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  1. What parts do you need? I have built 6 Ultra D based computers, so I have all the spare parts you would proabilly need. I would charge you 1 Extralarge Tee Shirt shipped to Canuck land. I live on the West of Canada. Just PM me if you want. Cheers back at You:)
  2. Thanks for the Info Guys, I did not know about "the no need for reinstall on CPU swap from Singles to Duallies". For me, I like to format, update, install all my Fav Programs and a Fresh Coat of Paint, then use Acronis True Image to ghost to a spare HD. Then start tweaking. Either which way Bulldoggie, you will like your Dual Core. GL.
  3. Mr.Smith I don't doubt your method at all. I am still learning and reading. I have just 1 question. After your method, does the ACPI MultiProcessor show up in the Device manager? And the Task Manager. ( Dual Graphs). Thanks.
  4. I think you do have to reinstall your OS. Your Opteron is a dual core, so you will need the correct ACPI. When reinstalling your OS you have to hit the F5 key to enter the ACPI window. From there you scroll up and pick Multiprocessor. After the install go to Here for the Dual Core Fix. I know it is a pain to reinstall, but I believe it is the only way for adding a Dual Core Cpu into the equation. GL.
  5. It is kind of funny when you think about our hobby. Overclocking the ShutDown. :nod:
  6. I use some registry tweaks to speed up my shutdown. They work for me. Reg Tweaks
  7. Try using a hairdryer on the heatsink, just to loosen the bond between the Thermalpaste or pad and the Heatsink. And then press down a bit, and twist heatsink. GL
  8. Nope, you will burn out the fan header. Get yourself a Fan controller. Most of the good fan controllers come with a sensing wires, that attaches to the fan headers of your choice. GL. This is what I am using Zalman Fan Controller
  9. My OCZ 520 died after a year. Those things happen. This is the Procedure they will ask you to do first. If your PSU doesn't start then, you will get an RMA number. If you offer to give them your Credit Card Number, they will cross ship a unit to you immediately. Mine took 4 days, it was shipped from the East Coast of Canada and and arrived on the West Coast in only 4 days..Outstanding Service and Warranty. They have an office in Calif. so hopefully you will have it for Xmas GL. With any luck the jump start will fix it (crosses fingers and toes for you)
  10. You buy a car and the wheel bearing grinds a little bit. What do you do?
  11. This HERE should help you out. I own the 520 Powerstream, It unfortunately broke, But I had a brand New one in my hands within 4 days.. Now that is great Service and Warranty.GL
  12. brocklanders34 my wife got it and it took awhile but I found the right fixer for it. As soon as I figure out my raid I will PM you a copy of the fix. That is to say have the fix backedup and I have to find it. As I remember correctly it took a couple of kicks at the cat and a good hour but it is possible. Here is the site that worked KillWinfixer
  13. Thanks Roadie I will give that a try again, do you know which raid drivers to use??
  14. I am having Problems with my raid setup. After following AG's guide, everything looks good, healty raid array 8k cluster 32 striping raid 0, One harddrive 138gigs with my 2 raptors. I download and tried to use the Raid drivers from DFI, they would not work. Not recognized. So I used the floppy that came with the mobo, that worked, load both drivers, but when I came to the XP welcome screen where you partion or install, my healty raid shows up as 2 raptors or harddrives. I have rechecked, the bios and everything for raid looks good. Is it the old drivers? Do I need New Raid Drivers, because of the Updated flash 623-3 and if so cause the DFI 354s dont work. I am kind of lost here. Losing hair, which I cant afford to lose, could wear a hat. I formated the raptors,8k cluster with XP installed on my Seagate, no updates were installed, just what was on the XP disk SP1. Tried Google but no joy or love. Oh well it could be worse, I could own an Asu??. Thanks for reading this essay. Just an update. I can build a healthy 32/ 8 array but the Raid Driver at Dfi.com is not recgonized when I press F6 and insert the floppy. I have tried new floppies on differen machines. So I kind of think the Dfi raid driver is broken. Does anybody know where I can get a working raid driver. Thanks
  15. Go to Microsoft and search for LBA, download it, the program will enable your large harddrives in the Registry. Press HERE for more info at MS. GL
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