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  1. Thanks Erico But the problem is different... I have installed XP as new and with SIL driver and the two HDs in RAID configuration work with no problem. Than i have plugged the third hd (that not require dirver because is not in RAID configuration) and the SIL controller found the driver but not in windows. If i plug the third hd in the ULI controller evrithing work but my intention is to avoid ULI AT ALL!!!
  2. Sorry i have another problem I decided to move all my disks to the SIL3114 controller. In the RAID configuration after the BIOS i can see all my 3 HD. I created the RAID0 between two 80Gb Maxtor and than i left alone as spare disk the other 120Gb Maxtor. I install everything but in windows i can not see mi 120Gb HD?!?!?! Why?
  3. thanks at the moment i have just formatted and moved the HDs on the SiliconImage controller.... f#@k ULI
  4. Gents, first of all sorry for my english...is not so good. I hope to write in simple and clear manner. I read a lot of post but i did not found a solution for my problem. The problem is that during game sometimes and in random manner the video is freezed, all the controll are freezed and the sound make the same short loop for 2-3seconds....than return normal. The same things happen in windows during normal activities but in this case everything is freezed with the exception of the mouse cursor. Could you help me? I have already test Memory and CPU (with memtest and prime). If you need more information do not exitate to ask me. thanks
  5. Sorry i have a big problem. I have 2 modules of DDR400 PC3200 Crucial Ballistix and i cant run them over 200Mhz of FSB. At 200Mhz single or dual channel all work fine. At 205Mhz with timings 5-2-2-2 and Vdim 2.8 (dual channel or single channel) after few minutes windows locked up. I cant beleave that these ram can not achieve 205Mhz at 5-2-2-2. In all test that i read these ram can reach 220Mhz with such timings. Ahh sorry i forget this: I can pass the GoldMemory or memtest at 205Mhz but under windows is impossible to work. I have format and reinstall all (OS, driver ecc ecc) two times. I'm going to think that these ram are incompatible with DFI LanParty. sorry for my bad english. Thanks for any response
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