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  1. If you remove the IHS the stock HS won't touch the core and fry that baby. You need an aftermarket HS for IHS removal.
  2. 3Ghz with a 3800+ isn't common at all and I've not seen many people "claiming" they have. If you wanted 3Ghz you should have gotten an Opteron 165 or 170.
  3. What is the stepping of your 170?? There are databases which will tell you what your stepping will achieve. My 170 is a CCBBE 0610DPMW and is good for 3180Mhz max and 10x290 with 1.375v for 24/7 use. Seeing how your pushing 1.5v to get 2.8Ghz it's not looking good.
  4. Thanks for the reply ExRoadie. I'll have to pull a PSU from one of my other systems but I think, very strongly, that my PSU is failling. Under Smart Guardian my 12v rail is 11.77v which isn't good, the rest of the voltages are fine. I'll have to check the bios on the 12v.
  5. When I hit the switch on my case to turn my system on the front power LED comes on but that is all. No fans spin or anything for about 20 seconds then it will power on and run fine even overclocked 10x290 with 1.375v on my Opty 170. PSU or Ultra D or niether??? What do ya think?? I just thought of trying the power switch on the board which i'm gonna do right now. [EDIT] same results as the front power switch..
  6. I've had my Razer Copperhead tempest for 8 months now and love it. My Birthday just passed and I recieved a couple Compusa Gift cards. I went to local Compusa and came home with a G7, returned it the very next day. Battery life was terrible, one charge while gaming would last about 4 hours which to me was unacceptable. Also, for the day 1 had it, the mouse wouldn't get detected on bootup, I'd have to unplug it from the USB and replug it into to a different USB port. Not worth the hassle and my Razer wasn't ready to be retired anyways..
  7. Which operating system?? Mine works fine under XP Pro but I do get the same results your getting on my Vista system.
  8. :-) http://ecolorpostcards.com/winner.html test
  9. Neweggs prices are back down now. The 170 is back to $193 while the 175 is slightly higher than it was at $255.
  10. They probably have a big stock of 185's? Maybe Newegg has a pricing issue ATM?
  11. In no way will this force me to consider AM2. Sadly, the fanatic would go C2D before going AM2.
  12. I just recieved a CCBBE opty 170 From Newegg 2 days ago. Prices have jumped up so you may be paying more than $150 especially for a chip with known stepping and good OC'er. Can't touch mine for anything less than $250 seeing as the egg has them now for $289.
  13. Just browsing Newegg and noticed the Opty 170 I just payed $193 for is going for $289 and the 175 I paid $225 for a month ago is selling for $486 170-- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103586 175-- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103584 Crazy stuff!!!
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