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  1. its not seated correctly w/ xp120 even tho you "think" it is you need slk948u or something similar
  2. i have had an slk948u that i sadly had to part with while running nude (ihs-less) since the slk948u is discontinued and they are hard to find now...i was looking for an alternative for it. does it exist? here is what i found: http://www.xoxide.com/swiftech-mcx64000-v.html anyone have any experiences with this? it appears to be mounted the same way as a slk948u, so i was wondering if it would fit. if anything, maybe the washer might have to be sanded down a teeny bit, but i need to see it in person to determine that. thanks for any experiences!
  3. thunda is correct. my old truecontrol 550 II only went to 3.41 or something when turned to the max. this is only enough for 3.1 vdimm stable i found. with my pcpc turbo cool 510 express, it goes up to 3.6v max with the internal pot, but i've found that the 3.4v setting is not stable while the 3.3v setting is
  4. oh im sure everyone on this board who gets their hardware warranteed got a "professional" to install it give me a break
  5. wow, thanks shadowx...maybe the dent in the "battery" caused voltage to not be consistent, hence the jumps in temp, and i just realized i have jumps in voltage readings as well... angry games? rgone?? what you guys think? crap i hope i can find the receipt for the board... =
  6. yeah im pretty aware its not actually increasing, but just the fact that its jumping makes me nervous since its never done it before the dent and new cpu =( any other takes?
  7. oh, the link wont work at first click, you need to click refresh....weird.
  8. http://pics.bbzzdd.com/users/chinkgai/IMG_9549cropped.jpg when i was screwing in my slk948u, my screwdriver slipped a bit and i dented that small capacitor or whatever! its a very small ding, but will it affect performance??? ever since that ding i've noticed my temperatures jump at random times under load from say...40ish C to like..84ish C and then back to normal again... this happens for the cpu, pwm, chipset...basically everything with a temp sensor... this never happened before and i duno if its the little ding i've caused or the new cpu i was installing when this happened, which is the X2 4200+.... oh ignore my sig, the system is now: x2 4200+ ocz vx pc4000 dfi nf4 sli-d x850 xt pe pc&pc turbo cool express 510
  9. ur link doesnt work ridikolous here is the working link: http://www.hl2online.com/downloads/DFI-NF3LD504-R1-vdimm.zip
  10. no my friend, thats just what the sticker or whatever says ocz pc4000vx is SUPPOSED to run at 250 @ 3.3v (not 3.5v) at 2-2-2 timings!! you need to visit this forum and read up on your ram in the xtreme bandwidth section http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/ sisoft is NOT a good measure of ram performance!
  11. uh, you have ur vx at 2-3-3-7 and at 3.5!! thats actually horrible for 4000vx will it not run at stock settings? 2-2-2 @ 3.3v? if so, i'd recommend that setting cuz it'll eat your current setting alive in terms of performance. if it wont do stock settings...it might be ur set is bad, try one at a time, etc. then rma if necessary if you think its cuz ur mem controller sucks, i suggest trying on a friend's computer if possible to see if the sticks are bad or not
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