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    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    This board is very picky on what mem you put in it. Me for instance found that the Corsair 3200XL 1024 Kit (Based on TCCD) worked very well on this board. If you gave it at least 2.9 Volts and used a DQ-Reduction of 50%. With these settings I could run them at 270MHz CAS 2.5-3-3-10-1t. However these XL sticks got bad. In fact the second kit I got back from RMA also got bad. They would not run at CAS 2.5 anymore. So in the end I found out I would try some other sticks based on TCCD. This was the Kingston HyperX 1024 Kit. However, this kit would not overclock much. They was a big dissapointment when used with this motherboard. However, they worked very well in my DFI Lanparty nF3 250GB board. But they would not work past 250MHz at a TRCD setting of 3. Had to use 4. But here comes the strange part.. I had a 2X512MB Corsair Value Kit which I had tried before in this mobo. However, I only Ran them Async. 270MHz HTT and a 166 Mem divider. Cause I never thought they would overclock well. I was wrong... I started upping the HTT with the mem running sync until I reached around 275MHz CAS 3-4-3-8-1t! And this only needed 2.6 Volts! They where perfectly stable! One day i figured I would buy 2 more of these sticks. To try 4X512MB RAM in this motherboard. First I tried the new kit alone in the board. And they overclocked just as well as the old ones. With 4X512MB Corsair Value RAM the board Automatically sets itself on a 166 mem divider. And run them at CPC 2t. It won't boot with the sync setting. And if you try to use 1T it defaults to a 100 Divider and even with this divider it won't be stable. So I ended up running 300MHz HTT x9 on a 166 Divider. This will bring the memory up to about 246MHz. And I ran them at CAS 2.5-3-3-7-2t. I also tested 337MHz HTT x8 with a 166 Divider. The memory would then run at 270MHz. I had to use CAS 3-4-3-7-2t on these speeds. But the 337MHz HTT gave me som strange beahavior after some time. 3DMark05 would lock up at a certain point in the last gaming benchmark. So I backed down to 300MHz HTT for a 100% Stable operation. People are screaming out on how CPC 2t 'Kills' Application performance in Windows when Compared to CPC 1t. This is bull crap... Just take a look at these three links http://techreport.com/etc/2005q4/mem-latency/ http://www.overclock.net/amd-memory/32605-...rate-there.html http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...MVIEWTMP=Linear My system runs newer games so much smoother with 2GB RAM.
  2. Simple, I see you have 2 Maxtor drives I had almost the same problem I think. I had one WD 74GB Raptor, One 200GB Serial ATA Maxtor Diamond MAX10 and one 160GB IDE Maxtor. I did not have those saving issues and that HTT 353 issue. The thing was that everything seemed perfect except for one thing... Each time I turned off my computer it would not boot when I turned it on again. Only if I turned my powersupply off and on again it would boot. In other words I had to remove the standby power. At the end it turned out to be my Maxtor Drive who was making that bug. I switched it with a 200GB WD from my secondary system and all ran well. So stay away from Maxtor Serial ATA drives on this motherboard.
  3. turrican9

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    Did you get the 216HTT bug?
  4. turrican9

    Bios 8/24

    This is really terrible. This bios sucks just like the 815 Beta. I don't see the reason why DFI would give us this bios? It's crap. I'll continue using the 711 Bios. This works somewhat good for my system. At least it let me run 270MHz CAS 2.5-3-3-10-1t in Dual mode with my 2 X 512MB Corsair XL (TCCD) Memory.
  5. turrican9

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    Is this bios a .ing joke? It still has the same 216 HTT bug! come on DFI! You can't be serious!
  6. turrican9

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    I was also able to run them at around 276MHz at CPC 1t (Choosing 275MHz HTT in bios really gives you 276MHz + speed). The problem is when I'm going from 270MHz on the memory to 276MHz I had to slow down the memtimings to 2.5-4-3-10. I think 270MHz at CAS 2.5-3-3-10 should be faster. By the way, anyone heard if DFI is working on a new bios?
  7. turrican9

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    I have had none whatsoever saving problems. Other than the 815 bios. It will always default the HTT back to 216MHz. I'm running my Venice 3200+ at 2700MHz and my 2x Corsair 512MBXL (TCCD) mem at 270MHz. CAS 2.5-3-3-10-1t. Using 3 Volts to get them stable. And DQ reduction at 50%. My CPU is capable of more. The problem is that these RAM chips can't get any further on this motherboard. And they don't like the async settings. So I'm stuck somewhere between 2700MHz and 2750MHz. I haven't tried CPC-2t. I think this setting will slow the system to much. So it ain't worth it.
  8. turrican9

    Happiness is Loneliness!

    I'm quite pleased with this board now. That's after I got my corsair Twinx 1024 3200XL kit back from RMA service. I run it at 270MHz CAS 2.5-3-3-10-1T, 3 Volts, DS Reduction-50%. 100% stable in Prime 95. My CPU runs at 2700MHz. However, this CPU is capable of more. But it seems this corsair mem don't like async clock. Overall, I'm quite pleased. But I hope for a new bios that will let me max out my CPU.
  9. Hello, I just wondered if it really would damage any of my system components if I installed/removed RAM on my DFI motherboards with the DRAM Power Led On? And Of course, this after I have powered off the system, but not the standby power. Because I think I have done this several times. And I have seen no problems so far. The Manual states this: WARNING: When the DRAM Power Led lit red, it indicates that power is present on the DDR sockets. Power-Off the PC then unplug the power cord prior to installing any memory modules. Failure to do so will cause severe Damage to the motherboard and components. So I wonder If It's very serious if you do this with a Powered-Off PC but with the Led lit red?
  10. Thanks for your answer. Mine will run CAS 2.5. The difference is that they need 3 Volts now. CAS 2 at the same speed only needs 2.8 Volts or less. I have sold my other computer, but I can test them out in our office computer. And yes, I have tried each stick seperately. They act the same. It must be something with the motherboard or the memory controller on the CPU.
  11. Hi, I have a very strange problem... My DFI Lanparty 250GB UT motherboard one day found out it would not run at CAS 2.5 anymore at 2.8 Volts. Here is the deal... I have 2 X 512MB of Corsair PC 3200XL (TCCD Chips) memory. In the past I always ran them at CAS 2.5-3-3-10 when using 246MHz FSB and so on. However, one they they would not run CAS 2.5 at 2.8 Volts. I had to up it to 3.0 Volts +. And this is at all speeds. From 200MHz FSB and up. The strange thing is that they run perfectly fine at CAS 2 at 2.8 Volts. As far as the CAS 2 latency will go. They also memtest fine at CAS 2.5 and 2.8 Volts. The Problem is that it won't load Windows! I have tried everything! Please, anybody else seen this strange thing in this motherboard? What could be causing this? All the voltage rails are fine. The strange thing is that CAS 2.5 suddenly needs more Voltage than before. And that it needs more Voltage than CAS 2 at the same speed! Why? Anybody? This is making me crazy.
  12. Hello, It seems my Corsair 3200XL memory (Based on the TCCD chips) are suddenly not liking CAS 2.5 in my DFI Lanparty 250GB UT Motherboard! Can't boot Windows when using CAS 2.5! Not matter what FSB I'm running! This worked before! CAS 2 and 3 is working just fine! What's going on? Anybody else seen this? However, when i up the Voltage to 3.1 it can run somewhat stable. CAS 2 and 3 work fine at 2.8 Volts. And again, this was not the case in the past!
  13. Hello. The Mist 500W are amongst the most popular PSU's in Norway in the overcloking community. This is a high quality PowerSupply delivering 36 Amps at the +12V. And the 12V are divided up in two channels. 18Amps on each. No, I think it has something to do with the motherboard and the way it feeds Voltage through the AGP Port to the Display card.
  14. Hi, I have a DFI Lanparty 250GB Socket 754 mobo. And I found a strange thing. My two TCCD sticks actually needs 3V+ after I installed a GeForce 6800GT in the mobo. In the past they RAN fine at 2.8 Volts while I was using a Radeon 9800Pro. And I have a Mist 500W Powersupply which can deliver more than enough. Anybody else seen this?
  15. turrican9

    3400+ Rev. 0.6 overclocking.

    Well, well.... I bought a Thermaltake BigWater cooling kit and I am now stable at [email protected] Volts x 113% = 1.74 Volts at full Load (Prime 95).