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  1. Thanks for the reply RGone. Thats a bummer that the thread is out of date, perhaps it should be taken down as to not mislead anyone else. So now, I'm stuck with a PSU that isn't of any use to me although it is recommended. (Btw, I looked and there isn't an earlier version of that model available anymore so I don't believe that could be used as a defense.) I wonder if ZZF would let me send it back or am I going to have to eat the cost of the PSU and still get another one. Also those FSP PSU's seem to get good reviews. Perhaps I should try another motherboard and see how it likes it and move my gaming rig to it and retire the DFI with the current 430w PSU as a 2nd rig. Thanks again, Mike
  2. Still messing around with this issue. I put the PSU into another computer and it worked fine there to. It only has problems with the DFI board. I'm kind of curious how it got to be on the 'A' list of recommended PSU's if it doesn't work. Anyone have any suggestions? Mike
  3. Well, I couldn't wait on the ol' lady to get off her box so I tore apart the HTPC and put in the Enermax, gritted my teeth, said a prayer to Jack Daniels and hit the power button. Voila, it powered up with no issues. Here is the link the exact PSU I bought if it gives more info. Clicky Here is the link to the thread of recommended PSU's. Clicky Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
  4. Well, I was having some stability issues with my SLI-DR and my Opty 175 along with a 7800GTX so I decided to upgrade the PSU to an Enermax 600W based on the recommended A list here on dfi-street. It's replacing a Seasonic 430W that just wasn't cutting it. Well, it won't post. As soon as you try to turn on the machine, it sounds like the PSU goes into a protection mode. You hear a switch click and then all power goes away. Until you try to turn it on, the standby lights on the mobo are on and all looks fine. I put the Seasonic back in and it powered up fine, swapped it back out to the Entermax and same thing. I'm hoping it's not a bum PSU and I'm just making a dumb mistake. Does anyone have any suggestions? Atm, I'm about to go test the Enermax in another machine but I gotta wait till the girl gets done with her college paper. I'll report back my findings in a bit. Thanks, Mike
  5. Sorry, I have it all written down at the house. I'll add that to my previous post when I get home in a couple hours. Mike
  6. Just recieved my Opty 175 last night. It installed without a hitch and is perfectly stable at stock speeds/voltage. It Prime95'd (1 on each core) all night with no issues and tonight I will get down to seeing how high I can clock it. Mike
  7. Monarch is killing me. Ordered my Opty 175 Monday and still hasn't shipped.
  8. After you turned on the RAID controller in the BIOS (and hopefully you turned it on for the IDE/SATA channels you needed) did you go into the nvidia raid controller and set up your mirrored array? Just something look at...
  9. Quick question guys.. I've read and re-read this thread twice but I see no mention of the Dual Core Opterons showing these systems unless I'm missing it. Can anyone confirm that?
  10. I looked at the egg and the 175's were out of stock. :/
  11. I ordered a 175 today for my new rig I'm building. I wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger but with the news of AMD ceasing production on 939 pin Opty's I couldn't take the chance of not getting one. Monarch 4tw!
  12. I'm guessing that this is applicable only to the Infinity series of boards as here is a screenie of my LP SLI-DR. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. If 1-2% will save me $50+ for a new waterblock then thats just a sacrifice I will have to make. Thanks for the info, Mike
  14. I'd like to add that I have the Seasonic 600w Rev A2 and I don't have this issue. Mike
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