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  1. Yea, I was thinking that myself after my post. I just ordered the GXS a few minutes ago, so should have that here by end of week. I'm gonna try the 600 out though to see the difference hands on. I'll be going with dual 7800GT's here shortly, if not the 79's, give this comp to my woman. She's just on some old HP that goes about 1 mile a day. -Freez
  2. Attitude? No, I just don't like you treating me like it's just another PSU thread, maybe it is to you, but I wanted to know exactly what that meant. Just forget it, I'll go somewhere else. My question can't be any more clear, and all your doing is sending me links I've already looked at. I was here long before you got the Mr. PSU tag on you. @Hochi: Thanks man, but now you are talking volts, I'm lost. For a $10 difference I guess I'll just go withy the GXS and be done with it, I was just trying to prevent another 2 weeks of Newegg shipping again. think I'm done ordering from them anyweys until they can fix it. -Freez
  3. Well that doesnt answer my question. I see nothing that makes the GXS700 better than the 600ADJ. So until it gets explained I guess I'll be sticking with the one I got. All your doing is recommmending something that has already been recommende before. If you read the title of my post I asked for the DIFFERENCES. 20A to me is better than 18A. YAY 18A x 4, well since I wont be using all 4 plugs, what does it do for me? Now, since I know what you guys recommend, and have known what you guys recommend, please don't tell me what you recommend again, that is not the reason for this post. EDIT: I guess ultimately what I am asking, is do you just add all 4 or 2 12V rails up? Meaning, the GXS has 4 x 18A, so does that mean it is 72A? Like the one I ordered, does it mean that it is 40A, 2 x 20A? Overall that is my question. If it does mean that, which wouldn't make sense to me, if you are adding them up why wouldn't there be just 1 x 12V rail @ 72A or 40A etc etc.?? -Freez
  4. Yea, but that is for each line, you arent using all those amps on one line are you? Meaning, if you are plugging in one video card you aren't utilizing 18 x 4 = 72Amps for that one thing right? Guess I just don't understand how that works really. 18A is 18A. That doesnt make sense, (to me). -Freez
  5. Well I have the OCZ 600 ADJ coming, will be here on Tuesday from the Egg's now, slow butt shipping. Anyways, I have been wondering why the 700GXS is being reccomended, not necesarily over the 600ADJ, but being #1 on alot of peeps list. I know it has the extra 2 12v plugs, but the amps are lower on the 12v rail than the 600ADJ. Not by much but still lower. My reason for getting the 600ADJ was just that, it's adjustable. I won't get anything but an OCZ so please tell me your opinions on both. Those that have one or the other or both, please indulge me. Just want to know why the 700 is recommended more, watts? amps? plugs? or just cuz it has 'game' in the name (lol). I've read reviews for both and noone seems to be knocking either, not that anyone would after all, it is OCZ. As a matter of fact the 600ADJ isn't even on the recommended list at all, (that I can see/find). EDIT: Link to both of them @ the Egg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductCompa...N82E16817341002 TIA -Freez
  6. Not sure if this was in response to my comment, but if you read his previous post he says he just got an Antec Truepower. Thats what I was commenting on. I still don't know why Antec's are even recommended at all. Think that is bad for DFI (Dave) to do. They are crap, I have read many forums where they jsut arrive dead, die shortly after, etc etc. Just think yall need to look elsewhere besides Antec. -Freez
  7. Never better words, 100% agree with that, Antec is crap. I may use one for powering a fan or two, but nothing else. I have been through 5 of them, either DOA,or DAA (Dead After Awhile). -Freez
  8. I would quote you but I'm sure that people would be kind of upset scrolling through it twice ....lmao. All seriousness, we should hang that up and frame it. Well said. I love it when you decide to just "go off" in a thread, and not "go off" in the "HEY F YOU!" sense, I mean the typing for two hours to get your point across. I'm sure Intel will come around sooner or later. Either before they go broke or after. But any real gamer/OC'r knows that you can get alot more for alot less with AMD. If you win the lottery, I think we would all be much happier if you bought us all Phase change....then we would have to call this, 3Gig-street. -Freez
  9. Impatient? I waited almsot 10 hours for an answer that I already knew. Hehe, more or less just testing this place to see what kind of lab rats you have produced lately. But seriously, do you think I would have left a casino had I went to Vegas?? Computer's or Free drinks? FREE DRINKS!! They sure know how to get yer attention them casino's. But yea, I'll be moving to Cali soon (around Jan-Feb) so I'll be closer to the whole Vegas thing, that could be good or bad, dunno yet. So you and Momma goin to PDX or what? I was thinkin about maybe possibly thinking about the idea of going, but I don't want to hang out with a bunch of nerds. haha. Or will I once again be the only DFI-streeter there (bsides the owner)? Well screw that, I'll go if you are. Tennvols 69 says he may be going, and he lives in New Mexico. Anyways, I got the party mix if yall are coming, lemme know so I can spend some money (on tickets, not alcohol, I mean pop). PS: Thanks for finally changing my Avatar. And wtf, prison? I don't do prison. It's hard out here for a pimp. Naw, just gotta get off that World of Warcraft .. Takes up to much time. I once played for 36 hours straight, and umm not joking, 36 hours, no restarts, no gettin hot, no nothing, just smooth as fresh paint. Maybe we can make a new thread, WoW Stable 36 hrs? -Freez
  10. Yea, just figured it out myself. couldn't find any older versions until my friend came online. Workin fine now. thanks -Freez
  11. Absolutely noone knows about this or has any information on it eh? That totaly boggles my mind. Should I go elsewhere for help on this matter? Honestly can't believe that noone knows the answer to these two questions. -Freez
  12. Hiya guys, haven't posted in awhile but am getting back into the OC'in and such. Just picked up a 3800+ x2 from the egg and so far so good. I have a couple questions though that hopefully someone may be able to help with. #1.) CPU-Z version 1.36 will not let me select which CPU I want to see. In other words the little selector is disabled. I read up on CPUID's forums and it happened with some Intel guy, and had something to do with Hyperthreading, but that doesn't effect me. Hell I don't even know if it's suppose to let you select, but then again why would it be there. #2.) WebTemp, I know that this is not supported by DFI nor do I know alot of people using it, but it does give alot of information and seems to be fairly reliable (so far). My question is that it is showing differences in Core voltages. Example: CPU 0 is @ 1.34v (same as CPU-Z says it is) but CPU 1 is @ 1.17v. Again I'm not sure if this is the programs fault or what, but I would like to know. Which is why I would like to get the CPU selector working on CPU-Z. I do show 2 cores in Task manager, and also Multiproc is installed in Device Manager. Let me know if you need anymore info. I'm sure I'll have some other questions, but for now, have at it. Also, this may not be posted in the right spot, if it isn't go ahead and shoot me H_G (or mods). TIA -Freez
  13. Yea, nice deal and all but still a waste of money. Was reading through here and alot of people are right in the fact that you are wasting your money on that chip. The Opteron's are alot better in that they cost a fraction of what the 60 does. Besides the fact that they can clock just as good f not better than the 60's...Just because it costs alot, doesn't mean it's better. Just think of this, what if that 60 doesn't clock as high as your 55 did? If the stuff in your sig is up to date, those Antec PSU's are crap, trust me I know, I went through 5 of them on my DFI board. You NEED a PSU, like an OCZ or something nice. Can't go wrong with an OCZ. Someone mentioned Video card too, might not be a bad idea. But would strongly suggest a PSU. Just think that you need to cover the basics first. Imho you won't get a "good" clock out of it with that PSU anyways. GL just my $.02 -Freez
  14. Naw man this thing is alot more quiet, only max's out at about 5200rpm's and the stock one does about 7500, I mean you can hear the evercool but only if its on all the way, and it isn't half as loud as the stock one by any means. -Freez
  15. Heya everyone, Haven't posted on the street for a bit now, been working to damn hard. Finally got the Twinkling VGA cooler for the stock DFI chipset cooler replacement. Some of you may have remembered my mod I did awhile back that used the ICEBERQ 4 Fan in the stock DFI HS. Well I decided to change mainly because of the copper HS on the Evercool. Sure am glad I did. With my modded one the highest it ever got to was 47C from what I remember. But after the install of the Evercool it took them down quite a bit more as you can see HERE, this is with Prime running for over 14 hours. Pretty incredable what the difference is and about 2mm more clearance than the stock one, from the PCI-E card. So thanks A_G for this and maybe you can get DFI to just install thse on their boards now anyways...(yea right..lol) Having all my temps max out at 40C is nice. Lookin at gettin a Dual Core Opteron here pretty soon. So will be back to update. -Freez
  16. Wish you still had the blue. It was really easy on the eyes. The Blue was alot better than any of this orange stuff, but owell. Maybe you'll find some better ones. -Freez
  17. That is funny, but Newegg didn't want to switch it out with anyother brand, they would only replace. So I had to wait until it was out of the ordinary I guess for them to realize what was going on. But yea, that was funny. Although I was smart and bought memory that has some customer support behind it. Sorry had to. -Freez
  18. If this is true it certainly does suck. I have been waiting for the next one anxiously. Oskar please tell us this isn't true!! This would be really lame, there are alot more people who enjoy the BIOSs then those that don't!! I feel that we should still be getting them. Not that it matters what I feel, but it would be nice!! -Freez
  19. Just read through this and I think what Soundx98 is trying to say is that it's just what they say or promise that gets you so frustrated. Just as simple as those damn Paid Programming commercials that say, "If you call within the next ten minutes," or "While supplies last", then you call, "well we're all out of that sorry." Simple, you tell someone your gonna do it, do it, no excuses just get the job done, period!! Stickers or not, they should have sent him a box and gave him free shipping on his next order. Whatever you can do to make sure that customer is not only gonna come back, but he's gonna bring people with him. Some of my grandpa's best customers are ones that he's had quarells with. It's all in how you treat them, the end result. Like Newegg, I'm sure by now everyone knows about my 5 Antecs that have gone bad or were DOA, I just got my $50 check for shipping reimbursment, and still have the PSU sitting in the box right next to me. All I gotta do is send it back and get a full refund!! I mean thats the way it should be done. Customer Service. I still believe that the customer is always right, and so do they after I get off the phone with them. People are to soft on companies nowadays. THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY!! Make them follow through with what they promise!! Frozen CPU and there "Check here and we'll deliver it on Saturday", BS, well I checked it and it never showed up, but the bill sure did on my credit card. WTF??? So I let them know about that one. Only took them a month to credit me 11 bux, but it's the point is all. Bottom line is that you should call back and let them have it in a nice way, then if nothing else, cancel and order somewhere else. They'll learn sooner or later!! I would have already demanded money back, and interest...lol. EDIT: And I just got back from this new casino up here and won $645 bucks tonight!! W00T Off of $40, playin Spanish 21. -Freez
  20. Yea, very cool game. I just have the 'free version' (LOL) so I can only play direct IP stuff. -Freez
  21. So I did it and not to impressed. Same overclocks as before with a little higher temps, around 2-3C. So I'll be going back to my trusty Freezer64 tomorrow. Just gonna get water later. Don't really like the mounting on this thing either. Only has 2 bolting points, when I feel it should have 4. Just because of how much downward motion it has. Also having that fan(witch doesn't do much) on there is heavy too. So gonna put the IHS back on tomorrow. -Freez
  22. Ok so I went out and got this one HERE and as I'm looking at it it definately looks like this one will work. It has screws and several mounting brackets, and looks totally adjustable. This is also the lightest one that my local computer shop had. @675g, versus 692g and 748g. My friend also has this one and it cools his CPU very well. Has a 120mm fan and also has mounting for a second, 80mm or 120mm on the other side. I know everyone hates TT but I think cooling wise and especially air, they have got it covered. Now about the cracking the CPU core. What is the best way to avoid this? How tight should this all be? One thing you will have is the actual tightness of the screws, and the other being the wieght of the cooler....the wieght of the cooler is always going to give one side of the CPU more pressure, correct?? Any advice on this would be excellent. TIA -Freez
  23. 9/10 1T 2 2 (3 for windows rock stable) 7 (8 for windows rock stable) 2 (3 for windows rock stable) 7 16 2 2 1 2 3120 01 Enabled Increase Skew<----this to decrease 128<------try 0, then work your way up if it doesn't work Lev. 8 Lev. 3<---this to 2 7.0ns Fastest<---this to Fast, a major effect on it booting or not!! I sometimes keep it at normal!!)This to me is most critical.** 5.0ns<---this to 5.5ns 256 Cycles<---try to change this to 004, I'm pretty sure that BH-5/UTT likes it here) Disable 16x 7x Disabled (4burst) Might not work at all, but those are close to the settings I have for my BH-5 so they might help you out. Mine are good to [email protected]:1 GL -Freez
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