunch for the monthly bonus too lol ) I have an Ultra-D that i am in desperate need of an RMA on. the damn thing cant go 5 minutes without rebooting. 1) it reboots many times when the desktop first loads. like the hit to the cpu/board load is too much so it reboots 2) it will reboot messing around on the internet just surfing or reading webmail 3) it will reboot any time it wants without rhyme or reason 4) orthos, small and large TFT's, Pi, dos and windows memtest will run all day long but th eminute i run Blend Tests with Prime, it fails within 20 seconds. 5) i have done everything that i can imagine. swapped out ram, psu, cpu, video, cables, hard drive, nothing works. the system just keeps doing what its doing. 6) the Nvidia Network Port is dead, it will not work. i need to get an RMA setup. This is the fiance's system and she is going ballistic as she cant even use her system anymore. and i have exhausted my resources trying to fix it. because of work i dont have the time to setup and RMA or call support or Donna to setup an RMA. how can i get an rma setup for this board. (in the past i have done preship rma's with donna, via pre-ship RMA form she emails me and i fax/email it back to her with my CC info on it i would really appreciate being able to do this again as i still have a functioning private business that i am classified as under all hardware i purchase and via all support that i use via that hardware) happy_games can you help me out please!! for the sake of not hearing the 'ol lady scream from the bedroom "The [email protected]$!% thing rebooted again!! [email protected]#*$%""
  7. i think you mean xtreme music not extreme sound right ? and i'll take it as long as it comes with all the cables etc etc i also have a Lian Li V1000 im not doing anything with if maybe you wanted to trade for the Koolance Case.
  8. yeah thats a good price for the psu but its truly too bad that the 700w Gamers stream has recently gotten the tar beat out of it in some very extensive reviews. it failed all the specs and ratings. meaning ,, it failed, droop, ripple, etc etc. i would think twice before grabbing one.
  9. yeah money always helps lol and it was my pleasure to do business with ya. let me know if ya need anything else. the neo platinum is a good board. be a perfect backup board.
  10. good stuff guys! too bad you couldnt swing a cpu deal like a 3000+ venice or something. but hell a free video card,, nothing wrong with that! i'm still looking for the Infinity RS482 i should never have sold mine and the 3800 toledo! ggrr.
  11. sheesh you guys i cant believe your missing out on this good hardware. whats it take to get you guys to buy? bump!
  12. DS3 Sold you guys dont be afraid to make me reasonable offers. make them reasonable and i might just take them.
  13. i'll also trade the 5000 X2 and Dfi board for a big fat killer 360 premium package or a 360 premium plus cash.
  14. up i'll post more pic's of everything tonight after work. DS3 pending.
  15. ahhh same for the 3400 754 cpu like i just sold today. special oem chip. heck make a deal on a 3000 so we can crank the FSB up lol. i'll tattoo DFI on myself if you send me one HG ! i need a new Tat lol
  16. ok gentleman i just added my killer gigabyte DS3 board. one of the best DS3's ive seen anywhere. 422x9 bootable 24/7 (i stick with 422 x 9 cuz its a nice even number) in windows i can do 460 x 9 easily as long as your cpu and ram can handle it. 500 x 7 via bios (i dont know about windows since my ram pukes out 463 x 8 via bios much higher in windows
  17. uh oh i feel my paycheck withering away already!! thanks for the heads up Boss! *edit* was the cpu deal a 1 day thing or has it not been changed/added ?
  18. bump added more cpu's mobo's my immaculate N64 package and a wicked PS2 package. the PS2 package is negotiable so get ahold of me and we can work things out
  19. crap i forgot in the title it should say the AMD 5000 X2 poo oh well both items are for sale as the combo deal.
  20. ***I usually dont charge that little extra to make up for paypal fee's i have always taken the loss on the fee, and also on the shipping costs of larger items. I am no longer doing that unless there is a deal struck or unless you are a close friend of mine. I am just losing way too much money with PP fee's and shippign costs. prices are pretty solid and are priced to sell. you wont it cheaper, then talk with me, make a reasonable offer or go find it some place else. i guarentee all my hardware against DOA, but i dont guarentee that you wont fry the thing if your an idiot and are not properly grounded or take the proer precausions when installing the hardware. you fry it, its your fault, not mine. I WILL NOT SHIP FIRST UNLESS YOU HAVE MORE HEAT THAN ME! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMD AM2 5000+ X2. (cpu only) boy is it a real hum dinger!! It has a max multi of 13.5x. i haven't had time to mess around with higher since my main rig is one of the best 6600 ES conroe's you can find. so you can see why i prefer my conroe 3.05ghz+ @ 1.45v w/ a Scythe Infinity on a DFI M2R/G THE DFI M2R/G is gone, replaced now with the Abit mATX board. -Abit Nf-M2 mATX board. (i will be testing the true nature of this board this week but i have already seen several units easily overclock the AM2 chips past 3ghz this board has no issue hitting 300mhz i just havent tinkered with it much yet) fantastic mATX board!!! all the overclocking features you can ask for an all nice and neat in an mATX form factor. this would make one helluva little system since no one in the market currently makes a C2D mATX board that can overclock past 300mhz safely. this will be sold as a combo only. why take a chance with a retail cpu when you have a proven chip right here. $400 shipped to your door! OR TRADE FOR XBOX360 Premium package. CONUS ONLY!! ----for an additional $175 bucks i will include 2 gigs of Samsung DDR2 667 rated @ 5-5-5-15 but easily does 800mhz @ 4-4-4-15 @ 2.1v. or 800 5-5-5-15 @ 1.9~2.0v on the 360 trade if you want the ram you will need to have more than just the console, im talking games, another controller, maybe the Xbox360 Camera, or maybe go buy 1yr Live subscription card. something like that im sure we can work it out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - MSI Neo Platinum Mobo Skt 754 - $40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - AMD 3200+ CG CLawhammer 1m L2 2.0ghz skt 754 10x Multi - $50 (this is the mobile chip so be sure you have a heatsink that will work) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- - flawless, i mean a 9.5/10 flawless N64 w/ 1controller, rumble pack, memory card and 3x 4meg cardtriges. yes 3 of them. games include KI Gold, GoldenEye 007, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Bros., Resident Evil 2. includes original box and packaging!!!! $65 shipped! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****PACKAGE DEAL(s)**** MSI Neo Platinum + CG Clawhammer + Thermalright SLK948u HS that works for mobile chips - $100 SHIPPED!! MSI NEO Platinum + CG Clawhammer 3200 - $90 Shipped!! Take the AM2 Package and the 754 package for $480 shipped! Take the AM2 package with the DDR2 + the 754 package for $650 shipped!!!!! ****TRADES**** dSLR package, canon, fuji, panasonic/lumix, Nikon, no other cameras wanted only dSLR or SLR like. i'd truly prefer something with image stabilization thats why i added the Panasonic/Lumix. Can be 5mp and up. (the Lumix 5mp FZ series are hardcore kickass cameras and have the best zoom and image stab. in the field. but its not needed Will also trade the 5000 X2 and Abit board for a Xbox360 Premium package. or a basic 360 premium package and some cash. My Heatware My Ebay As i do with all my deals i am happy to give out all my personal info to the buyer, including full name address and phone so that they are perfectly comfortable with the deal.
  21. ok who's the poophead who removed my post. its my thread and if someone cant look at the hardware im running already and say something intelligent then i dont wanna hear "its ddr 800 not 1000" like no ., i dont know that already huh? @arfett this cpu will go higher on this board with a little more vcore... but it take a helluva lot of chipset voltage to do it. and that my friends is the FSB. i dont know many who have this baord, and infact i personally dont know anyone who does, but i am absolutely not impressed with the board so far. ESPECIALLY the pci lock breaking. i havent seen that since some of the silly cheap 939 and 754 boards. never from the dfi boards. its not a huge break but 110mhz PCI-e gives 38mhz PCI thats only 5mhz over stock 33mhz but its still raising and can and will cause issues. this baord is ALOT different from what i am used to even more different than the ultra-d series. but so far im not impressed one little bit. but the whole root cause is the C51 chipset,, definately not a good nvidia breakthru. for this board, at its pricetag it should have had the C55 when it was ready.
  22. uhm yeah ok,, thanks for the big shocking news story there. sarcasm was intended.
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