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  1. considering all your stuff is sold and selling ES chips is against the forum rules. . why is this thread still here. i mean i aint complaining about the ES's i have had one since June, before they were even released, but im shocked that the thread is still here
  2. you got a pm man, i got money burning a hole in my pocket!! help me put out the fire!
  3. bump i will take reasonable offers under consideration. just be reasonable
  4. can you post which version of the Klipsch those are please. version as in revision.
  5. bump damn it. ya guys incase your holding out for a Conroe mATX board your gunna be waiting along time. no one currently has, on the market, a baord that has a working pci-e lock, not a single board, and none of them can OC safely past 300mhz and many cant even do that. which pretty much means you are stuck at 2.7ghz or less. unless of course you have a 6800 then you have some higher multi's to play with. this Abit and 5000 X2 are KILLER!!! buy them up. for an additional $175 bucks i will include 2 gigs od Samsung DDR2 667 rated @ 5-5-5-15 but easily does 800mhz @ 4-4-4-15 @ 2.1v. or 800 5-5-5-15 @ 1.9-2.0v
  6. up we go!! DFI b aord gone, and replaced with a killer little Abit NF-M2 mATX board. this is a great little board, Abit is back in the game!
  7. *everyone all together* Infinity RS482... Infinity RS482 combo deal deal deal, no combo and XX off list price... i want another one pweeaassseee!!!
  8. oh come on man you gotta be more specific than that. whats wrong with it ? is it as good as the dell 2005FPW ? not as good ? explain your self sir
  9. crap if i buy this im gunna kick myself so the 'ol lady wont have to. but 199!!! i mean come on you wont find a 22" anywhere is westinghouse quality for that price. let alone best buy which is buy far the worst buy for prices.
  10. please do not take this as a thread crap its not. 390 is more than retail i would advise you to look around. you can get a 1950 XTX 512meg card for less than that and you can easily buy a 7950 GX2 which kicks the crap out of both of those for even less around here on the forums. a 1900 XTX will get you about 300 around most forums. 390 again is just too much. 1950 xtx's are dropping for 330 all over different forums.
  11. BUMP updated prices and sold items. come on guys sheesh i cant believe still not one person interested in the 5000 X2 setup
  12. given Westinghouses quality in their larger LCD market and their price point, i would definately trust this unit. my god its got DVI VGA Composite, Component, and S-Video. 10 per store eww those are gunna go fast
  13. i would think you would include the original HSF for that 1900XTX charging 25 for it is pretty poopy dont ya think
  14. bump wow out of all the AMD lovers here i cant believe i dont have one serious interest on the AM2 stuff.. nor the CG Claw. shocking!
  15. wow i havent bumped for a few days what am i thinking!! BUMP!!
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