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  1. I used the latest drivers 3114 while installing. No, I havent tried a single one, so I should? I am just curious whether this might be because of a harddisk. It seems to be quite strange. But I havent changed anything.
  2. Hi everyone, I am just about going crazy, cos I have run my comp rock stable - Prime 95 for 24hours without errors, however, since I have installed the second harddisk, two identical Maxtors Sata Raid 0, I cannot complete Prime more than for 3hours, then occasionally games crashes saying ATI could not "communicate", windows restarts sometimes. I raised CPU voltage to 1.55 and then I could not complete Prime 95, not because of error but a windows message. I also tried slots 0,1 and 2,3 with same results. I would appreciate any help.
  3. Thank you guys, all of you, everything went great, I managed to change the bios chip a my comp is alive again:) And it works splendidly, I dont go higher without bios savior.
  4. OK, so I will install the chip then I will clear the cmos and leave it for a night. And I hope it will work fine, I really do. Thanks.
  5. Thanks a lot, I will try to be as gentle as I can. After installing it to the mobo, is there a special process or is it the same as when a new mobo is shipped, I mean, I will have to reset cmos for 30 seconds or longer?
  6. Hello everyone, I have just received a new bios chip from DFI support and I would not like to do any wrong steps now. How can I install that bios chip on my DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B mobo? Could you supply me with a specific procedure, links or photos perhaps, and what kind of equipment or tools are required for it? First I have to take out the old one somehow and then install a new one. Which side is up and which is down so how is it oriented according to the mobo? Finally, some initial set up help for bios 19/6/2004 would be splendid. Thanks a lot.
  7. Thanks, now I now a bit more, I did it like this 'cause I used to flash my previous board abit an7 and there was no problem with it. Well, I didn't expect such problems with my new board, but it's my fault I know, however, it really could be somewhere like warning.
  8. Hello, I've got a problem with my new MB I've just bought. There was this one year old bios so I've decided to flash it. I used the bios from DFI home page NF2LD619.exe, it created a bootable floppy and I flashed the bios. Everything went fine and finally it successfully stated that I should press F1 I did it and in bios I set defaut settings. Then I rebooted my comp twice and everything was perfect, however, then I loaded my setting from cmos reload section and restarted and some beeping occured, so I restarted again and nothing has happened since then. Blank screen, no post, all leds on, is that supposed to mean that I can say goodbye to my bios chip? help me to solve this problem, I did exactly the procedure from DFI web page. I know that there was written something about this subject, but still I'm a newbie in terms of DFI and I do not understand for instant what Bios Savior is. I did these flashes many times on Abit mb's and everything worked, but now I see things are different.:eek:
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