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  1. I am running stock. To be honest when I bought this rig I was planning to OC it eventually however I got confused by the bios and eventually gave up. I'll try out your suggestion. Bumping the ram to 220 FSB is pretty straight forward however the ram divider is where things get hazy for me. I haven't looked at my bios in well over a year so I'll fish around and see what I can find and report back any changes. Thanks again.
  2. Awesome, really appreciate the advice and really happy to see these forums still up and running. Cheers.
  3. I haven't upgraded to Vista yet but I was planning to soon. I use my PC primarily for WoW and have noticed some slow down in raids when a lot is going on the screen and some have advised to get 4gigs of memory. I know finding a matching kit won't be easy but wanted to see if it was worth the trouble. Thanks.
  4. I have been running my current set up for a long time strong now and don't really want to upgrade the mobo/proc/mem just yet. Is anyone running 4gigs of memory on this board? If I remember correctly the yellow DIMMS on this board weren't very reliable and with no 2x 2gig kits available in DDR flavor I was wondering if picking up another 2x 1gig kit would work or cause issues. Thanks.
  5. Had my GX2 for just over 2 months and once they announced Step Up program I signed up ASAP. Latest and greatest for a $100, sweet deal to me...
  6. Just filed for my step up to a GTX. Let's hope this 1st crop of cards is smooth sailing. Kind of a shame as I just purchased this GX2 only 2 months ago and just recently got it all running smoothly. But hey that's why we purchased from EVGA in the 1st place no? :tooth:
  7. I got my kit last night and installed it with no problems. I left out the riser that blocks the SATA ports and found that the other 3 pegs keep the card very stable. My inner GPU temps are much better now even with the stock cooler and hover about 4c over that of the lower one. Excellent mod for these cards and well worth the $20. I don't think I will need to purchase the Zalman HS/Fan kit which saves me about $90. :cool:
  8. Awesome work Boogey! So what SATA port are you using for your main drive now? I think I will pickup this kit seeing as you have shown some great results even with the stock coolers. I was hoping that I could slap on a couple of these HS/FAN combo: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/4305/vid...ml?tl=g40c21s66 Would look great with the red theme I have going on in the case.
  9. Thanks for the update, this is great info for us Expert users. Can you post some pics as well as give us some temps when you are done with the testing?
  10. Thought I'd share this with you guys: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...638#post1783638 Allows you to air cool your 7950GX2 and the spacer kit is only $20. The guy is showing some serious temp drops and a nice OC on the card now. Here's the kit: http://www.swiftnets.com/products/7950GX2Spacerkit.asp Would this be an issue on Experts since the 4 pin power plug is right above the PCI-E Slot?
  11. I wish I could say why my issues dissapeared but after trying everything I figured it was driver related (system crash only on 3 apps) and would just wait till a new driver was released. I make a move cross country, hadn't touched the comp in a week. Has some issues booting due to some loose cables and such, did a reset of the bios and this rig is stable as I could ever wish for. Not a single crash since I been on. Glad to know the issue is gone but damned if I know what was causing it...
  12. Well it looks like the 2nd orange memory slot went bad. I booted up with one sticj of memory in the 1st orange slot ok then tried it in the 2nd orange slot and I get the above mentioned problems. Is it time for an RMA?
  13. ok re-sat everything and now 4 lights blinks, then goes to 3 lights and repeats this pattern 8 times. The HD light on my case is blinking non stop. Could this be a processor issue? I am fearing that the core could have been crushed but again there are no signs that there were any hard jolts since all of my case lights were still in place after I unpacked it. :confused: I tried clearing the cmos and still no luck.
  14. So I just got my comp after acorss country move. The things packed flawlessly, box within a box, etc... I just plug it in and my HD light keeps blinking and I am stuck at 3 red lights. Can't even get into the bios. Anyone have any suggestions?
  15. It's with all 7950gx2's combined with an nvidia mobo. A buddy of mine is running one of these cards with an intel board and has no issues at all. Hopefully it will just require a driver fix but if that doesn't solve it I'll use the step up program to get another card or just send it back to newegg. A real shame because this card is a beast.
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