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  1. Divider: 400 MHz FSB: any, as far as I can tell What's the big problem with adding the TRC option to the bios?
  2. How did you get TRC to be 16? On Auto I get it set to 5. On manual settings, I get it set to 1. How the heck can I get it to some reasonable value? The above happens at stock and with an overclock. I think I am getting instability because of this. I know memory is usually quite sensitive to this timing (at least DDR1, in the past). PS: only got the board yesterday
  3. KrisMCool I think a general rule is to keep the aperture size 1/4 of your RAM or 100% of your VRAM. I think in many cases this is the same thing.
  4. >>its the ONLY part that does any work Oh really? What about the ALU heh.
  5. ViperJohn You sound pretty confident about the "FPU" etc. Got a link?
  6. Umm.. C0 stepping physically doesn't support 2T. All they can run is 1T :confused:
  7. Did you see the search function? It does wonders.
  8. Seems rather wrong. All you need is the South Bridge, the CPU and the memory. You don't need the "motherboard" - it makes things worse, not better for the sketch. I mean it has an idea, but it's VERY vague.
  9. Take off your IHS It gave me 8C lower load temps.
  10. PoZiTroN Why bother using C&Q with Zalman 7000B-CU? It should be fine Are overclocking and trying to use C&Q at the same time?
  11. Seems like a worthless upgrade to me. If you were upgrading from a 3100+ pr0n, you should've went the 939 road
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