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  1. Cough, cough. This also happens with my iAudio DAP, my iRiver DAP and my portable ADAT. None of those are good players either...are they? Ya might want all teh facts before you post.
  2. I am adding a 130gb Seagate Baracuda SATA drive with NCQ to my system to hold all my media files (mostly MP3s and videos). I don't know if I need to set up a RAID or not. I have a few questions: 1. Can I even set up a RAID array while keeping my current XP and applications installed on my primary drive? If so, how do I do this beyond and what RAID driver should I be using (seems to be some corrupt ones out there). 2. Would RAID 0 even be a benefit to me since all I want is to store media on this second HD? What do you guys think? Just use the 2nd drive as extra storage or RAID 0 the two for the ultimate in performance?
  3. OK, my system won't boot when my iPod is plugged in to the USB ports. It detects the CPU and hangs on the memory check. I've tried every BIOS from the 10/15/04 through the 5/4/05 (latest official as far as I know). None fix the issue. I've tried disabling removable devices as a boot option, enabled KB/external drive USB support and just about anything else related to USB and booting. I know the 4/15 BIOS was supposed to fix the "USB boot" issue, but it doesn't seem to help with ipods. Has anyone figured out a fix for this? TIA. EDIT: This occurs with or without any type of OC.
  4. Its the iPod. Mine does the same thing whether I'm at stock settings or OC'd.
  5. I have this problem when I have certain devices plugged into the USB ports. My Ipod, if on at boot, will cause the same thing as you. I get the first part of POST to come up with CPU recognition, then it stalls before it lists mem specs. I know others have this with flas drives, etc. Try removing USB "stuff" to see if one is causing this.
  6. Looking to order parts this weekend. The X2 4200+ on a DFI nF4 Ultra-D board will run dual core no problems with the current BIOSes, correct? Thanks in advance.
  7. Link in the FAQ.sticky is dead, I'd like a backup copy. If you have it or know of a good link please post it. Thanks.
  8. I know this issue is typically an nF4 issue, but since you simply say Ballistix has issues with DFI boards I thought I'd share. I have the s754 nF3 250 DFI board and I can and always have had zero issues with my Ballistix in this DFI mobo. I can run DDR500 and above all day long on memtest without errors. I'm running the 2.8v these sticks are rated for. Not one hitch ever...I love them. Timing sare as follows: 2 2 2 10 1T for DDR400-465 2.5 3 3 10 1T for DDR 466-500+
  9. You are correct and I did have a typo there. My room temp is in the 20's not 30's. That said I'm getting CPU temps at idle at or about 1 degree below my thermostat reading for the house. I took some ambient measurements where the PC is and they are lower than what my thermo reads. Sorry for the mixup and thanks for the clarification.
  10. Thanks for the info and tip. I appreciate it. I snagged a PLL heatsink for the thing and will apply with some Alumina this week. That should keep things cool enough.
  11. I'm bumping this because I'd like to know too. I'm running 1.8v vcore and hitting 55C under load and 37C idle. I know this a normal range for what I'm doing, but it just seems too high. I know DFI will never come out and say what is "too" high, but some kind of hint or OK'd range would be nice.
  12. Well yes that is my advice. I don't like to do anything halfassed. If 4.0v was important to me I'd want it done right. I know enough about electrical engineering and power supplies to know that modding your Antec to support 4.0v is quite possibly gonna cost you more than the $250 it would for a PSU rated that high to begin with. You may think its free now, but trust me with that PSU you could do some real damage. Heck that Antec has trouble with 3.3 as it is!
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