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  1. yea mine just died on my nf2ub... gonna reinstall drivers now...
  2. used for 5+ years: Norton Systemworks/utilities/antivirus (from newest to oldest) last 3 years: ad aware se microsoft antispyware spybot search and destroy i currently use systemworks 05/06 (depending on machine) and spybot w/ adaware virus free and spyware free for 8+years! personally: i sell panda/mcafee/norton/spyware doctor/webroot/spysweeper/and another top brand i can't think of right now. and there all great but my votes go w/ norton and spyware doctor..... why, my stats prove it, u can tell norton to scan at startup, and update manually daily. spyware doctor worked great on systems that spybot/adaware were not available to install on (lack of internet connection). mcafee i have had some bad experiances virus wise many years ago... and panda..... well if u run aol (not that many do) it won't work, and besides that it was a marketing ploy for my company to make more margin. i believe in what i use. and don't knock anyone for what they use.
  3. agreed, now where can i find said sound utility?
  4. see.... i figured to do that too, but there's no advanced settings/program to change settings or am i missing something.... in all honesty it's not my computer it's a buddy of mines. found the original box but not the cd so i couldn't find any software off the main dfi site either...... i tried going through the taskbar icon for sound volume- advanced settings, and went to control panel also and looked all through there, with nothing about echo/spacial settings. the owner of the 875b later was messing w/ a episode of pure pwnage in itunes video converter, and was able to make it sound normal through that programs advanced settings. but no other program (mediaplayer/itunes/dvdrom) has settings that would do the same...... :headbang:
  5. back onto this subject how do i remove the echo from the audio of my speakers..... i've tried everything on my pro875b w/ newest audio drivers from cmedia *2005.... i'm running 3 way logitec speakers.
  6. UPDATE!!! : Installed the zalman arm w/ antec 3 speed fan (needed the 92 for compaq). now 2x active cooling, although i'm prolly gonna remove the thermaltake unit from my 2nd chip. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v218/nis...er/100_0298.jpg case closed
  7. saweet painting the inside. ofcourse here comes the million dollar ????? What kind of paint did u use, and can we get some closeups?
  8. hey angry is the windows xp tweak guide suppose to be all jumpy and stuff? mine is for some reason... almost goes w/ the music....... interesting i'm going to redownload. no change w/ 2nd download, it's like the vid is mosaic, and madd pop ups.
  9. great vid! very informative, even to someone who's never owned a 64. i'm sure the IHS adhesive that holds it to the core can be removed also, via rubbing alcohal/arctic clean?
  10. all great idea's but i was looking to keep it as close to stock as possible, as i said i finally got it off there, thought about sanding/lapping the chip but it's not worth that much to me, and just the fact that it's working is enough to keep me happy w/ myself and not ati. the first hour of noticing the problem, was spent placing orders to newegg and crazy pc, i'll be giving my mom my old volcano 11 w/ duct mod (if it fits), a pci card slot cooler (that i will put right next to the vid card), a zalman 92mm fan w/ bracket, new north and southbridge coolers, and my rig will finally get the mcp350 it's been waiting for about 9 months.
  11. Word, looks a lot cooler now w/ the copper (copper looking) heatsink, suprised it still worked, i got it really hot, come to find out the power connector on the cards board for the stocker fan was dead too.
  12. heat gun worked. couldn't get the old thermal compound off so i just slapped the new cooler on it. tried rubbing alcohal (normal cheapy remover) AND Arcticlean. w/ a razor, so i just gave up. works fine for now. thanks to ati's wonderful tech support i will stay a dedicated nvidia fan. untill i find out how much there tech support sucks. johnson thanks for the idea and the prodding to try it, i used my automotive grade heat gun at the high setting for about 45 seconds, took some pry-ing still, but after some patience i sent the stock sink flying about 4 feet, card works fine!!!
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