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  1. Well, I can't inch this cpu over 240mhz htt even with 1.4 and 1.45. I guess I'll stick with 2.4ghz for the next week or so until I get my new motherboard and CPU.
  2. So could anyone please tell me if there will ever be a BIOS update for this motherboard with the latest NVRAID? I'd really love to be able to boot XP 64 on my RAID-0 setup. If there's nothing planned I might as well just toss this board in the trash and get something else.
  3. I've had absolutely zero luck with this motherboard getting my RAM stable at 800mhz or higher, 799 is rock solid though (although at 2T which is lame considering the RAM that I have.) Tonight I'll mess around with 1.4vcore and see if I can coax 2.5 or 2.6 out of this processor with a reasonable divider keeping my ram ~799mhz. This processor stays so cool even with 1.35vcore that in the mid-afternoon and evening when it starts to cool down my cpu fan turns off and spins 1-2 rotations every 20 seconds or so which means it's basically being passively cooled. I'm in San Diego and it's not even that cold out .
  4. Ok. I'll give it 1.4 and see what I can do tonight.
  5. Anyone have any suggestions on the best temperature monitor to use with the sensors on this mobo? I'd like to be able to check the actual temperature of my cores as well rather than a sensor on the motherboard.
  6. I've got the ADO 65W 3800+ processor and I'm wondering if it's to the regular 3800+ chips as the mobile Athlon XPs were to their desktop counterparts. This chip is 1.2v by default, but could I give it 1.45 like it's big brothers or are these designed to be run at lower vcores only?
  7. I'm also hoping they get a new RAIDBIOS out in the next BIOS release. I can't install XP 64 on my 74gbRaptor RAID-0 without it. It sucks being on 32bitxp after using x64 for the last year or so.
  8. I'm well aware you need two drives which is why I'm buying another. RAID-1 sounds pointless if you upgrade a lot. I'll just stick with the complete pain in the butt method as that can be guaranteed to work.
  9. So if I moved this RAID-1 onto a new motherboard or different RAID controller would I have to back up the data elsewhere before setting up the RAID-1? If so that would be really pointless as I would need the hard drive to have the data in the first place so I would be unable to RAID-1 the drives again in the future. Oh well, I guess I will have to manually "RAID-1" and just copy files to both drives which will be a total pain in the butt since I constantly edit/modify files.
  10. I'm about to purchase a 500gb hard drive which I'm planning on filling up about half way before buying a second 500gb drive a week later. If I want to set up a RAID-1 between the two of them when I pop in the 2nd drive will the RAID utility at bootup allow me to setup the RAID-1 and copy the files from the first drive to the other or do both of them have to be formatted to setup the RAID-1? Thanks in advance.
  11. Have you had that particular 5000+ higher on any other board? *edit*- I'm inclined to agree that your sarcasm was necessary after his suggestion.
  12. http://www.siliconimage.com/support/suppor...&ctid=2&osid=8& Are these the correct drivers from the SiliconImage website? I get the impression those are for a pci-x raid card rather than the built in ports on the DFI board.
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