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  1. It's been awhile since I've set up my system, I recall at the time that DFI MB's were having problems with OEM mainstream features like cool and quiet and various standby states but didn’t use the stuff at the time. After searching "standby" I find many post about the issue and it seems the problem is just inherent with a performance MB meaning it will never be "fixed". I guess you need to buy a Dell or something to have those features. Hey Motherboard engineers - how about designing performance motherboards that allow power and noise reduction technologies to work - it can be done if you put your heads to it. Even the most HC overclocker likes a little peace and quiet once in a while and lower electric bills allow the purchase of faster CPU's and RAM and gosh even a new motherboard!
  2. I've got the same problem but my OC'ed system takes a more drastic hit going from 270MHz/2.7GHz to 194MHz bus /1.94GHz CPU when resuming from S3 standby. I'm running the 0406 BIOS. It's too bad as the S3 standby is a great feature allowing a super fast boot from basicly a turned off system.
  3. Hey, Thanks for all the replies! My home is cool in the winter early AM when I boot the computer to check e-mail/web, then I leave for work. No sense in heating home all night just to run computer for 15min or so. Messed with chipset voltages with no change. Doh - did not even think about moving the card to the "other slot" I'll give that a try soon. The cool boot problem becomes less of a problem as summer approaches but it is a change that could be leading to more problems. I'd like to possibly drop a dual core chip in while they're still available but don't want to buy one if the MB is on it's way out. I'm not really into tip top performance anymore so have resisted going to Intel dualies but would probably bite the bullet for Intel if this MB failed.
  4. OS drivers have no effect on the initial booting process but could cause a hang or delay when loading the OS
  5. Although I use the older 5.10.2600 XP drivers, installing the Nvidia SW IDE driver option made my array visible.
  6. Hi, I've had my Ultra-D running quite flawlessly for the past year or so but recently a few problems have cropped up. The first is whenever the room temp is below 50F and the board is at that temp the computer will post but halt at the "Verifying DMI pool" and reboot. It will do this continually untill a heat source such as a hair dryer is directed at the boards chipset area, then it boots into window fine. It restarts fine as long as the board is "warmed up". The other problem is that the board will not recongize the video card on post unless its positioned only halfway in the slot. Pressing it all the way in and screwing it down is like removing it alltogeather, there's a beep -beep,beep error. The card itself works fine in another computer. I realize that the board is kinda outdated but it still performas great and would like to know if there's a way to save it. Thanks for any help in this matter, MS
  7. It depends on the IDE drivers you are using. The Windows drivers seem to treat the SATA bus just like the PATA bus and give the PIO/DMA pulldown box option. The NV SW IDE drivers only allow a transfer rate adjustment and a NCQ toggle if the drive supports it. BTW, use the NV SW IDE drivers (NF4 chipset only). They made a big difference speed wise in my system over the Windows installed drivers.
  8. I'm running a WD 300GB RE (raid edition) drive on my Ultra-D with no problems, don't know if the boards SATA setup is different than the -SLI, BTW you might try setting the jumper for the 1.5 speed, it really doesn't affect the speed of the drive itself. Not to knock Seagate but their drives consistantly bench lower than other drives in published test but only on the order of 5 - 10%.
  9. Don't know if you fixed your LAN issue but similar problems have been resolved by manually inputing the MAC ID found on a sticker on the motherboard to the BIOS LAN setup.
  10. I've had good results with Speed fan. The auto fan control option modulates the fan speeds instead of the BIOS but the prog is a bit difficult to set up as the different temp readouts have to be identified by you and you have to link these temps to the fans you want to control. It monitors hard drive temps so make sure you don't link these to any MB fans as they won't do a thing for HD cooling. On my ultra d, the first temp is the CPU die, the second is the under CPU diode, and the third is the chipset temp.
  11. I just had the same problem on a new Ultra -D I'm setting up. The solution is to install the Nvidia SW IDE drivers. You can rerun the NV 6.70 installer and say yes to the install SW IDE question. Doing this allowed my two listed Maxtors to appear as one volume. You will need to format the new drive with the disk management program before it will be available for Windows
  12. Thanks for the info. Disregarding the displayed info I got it to work with the the boot drive and the RAID drives. There is a problem however. At first, the array data drive was showing in windows with the correct size but the contents and disk label were scrambled. There was also one uninatialized 80G disk showing in the disk managment console. Since the data was trashed I thought I would rebuild the array and start over. The listed array was deleted and re-created and shows healthy on reboot but now there are 2 uniniatialized 80G drives instead of the 160g that should be present. I've tried redoing the array a number of times, and reloaded the NV 6.80 drivers. I'd really like to get my array back as it's a scratch disk for video apps and I can't configure the programs without the disk. Update: NF4 chipsets must have the NV SW IDE drivers installed for RAID to work. They were not needed on the NF3 and were reported to cause many problems so I never installed them. After installing the SW drivers my RAID disk was shown properly. There should be a mention of this in one of the setup stickys, as I wasted a few hours on this problem and I've seen other unresolved post with the same issue.
  13. I've just got my new Ultra-D up and running, loading and configuring everything on a Western Digital 250GB SATA drive connected to port 1. All is fine until I connect the 2 Maxtor 80GB drives that were running RAID 0 on my NF3 250GB. Now the WD boot drive is showing on port 3 in the BIOS and the boot order is screwed up. It does this even with ports 3 and 4 disabled in the BIOS. Is there a compatibly problem with WD and Maxtor on SATA or do I need to set up the drives on different ports or a different order of connection. The Maxtors work fine when the WD is not connected. Thanks
  14. Do you have a "Nforce ATA RAID Class Controller" entry in the Device manager under SCSI and RAID controllers. If not then your Nvidia raid drivers are not loaded correctly and you could get multiple drive listings.
  15. Those "missing or corrupt" mesages usually mean you corrupted the hard drive. Memory problems usually cause this. Use mem check before you boot into windows to be sure your memory works correctly. Your best bet is to re-install windows - after passing memcheck
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