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  1. i used to run it...found it gave more accurate temp readings too... but had issues overclocking...it got locked at 216mhz fsb... after that, i decided to wait for the next release and went back to 711 that, and also i had to disconnect my SATA drives while i was flashing it and the first time that i saved settings, otherwise it wouldn't post...after the first time, it was fine
  2. FYI, i just did a re-install of XP on my system using RAID... I had no end of trouble trying to use the SATA drivers off the dfi website, i used the latest from the NVIDIA forceware drivers and it worked great...
  3. that happened to me, but the FSB locked at 216Mhz, the RAM timings seemed ok... i do have a drive on port 1, but i disable that SATA controller when i overclock...is that enough?
  4. 1. Which colours are they in??? to run in dual channel, they need to be in the SAME colour...ie, both in Yellow, or both in Orange... 2. Im not really sure about that one..i never use the jack sensing...turn it off, go into "speaker configuration" and manually set it up...
  5. xen, this is one of the reasons i left this thread. i personally agree wiht lucky. this is the NF3 Ultra-D thread... im not going to go into a DFI NF4 Ultra-D thread and start asking questions about AGP am i??? NO... so why should he ask a question about PCIe in a thread that has nothing to do with PCIe???????????????????????????????????
  6. ok...well, i left this place, couldn't stand all the DFI flaming.. last night had a look at DFi and saw a new BIOS...flashed it and seemed ok...well, PC posted... went in a changed all my other settings, poof, no post... finally got back to the 711 BIOS, working fine now...just throught i'd let u guys know... ***EDIT also, i just got the TT Big Typhoon, and had trouble installing it...anyone here have one??? i found the screws were too short... i have been able to install it, but, my own, custom way and i personally don't think its installed right...
  7. im sorry, i did not know we were in the presence of royalty... Oh mighty king, how does thou know this information... and thankyou for giving me permission to keep the board i paid good money for!!!
  8. hahaha...yeah, tassie can get quite chilly...i was there on a tour in 2003...Hobart, Straughn and Launceston, all very cold!!! now THATS a LOL!!! there are no reviews because the NF3 chipset is old news...why review a NF3 when there are countless NF4 boards, as well as ULI-1895 (or watever the new one is) as well as the Intel 945/955, etc, etc... i completly agree...however, i would like to hear from Angry or RGone... unfourtunetly, i have no new news about my board...my CPU is currently occupied in my BFG NF4-Ultra board, in my XP Media Center PC after a few days, am putting the CPU back in my DFI Board...then i think i'll need to try some overclocking again...if i don't do it soon, i think i'll forget how BTW, i am still able to get the NF3 Ultra-D in Perth, Western Australia...wat about you LUCKY?
  9. ROFL...you mean the "V-450LP"??? how are we supposed to know wat that is??? 1.45v + 0.2 does not equal 1.65v (not in the mind of DFI anyway)...follow the link in my sig, and then goto the link about voltages...it will show you some settings, and wat the REAL voltage will equal... but yeah...don't believe wat the BIOS or any software says about voltages or temperatures...get out a multimetre and test the rails yourself if you're worried...and if you're not actually having any problems, then i'd say you're pretty safe...
  10. that is incredibly freaky... are you SURE you did a clean install??? or did you have a previous version of windows that you didn't format??? (just making sure) it looks like you have A LOT of expansion cards...and i assume you installed the drivers for each of those?? (same process as the CD that came with the motherboard...stuff like the Audigy SHOULD'VE come with a driver CD...) if that doesn't make any difference...take each one out (except Video card...duh) and boot into windows and see if they're there...if there are any remaining, right-click on them a select UNINSTALL, and reboot and see wat happens... then install each card ONE AT A TIME and see if it works like that...
  11. umm...why are you going on about 1000 drives??? and who said anything about RAID??? i currently run 2x200GB in RAID 0...But prolly will be buying a 250Gb SATA as storage...sooon.... not exactly sure how im gonna have my drives setup...either way, i have to disable one SATA controller when i want to overclock...either my 250GB SATA, or my 2x200Gb SATA RAID 0
  12. yes, that is correct...only 2 SATA ports can be used while overclocking (well...over 240 HTT i think...) a PCI SATA SHOULD work, i don't see why it wouldn't. and since the PCI bus is locked you won't have any problems with overclocking i havn't used a SATA card is this board, but i use one at work...its a weird on though...only has 2 ports and you HAVE to plug 2 HDDs into it to get the computer to post...so, i'd suggest you buy one from somewhere local and make sure you can exchange/refund it if it doesn't work properly...
  13. wat voltage are you running??? i set mine to 2.9v in the BIOS with my OCZ TCCD to run at 2-2-2-5 T1
  14. the 7000 definetly fits... from the looks of the board layout, the 7700 SHOULD fit....but i don't know for sure
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