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  1. I just got a 4000+ mobile and when I installed it splash screen identifies it correctly but machine will then reboot and just keep rebooting.tried manual settings of [email protected] and 1.50 but when I get out of bios monitor goes blank,fans keep going but machine won't respond. any sugestions? Dave
  2. when I disabled it on my machine the computer would not boot at all.Harddrive light was on but nothing on screen,had to reset cmos now it 's back to normal
  3. glocksman will you have to reinstall windows when you change to the new raid card? or will it see your already made array and use that?
  4. what I did was when windows detected that a raid array was there and it looked for drivers I put in the CD that came with the board and they installed themselves.There might be another way to do it but that is what I did.The problem I have now is not unlike what another user has mentioned in another post.When starting up the array is not always recognized and I have to reset,sometimes 2 or 3 times. BTW I did not see your other post until now when I sent the OS to the array it showed up as an array and not as 2 seperate drives
  5. installed single drive got windows up and running then introduced the 2 sata drives setup raid in bios then used the maxtor software to move OS to the raid array
  6. cyberfossil i had the exact same problem.I tried everything I could think of but the install would only get as far as the windows is starting(XP PRO) then I would get the same error message as you are.I finally had to install windows on a single ide harddrive then copy all to the sata raid setup.
  7. I was unaware thank you for the info! Dave
  8. thanks but I want the origional drivers,the updated ones cause BSOD when I attempt to load windows
  9. can someone please Email me or post the raid drivers that came with the NF33250GB board?I lost the floppy and the newer drivers lock up the system.Thanks Dave
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