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  1. If you've not heard it enough: "THANK YOU!!!!!!!" You're awesome, Tmod. I especially like the addition of prime95. MW
  2. I'm sure many of these are already in this thread, but here you go: DFI NF4 Bios (at DFI-street) clearing CMOS clear/reset procedures Tmod's Bios CD thread in case you don't have a floppy (or hate 'em). Nvidia chipset drivers (get the "Platform/nForce Drivers" for "nForce4 AMD") I wouldn't install the firewall or ntune stuff from their package. NF4 Ultra-D Step by Step New Build AMD64 OC guide DFI NF4 bios guide (at DFI-street) Stable DFI NF4 bios settings (at the OCForums) For some extra insight here's RGone's BIOS settings . RGone and Angry Games work for DFI. Their good help. For tweaking HTT etc in windows: clockgen (Nforce4 version link) Be sure to grab superpi Run 1 million digits to get a rough stability test. If you can do 32 million (about 30 minutes for your setup), then you're pretty darn stable and ready to try for rock solid stabity test. Use Prime95 for 24 hours on "In-place large FFT" torture test to see if it's really stable. For tweaking ram timings in windows: A64tweaker Memtest and all it's doc's can be found here Memtest86 ver 3.2 .iso image to burn to CD can be downloaded from here Hope this helps. Good luck and be patient!
  3. All this talk of power/voltages has my Dr. Frankenstein urges tingling.....I can smell the solder already.....hmmm...X800XL volt mod sounds perfect.....nothing left to do on this DFI board---cuz it ROCKS outta the box!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the pix and info. I'll use this to show my friends.
  5. fixed above link on my results / / sorry, 'bout that edit: the link/my post keeps disappearing..... strange....
  6. Ohhh, if you need a good reason for the X2, then just tell yourself or that girl of importance: "Masterwoot, says it's the best choice of a processor currently available." or something like that.... On a more serious side: I run my venice @ 2.8 ghz w/ 1Gig of ram and often have 20 Firefox windows open, 4 or so different construct programs (dreamweaver, flash, fireworks, freehand), a few IE windows, email, ftp client, winamp, and windows media player. I don't have any problems. If you want to know where the problems are (if you have 'em), look into your task manager and see if the CPU usage or the ram is maxed out.
  7. I think he means that one of the two cores will OC higher than the other. Hence you'll not achieve the OC potential you'd hope. That's what I think he means.
  8. Most of you prolly know that you should be careful what settings your mobo has for memory. You also know it's best to have matched pairs of ram at the same rated speeds as the processor and mobo. However, sometimes we get a bit hasty.... Here are 2 sticks of ram in an older setup running memtest all night quite happily (9+ hours w/ 8 passes): Here is the basic bios settings (ya, I know--tis blazing fast ) Notice the memory frequency was manually set to 266. Now here's what happened in "auto" mode. Nothing else in the whole system was changed, just the memory frequency is set to "auto." Most of us might think that would be just fine. Here's the results after 8 seconds of memtest (420 errors already): And after 38 seconds of memtest (3628 errors, oh my!): Hmmmm.... I don't think I want to install windows on that setup. So what happened? The ram was different latencies (CAS 2.5 and CAS 3) and different brands, yet both were rated at PC3200 = 400 mhz for the memory frequency. Ouch. That was too much for this mobo and cpu to handle in "auto" mode. However, manually setting the cpu frequency to 266 (and checking the memory timings were not in auto also) resulted in a tolerable setup. MAIN POINT: Be sure your ram settings in the BIOS match the chip and mobo tolerances. This is best tested using memtest. Don't forget that the best setup is to have a matched pair of ram stix--especially if you'd like to run in dual channel. Resource: Memtest and all it's doc's can be found here Resource: Memtest86 ver 3.2 .iso image to burn to CD can be downloaded from here
  9. ocforums official X2 results thought you'd like that
  10. just to note: nf3 = Serial ATA interfaces with speed up to 1.5Gbps nf4 = SATA speed up to 3Gb/s (that is, SATA2)
  11. no, dfi's got a new nF3 ultra-D 939 I'd still go w/ the nf4 from dfi.... sooooo nice Btw, here's the list of all DFI socket 939 mobo's
  12. just droooling...... no comments 'cept "it'll crank!" nice choices
  13. I think it depends on what you want to do with it. Just game? Then the 4000 is what you'd want. Going to do tons of stuff at the same time and stress your system out, or want to run a dedicated server while you're gaming on the same rig? Then the X2. Either way, you better get a NF4 board with a 939 socket--not the 754 as the X2 and the 4000 (sandiego) are both 939 pins. Hope that helps. By the way there are some nice comparisons between the two over at the ocforums like this one or this one
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