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  1. Bump for when are you shipping me the I/O shield??
  2. HTPC Case still up for grabs, and added FT on my beloved Ballistix that isn't playing well with my Expert = (
  3. Could use some large sata drives 500G or larger. PM me if you have something
  4. Open to reasonable offers on the HTPC case. 2x320g seagate drives will be posted up FS in the next day as well.
  5. Sweet sounds good to me. Bump for a new sig.
  6. No problem =) Feel free to throw in that broken lite-on DVD burner in my box LOL I'd love to tinker with it if you don't want it...
  7. YGPM Dibs on the DFI Expert and the Venice, and possibly the PS as well =)
  8. Thanks for the help What about on a 1000mb network??
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