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  1. try looking in your setting and see if the bios accurately reports your harddrive settings ie dma slave/master if not it might be the cmos battery or try switching the hard drive cable as it might have a micro tear in it
  2. the one i ordered is the sempron 3000 basically a athlon xp 2800 it has 512k cache so its the same amount but im not sure if its the mobile one or not ill have to see
  3. dang cpu locked down tight :/ well i guess i will ndeavor to try out my sempron when it comes thanks for your replies
  4. i ve seen quite a few Sapphire ati cards that need to be on the power lead all by their lonesome and poof the problems disappear :/ if you contact sapphire they send you a bios that underclocks the card by a few mhz (totally . off customers who paid alot of money)
  5. Hi I also looked up my ram at the samsung site and apparently a couple of my timings were off from the data sheetso ima go and change those to what they reccomend and take it from there as for it being locked or unlocked someone posted a utility like cpu-z or something and it said the cpu string was not locked? is that the same thing?
  6. Hi I have my dfi nf2 ultra set to 153 mhz fsb and it is rock solid at that setting but when i try to overclock to 154 or 155 it wont even post and im left resetting the cmos and redoing all my settings the cpu im using is an amd xp 2000(stock is12.5x133=1662) at 1.9ghz with the 153mhz bus 1900/153=12.5 multiplyer the ram is pc3200 rated at 2.5 cas latency samsung memory what im wondering is this just the limit of the cpu since obviously it must reach a 333mhz bus for Barton cores? my voltage for the cpu and memory are controlled automatically since im not sure how far to push the vcore or what the default is :/ any suggestions would be welcome as i havent overclocked since i had a celeron and am now just easing into it from just a tweaking point of view.
  7. it might also be that hes set his cookies to not accept from third parties that sometimes goofs with counters/trackers and image files
  8. omg i just ordered the 200gig hard drive and a sempron had i known this i wouldve waited until a DFI nf4 board was available im screwed bwaaaaaaaaaaa cool makes me feel somewhat better :/
  9. hi this program says my cpu string is prgrammable does that mean i could set it from a stock XP2000 to a 2600? right now my fsb is at 153=306mhz at 1901mhz
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