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  1. all Tic-tac and hellfire modded bios based on 6/19 are best bioses here
  2. oh yes im going to follow the forum rules, but at first of all, that was my first post and i didnt know that rule, so plz u could be more "friendly" and help me a little, like all the other ppl dude thx u all ^^
  3. sorry but i think that is more usefull read thread that signatures... and in the thread i write all my pc settings... btw flashed last official bios yesterday and all seems be right but OMG what are all those timmings settings? :S:S:S
  4. Hi, before all im new at this forum im from spain and my english is very poor (thx mr Aznar ). Well that's my first post, hope that will be usefull Im working on a DFI ultra infinity with a barton 2500+ blocked (218x11) and 512 corsair ch-5 at 1.85 vcore and 3.2 vddim 2-2-2-11 well seems all works fine but i have 2 problems: when i turn off thermal throttling my PC crashes at prime and 3dmark2001, but with thermal throttling on it seems to be stable at least to 225 FSB, why that happened¿¿ My other problem is that when i try to get more than 225 fsb the PC crashes every time, very unestable, but getting vcore to 1.9 windows dont boot, and with 1.85 yes, but not stable system, my PSU is a LC power 420W with 24A at 12V, so dont seem his problem... and other question, what bios should I flash at first?¿ i got some problems with 6-19, so i dont know what bios try plz sorry for my bad english, hope u understand what im triying to say thanks you all and greetings for this forum ^^ bye bye
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